My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 58


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 58 – Not just zombie puppet control

Just looking at the advanced zombie’s single combat ability, she was much stronger than the other mutated zombies. The most obvious difference was that this advanced zombie had already developed consciousness.

Mutated zombies like Ye Lian could only be considered to have developed simple consciousness.

However, that big sister zombie that wasn’t wearing underwear obviously had a trace of real self-consciousness. It may not have been complete, but compared to zombies who relied on instinctual movements, it was a qualitative leap.

You can imagine that if she had the opportunity to continuously evolve, in the future she could become a terrible killing machine.

Lurking in the mall, she would have a large food source for a long period of time. Mutated zombies would continue to emerge as her evolutionary nourishment. However, the intrusion of Ling Mo and his crew ruined her life.

This was the first time since Ling Mo had mastered his zombie puppet control ability that he was injured by zombies, and the first time he was almost killed.

To say he had no fear was false. In fact, until he ran out all the way, Ling Mo’s heart was still beating heavily.

“Too cruel….. I did not expect there were already monsters much stronger than mutated zombies…..”

Ling Mo’s face was somewhat ugly, but his mood slowly calmed down.

Obviously, advanced zombies like this kind was only a minority. In this large city where millions of zombies were gathered, there may be some more advanced zombies like her.

But these zombies all slowly evolved on their own, and Ling Mo could use his own ability, as soon as possible to get Ye Lian and Shana to level up.

One advanced zombie is this strong, what is he is with two advanced zombies?

Ling Mo even begun to guess, how it would appear like with the existence stronger than advanced zombies….

Ling Mo’s eyes suddenly become hot, as Shana had said before, she did not want to return to the past, this meant that Ye Lian was the same.

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Since they cannot return to the human group, they must be strong enough to survive in this world, or else other zombies will later kill them.

The incident in which Shana was attacked today, alarmed Ling Mo.

And the presence of advanced zombies showing basic consciousness, also showed that the zombie’s evolution was indeed a double upgrade of physical and mental abilities.

This and his initial desire did not contradict themselves!

The thought of himself bringing two of the most powerful zombies, and moving freely in this city filled with dead zombies, how cool would that be….

“Siiii……” At this time the pain of his shoulder immediately broke Ling Mo’s beautiful dream. He covered his shoulder with a pained look, and sat down at a fairly quiet corner.

Taking off his clothes, Ling Mo’s eyes could not help but twitch a bit. The strength of that upgraded zombie was too strong, not only did it leave five bruised fingerprints on his shoulder, and also made his entire shoulder slightly swollen.

Danger was everywhere in the end of the world. Even if he had special abilities, and two strong mutated zombies at his side, there was always the risk of death anytime.

If it were other people, they would try to avoid danger, but Ling Mo chose not to.

Fantasizing was good, but to achieve it was not an easy task. To upgrade Ye Lian and Shana means it would require a lot of virus gel….

On the other hand, after this battle, Ling Mo also found his own short comings. Encountering enemies, such as advanced zombie, his zombie puppet control ability was useless, and close combat was his weakness as well.

His current fighting ability, only had an advantage when he was facing ordinary zombies. And in the face of advanced zombies, it was simply vulnerable to it!

If this continues, he will begin dragging down Ye Lian and Shana’s. Being under their protection was absolutely unacceptable to Ling Mo.

Ling Mo could feel that his zombie puppet control ability had a lot of room for development. After the battle today with advanced zombies, it had completely awoken Ling Mo.

Relying on the control of zombies was not enough, he must find out the secrets to further develop the potential of his special ability! Besides his current special ability, could he find a way to improve his combat effectiveness?

Of course, this exploration process would not be so easy.

“What are you afraid of? compared to those survivors who have nothing, he at least had the capability to struggle, and the inspiration to live!”

Ling Mo secretly despised himself. Since he had the ability, he should play out the full advantage of it as soon as possible! No matter how difficult it may be!

After all, compared to ordinary people, he had been very lucky.

Ordinary survivors, besides of joining camps like Wang Rin’s, and to use their collective power to survive, there was almost no other way for them to avoid being killed. For those with thick skin, they could also rely on the strong. There were always some people that were willing to accept borers in the world, the example was Shana who turned into a mutated zombie but was a silly girl before.

Most of the survivors, in this dangerous and terrifying environment, likely lost their old life goals. The new purpose of their life was to continue to live.

But Ling Mo was different because he had a much more important purpose now. Therefore, he had the power and courage to go in and out of dangerous situations, and also had more reasons to continue to take risks to get stronger.

He thought, while raising his arm and pressing the shoulder.

“Hiss…. Fortunatelym I didn’t fracture the bones…..Shana, help me out.”

Ling Mo pulled out a tube of ointment from his pocket, which was the analgesic liniment he collected from the previous pharmacy.

A ten dollar ordinary ointment like this was a very precious object in the present times. After all they had been fighting among zombies all day, it was inevitable to avoid injury. Usually some of the minor injuries could avoid treatment, but the trauma on the hands and feet all could bring very fatal danger. Like Ling Mo now, he had difficulty in raising his hands, let alone fighting.

But when Ling Mo handed the cream to Shana, he suddenly revealed a wry smile.

Probably because she was sneak attacked by advanced zombies, and after hit flying, Shana right now still had red eyes after a bitter battle. Under the condition of being a mutated zombie, though she could still understand his words, but to let the full aggressive Shana help him to put on medicine….

Looking at Shana with her murderous eyes, lips slightly peristaltic staring at him, Ling Mo swallowed mouth saliva, silently turned to Ye Lian.

Although controlled by him, but still Ye Lian personally handled it…

Under the touching by Ye Lian’s cold hands, despite Ling Mo convulsing under the pain, he still embraced the pain entirely. When Ling Mo again put on his clothes, his forehead had emerged a layer of cold sweat.

However even if he put on a layer of ointment, it will still take a few days to completely recover. In the end of the world, to have medicine to put on was already extremely luxurious. The rest will have to rely on their own body’s regeneration abilities.

If it’s zombies, this level of injury will not bring any impact, and recovery is swift…

Mutated zombies like Shana, even if she was sent off flying, it did not cause her any harm.

Slowly after a breath, Ling Mo pulled out a plastic bag and from the hands of Ye Lian he took the viral gel.

Even through the plastic bag, he could see the difference of this viral gel. Its volume was smaller than the mutated zombies’ gel, but the whole gel was almost blood-red. Before his eyes, he could see a crystal clear ruby. Although Ling Mo was full of resentment towards that advanced zombie, he had to admit that this piece of viral gel looked very magnificent!

And the longer you stared at it, the more you couldn’t move away your eyes….

If nobody said anything, who would know that it was pulled out from a zombie’s brain?

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