My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 6


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 6 – Mutated Zombies

After the shock, Ling Mo is overjoyed!

Since her eyes were able to restore to normal appearance, this means that his guess might likely be a reality! With the evolution of the virus, maybe Ye Lian will gradually restore sanity…

However, after her eyes turned normal, Ye Lian’s virus evolutionary speed has evidently decreased. After three full days, hunting hundreds of zombies only made Ye Lian’s power slightly stronger, the mental change mutation expected by Ling Mo did not appear at all.

For the good news, Ling Mo experienced some changes himself. As his spiritual power become increasingly stronger, under the premise of semi-controlling Ye Lian, then controlling other zombies at the same time, he actually succeeded after several failures. And the more he practices, the more skilled Ling Mo become at controlling zombie puppets.

Not only that, his own fighting ability was also growing, even though he’s not as nimble as Ye Lian, but under his rationality, he was able to make much more flexible movements than Ye Lian. Now he has confidence protect himself in the case when Ye Lian is out of control.

But at this time, Ling Mo realized something dumbfounded. His food reserves ran out….

Prior by using zombie puppet entirely to battle and collect food necessities, Ling Mo did not have a high energy consumption himself. But as he himself involved in battles, energy consumption increased significantly which caused him to eat more.

This is originally the suburb, during the disaster outbreak; the majority of the food storage had already been looted, and the remaining quantity is extremely limited, after been repeatedly searched by survivors, there are now very little food left.

After continuously searching in the little supermarket for two hours, Ling Mo finally decided to take Ye Lian to the city center.

Comparing to this area mixed with suburb and city, city center has far more supplies. But because of the large population, there should also be an appalling number of zombies….

If Ye Lian was not here, Ling Mo had another choice, and that is to evacuate to the countryside or mountain areas. If that’s the case, Ye Lian might starve to death.

A city full of zombies would be the best place for Ye Lian and Ling Mo to evolve.

However, to reach the city center, they still have to make full preparation. Suitable means of transportation, easy to carry food supplies and weapons….

There are already food and means of transportation; Ling Mo already prepared a bicycle. But weapon arrangement is giving Ling Mo some headache.

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Common household knives were always soon notched or blunt, very difficult to use, a suitable knife is clearly necessary.

“Right, didn’t Wang Rin’s household make knives…

Wang Rin is the girl who lived on the same building as Ling Mo, pretty face, and the few occasional times when he saw her he always wanted to take a few more look at her. But after the disaster outbreak, he never saw that little girl again. Now thinking back, he felt bad. A weak girl like her, even if she did not mutate, and somehow survived, she is probably having a tough life…..

Early in the morning, Ling Mo sorted out the luggage, brought Ye Lian to walk toward Wang Rin’s homemade hand tool shop.

Even though Ling Mo deliberately picked a safer road, along the way they still killed dozens zombies and finally arrived at the completely deserted shop.

Blood spattered on the glass windows, broken glass door, and pitch-black interior of the store made it all look terrifying. However at the end of the world, this is the most common sight.

In this case, naturally the plan is to make Ye Lian go in first, even though she will attack zombies, but zombies will not attack her first.

But the store did not have any zombies; Ye Lian and Ling Mo did not meet any trouble and walked in.

The store has a lot of knives, but most are used as collection with no sharped edges.  However, Ling Mo had been entrusted by a friend and purchased once at this shop, and knew that the store have open edged knives (TL: it means sharpened to kill), just did not put it on the shelf.

“I remembered that the workshop should be in the back…..”

Ling Mo went around and arrived at a security door behind the counter, after twisting the doorknob, he noticed something strange.

Usually this kind of door would be pulled open, but when Ling Mo twisted the knob, he realized the door is locked.

Did the store staff at that time escaped into the workshop room? If so, then there might be people alive! Maybe Wang Rin is still alive in there!

Thinking about it, Ling Mo suddenly become excited, he quickly knocked on the door, and shouted in a low voice: “ Is anyone in there?”


After a moment of silence, suddenly came a muffled cry, sounded like something been knocked over.

“There are actually people in here!”

Ling Mo was surprised for a little, and then once again firmly knocked on the door, but there is only the “Bang Dang” sound, and the door did not seem to open.

Ling Mo’s power alone would not be enough to kick the security door open, but with the help of Ye Lian, it wasn’t a difficult task.

With the sound of a muffled “bang”, the door was forced to open a gap, but a hand immediately stretched from the inside when Ling Mo did not even completely open the door.

Seeing the hand at first glance, Ling Mo’s pupil could not help but shrink a bit. At first glance it seems nothing unusual, but faint reddish nails, the “crunch” sound emitted when clasped the metal security door looks apparently exactly the same as Ye Lian!

Is there, another mutated zombie inside?

Although he had already predicted, but seeing another mutated zombie beside Ye Lian made Ling Mo feel very surprised.

And looking at the size of the hand, it should belong to a man, this probably meant that Wang Rin might be gone….

The thought of the hand’s master might have tear Wang Rin into pieces, in the stomach, Ling Mo felt a surge of anger upwelling. He wielded the knife in his hands, “dang” directly slashed down at that hand, as half of a palm hit the floor, blood splattered around, and the security door also completely broke down in the force of the slash.

After the fall of the door, an extremely bloody scene appeared in Ling Mo’s eyes.

Inside the small sized workshop, whether it is the wall or the floor, it was almost covered with bloodstains, fragments of clothing and scattered human bones. There are also two complete corpses; all face down exposing the empty hole of the back head.

The only one alive is a young man knocked to the ground by the door. As soon as he landed, he jumped up in a lighting speed, turned into a shadow and rushed directly toward Ling Mo.

This is the first time where Ling Mo is facing an attack from a mutated zombie, super fast speed not allowing one to react. If it was the old Ling Mo, he would have been thrown under and killed. But with enhanced abilities, the current Ling Mo is exceptionally calm.

Although the mutated zombie moved very fast, Ling Mo did not have a slow reaction speed either. Almost in an instant, Ling Mo moved when the mutated zombie moved.

Backed for a half step, slightly twisted the body to the side, he held the boning knife and slashed forcibly in the direction of the mutated zombie.


A big bottle of blood burst at the moment when the two alternated, and Ling Mo turned ninety degrees at the same time, cut through the zombie’s abdomen firmly then slashed downward forcibly.

If it were normal zombies, they would have been directly slashed under Ling Mo’s uninterrupted attack, but mutated zombies are really fast, after Ling Mo just turned around, he not only avoided the direct cut, but also unswervingly crashed into Ling Mo, reaching out for his chest.

If caught by the powerful hands of mutated zombie, it won’t just be skin trauma, and in this angle, Ye Lian could not come over to help either.

“Court death!”(Implying he is digging his own grave)

In the situation of life and death, Ling Mo’s inner surge of fury had been drawn out, he not only did not dodge, but turned wrist and cut down again. He also suddenly swarmed up his knee to directly hit the chin of the mutated zombie, forced his action to become stagnant for a moment.

Even if there is only 0.1 seconds of opening, it will bring fatal consequences, it was in this instance when Ling Mo forced the sharp boning knife into the zombie’s back neck.


A quiet sound came; the mutated zombie’s action suddenly came to a halt, while Ling Mo clenched his teeth to force the knife in a hard twist.

“Pa!” (snapped)

With this crispy sound, the sharp boning knife broke directly, and the part that stayed inside the body of mutated zombie completely ended his life.

Holding the half broken knife, Ling Mo now felt his whole power been drained out, he could not help but to breath in gasps.

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