My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 61


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 61 – Like to Be

“Then, did you recover all of your previous memories as well?”

Ling Mo hurriedly seized the opportunity to change the subject and asked.

“No, I only feel as if there’s a lot more things in my head,” Shana’s eyes revealed yet another perplexed look and said, “a lot of things, but they all feel very hazy.”

It was hard to blame her. Although her memories had probably come pouring in over the past three days, the enormous amount of information would take longer than that to process.

In fact, she might be even more muddle-headed than before. After every evolution, some of her previously repressed memories by the virus would be be set free. She was even regaining bits of her sanity even while she continuously observed and pondered over things. But even if that set some of the foundation, suddenly thinking about many things at once would be rather difficult to recover from in such a short period of time.

Being able to speak so fluently after just waking up could already be considered an impressive achievement.

This was especially so after looking at Shana’s expression; she seemed rather indifferent towards these memories. This was probably due to her mentality as a zombie, she had absolutely no interest in her past as a human.

Even after waking up, the very first thing she thought of were events that had happened after turning into a zombie, such as the shameless things that had happened between her and Ling Mo.

Ling Mo vaguely felt that Shana might have been intentionally avoiding her past memories…

Upon seeing the strange look in Ling Mo’s eyes as he looked at her, Shana shook her head and said, “I feel that…the way things are right now is good, so you don’t have to look at me in such a  way.”

It looked like Shana had indeed recovered by a lot. She even knew how to read a person’s body language…

Ling Mo suddenly let out a bitter laugh. In truth, he couldn’t quite describe how he was feeling at the moment. He had originally hoped that Ye Lian and Shana would be able to completely recover. Even if their bodies were still that of zombies, Ling Mo would be happy as long as their minds reverted to that of humans. After all, Ling Mo always subconsciously felt that despite Ye Lian and Shana’s status as zombies, a day would surely come where they’d be able to completely regain their sanity as humans.

This was especially so for Ye Lian. She was already a zombie when found her, and Ling Mo placed the most hope on her turning back into a human.

After all, the majority of his relationship with Shana was built after she had turned into a zombie, while his relationship with Ye Lian was one that was built solely while she was still human.

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But from the looks of things, such a way of thinking wasn’t going to come true. Once one turned into a zombie, their nature would be completely changed. Aside from their appearance, they bore no other connections with humans.

As a zombie, one would treated humans as prey. How could anyone hope for them to harbour any emotions towards their prey?

As for Ye Lian and Shana, the only person they’d treat differently would be Ling Mo.

This was due to their inseparably close spiritual bond. On the other hand, Ling Mo might be the same as them due to that very same link.

Could he be considered as half of the same race?

“You don’t look very happy.” Shana stared firmly into Ling Mo’s eyes, before she suddenly moved forward, her cool lips gently making contact with Ling Mo’s own as she said, “Will this make you happy? You seem to like doing it.”

Shana’s kiss left Ling Mo dumbstruck. But it only lasted for a moment before he quickly broke out of his confusion.

True, Shana and Ye Lian would probably never be able to turn back into normal humans ever again, but so what?

Ling Mo couldn’t help but secretly curse himself in his heart. He’d previously never thought of how Ye Lian and Shana would regard their own zombie bodies after regaining their sanity.

To them, the best case scenario would be ending up like how Shana currently was…

While Ling Mo shared many memories with Ye Lian, could he really say that the memories he formed with her after she turned into a zombie weren’t precious?

Fighting side by side and depending on one another, these emotions when compared to his previous memories with her, were definitely not inferior!

Thinking up to this point, Ling Mo let out a laugh and held Shana in his arms. He suddenly asked, “How about you tell me, do you like being flirted with?”

This was most definitely a milestone question. Chances are, not many men got the chance to face a younger girl and ask such a question; let alone pose the same question to a younger zombie girl.

Ling Mo was probably the only one who had the chance and the guts to ask such a question.

In reality, Ling Mo had inadvertently blurted those words out… but after asking, he was filled with expectation as he looked toward Shana.

“Kneading my chest is…painful, I don’t like it.” Although she was a zombie, Shana’s words indicated that she was only lacking when it came to making judgements. At the very least, she was clearly able to discern between what was and wasn’t painful.

Ling Mo suddenly felt a little nervous.

Admittedly, kneading her chest was painful, but her first time was going to be even more painful. Shana wouldn’t reject him when the time came, right? In the off chance that her zombie nature violently surfaced, would he still do the deed?

Speaking of which, Shana always showed signs of turning back into a zombie whenever she felt pain…

But when he saw Shana’s furrowed brows, as if her unending stream of memories were giving her a headache, Ling Mo felt that he shouldn’t have brought up such matters so soon.

After all, what he had was time and multiple opportunities!

“Don’t worry about it for now, get some rest.” Ling Mo said with some heartache.

Ye Lian awoke a few hours after Shana. Ling Mo’s heart skipped a bit when she suddenly turned her head to look at him.

Shana’s evolution was vastly different from that of Ye Lian’s. She’d never truly lost all of her sanity from the beginning. And, her spirit benefited the most from her subsequent evolutions.

Ye Lian on the other hand was different. She was a zombie through and through, and her evolutionary process was the same as that of a regular zombie’s. In truth, Ling Mo had already braced his heart after looking at the advanced zombie.

Compared to Shana, Ye Lian’s evolution was, unfortunately, leaning towards the development of her body. Her mental faculties would probably be like that of the advanced zombie’s, going from a mindless beast to that of one with a certain level of intellect.

But wanting her to have human-like emotions as soon as possible would prove to be a difficult task.

The moment Ye Lian woke up, Ling Mo immediately felt that Ye Lian was different from how she was a few days ago.

Her eyes were gradually returning to their usual colour, but her body was exuded a terrifying aura, enough to make one think that they were facing a ferocious animal. There wasn’t much difference when he compared her to the advanced zombie they’d met earlier.

After consuming roughly two thirds of the viral gel, the evolution that Ye Lian obtained turned out to be extremely terrifying. Ling Mo faintly felt that she was at the verge of becoming an advanced zombie. All she needed was another round of advancement before she could truly become one.

But Ling Mo found that she was different from an advanced zombie after manipulating her and moving her around for a bit.

The advanced zombie that they encountered was extremely quick, but it clearly excelled in strength.

But Ye Lian’s strength was lacking. Instead, her agility saw a meteoric improvement. After her most recent evolution, Ye Lian’s speed was now comparable to that of a cheetah.

It looked like each zombie’s evolutionary path was different.

On the other hand, Ye Lian’s budding consciousness had finally shown traces of having a true consciousness. Ling Mo could even feel her spiritual realm becoming more active.

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