My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 62


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 62 – Visual Distortion

In the following days, Ling Mo scouted the periphery of X City University, continuously going in and out of this exceedingly flourishing city center.

Apart from scouting the area, he gathered a fair bit of supplies. Of special note were medication that he was severely lacking and some high energy food.

After Ye Lian and Shana’s evolution, their newly found strength allowed them to hunt mutated zombies with even greater ease.

However, Ling Mo didn’t allow them to take action most of the time. Rather, he seized these precious opportunities to train his puppeteer ability.

After all, Ling Mo had only just started making use of his tentacles. His skill in smoothly manipulating them was still lacking.


A mutated zombie jumped out from behind a counter. Ling Mo had no choice but to dodge by rolling away on the ground, using the shelf behind him to temporarily obstruct the zombie.

His spiritual tentacles were warded off by it, only giving this tall and burly mutated zombie a brief moment of pause.

Ling Mo who was feeling depressed at the sight of this simultaneously used the surrounding obstacles to hinder this extremely strong zombie while pondering over the best way to use his tentacles at the same time.

The sound of the shelves behind him being continuously trampled and overturned made it seem as if the entire shop was about to be torn down by this mutated zombie. Ling Mo had no choice but to brace himself as he turned around and rush towards the zombie. As he did, formless spiritual tentacles madly rolled towards his opponent.

In reality, facing this kind of mutated zombie made it very difficult for Ling Mo’s puppeteer ability to have much of an effect at all. This was especially so when his opponent was attacking so relentlessly.

With the two of being so close to one another, Ling Mo might have been torn to pieces right then and there If his attempts at domination had failed like it previously did.

Even Shana who was keeping watch nearby showed a trace of hesitation, unsure of whether she should jump in to provide assistance. Ye Lian’s reaction on the other hand was even more direct, he eyes suddenly turned red and her knees bent slightly, as if she were ready to rush at a moment’s notice. If it weren’t for Ling Mo pacifying her, she might have lost control and dashed out.

Ye Lian finally obtained a sense of awareness after her previous advancement. Her aggressiveness had grown as well, becoming more than ten times stronger than it was before. Although Ling Mo’s control over her didn’t decrease, he rarely forcibly took control of her, attaching importance to guiding her and pacifying her instincts instead.

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Ten meters, five meters, three meters!

Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles twisted around the mutated zombie’s spiritual orb, briefly dazing it. But it quickly broke free from its mental shackles and directed its sharp claws filled with various dubious substances towards Ling Mo.

However at this time, something strange happened. The zombie’s target was clearly Ling Mo, but its pair of hands went for a location that was a meter away from Ling Mo instead. It looked as if the zombie had sprained its ankle during its attack, causing its body to shift to the side and its attack to go wide.

Visual distortion! Although Ling Mo’s tentacles couldn’t immediately control this zombie, they could still influence the zombie’s movements in a very short period of time, affecting any subsequent judgement!

Looking at the mutated zombie’s attack that veered off course, a trace of a smile immediately surfaced on Ling Mo’s face. As they brushed past one another, Ling Mo thrust the short saber in his hand into the mutated zombie’s ribs, followed by a forceful twist.

Fresh blood gushed out. The mutated zombie staggered forward for a few steps before falling to the ground with a loud bang.

It was only then that Ye Lian’s restless desire to attack calmed down, and Shana’s eyes returned to their usual colour. She walked over with brisk steps, and with precise technique, took out the viral gel from the back of the mutated zombie’s head.

“Phew… that nearly gave me a heart attack. Spiritual power is versatile and its effects are very strong, but it really is difficult to flexibly use them.”

At this point, Ling Mo’s legs went soft. If it wasn’t for him leaning against Shana in time, he might have fallen on top of the zombie’s corpse.

His forehead was filled with sweat and his head head was throbbing, but his heart was filled with delight.

This zombie was his cleanest kill he’d gotten while using his puppeteer ability over the past few days. Although his use of the ability wasn’t very flexible as of yet, the puppeteer ability’s true power was beginning to show itself.

Ling Mo took the viral gel from Shana and said, “I can’t go on any longer. We’ll stop here for today, let’s head back.”

Training spiritual power was just like training one’s body. There’d be adverse effects of one overdid it.

This was especially so since he had to maintain his spiritual connection with Ye Lian and Shana.

Shana looked at him curiously before nodding her head. Soon after, she couldn’t help but say, “Your way of fighting is very strange.”

“It’s strange?” Ling Mo doubtfully replied with his own question before coming to a realization. His spiritual tentacles were something that only he could see. What Shana probably saw was him miserably fleeing and being forced to face his opponent. In the end, he took advantage of the mutated zombie’s bad luck to strike when it sprained its ankle, earning his fluke of a victory.

Ling Mo still wasn’t proficient in his use of his spiritual tentacles; it was difficult for him to avoid for him to avoid cutting a sorry figure in battle. But Ling Mo felt that he’d managed to get an idea of how to go about using them. Things likely wouldn’t turn out the same way when he used them next time.

He still needed a lot of practice though…

The pitter patter of raindrops could be heard within X City over the last few days. From the looks of things, autumn was about to arrive.

Following the gradual drop in temperature, an even harsher challenge drew closer for humans. Zombies weren’t afraid of the cold, but humans were.

The past few days of rain had scrubbed away most of the thick smell of rot that pervaded the streets. However, the smell of blood that clung in the air had surprisingly grown thicker.

They happened to pass by a clothes shop along the way. Since it was convenient, Ling Mo found a few sets of relatively thick pieces of outerwear for Ye Lian and Shana to change into. Ling Mo on the other hand got himself a black windbreaker.

However, under Ling Mo’s request and malicious guidance, Ye Lian and Shana wore extremely erotic underwear.

After changing their clothes, Shana actually displayed a strong interest in the hollowed out parts of her clothes. Seeing her unexpected reaction, Ling Mo couldn’t help but think how fitting she’d look if she wore some hollowed out underwear as well…

Their range of operations within the vicinity had gradually increased over the past few days. If a person didn’t have a strong physique, they might not be able to make it back to the construction site before it got dark.

But Ling Mo suddenly stopped when they were around a hundred meters away from the residential building, the look on his face turning extremely ugly!

The zombies he’d intentionally left behind at the construction site were gone!

A trace of unease flowed through him. Using the rain as cover, Ling Mo immediately ran towards the residential building with Ye Lian and Shana.

And sure enough, he found a freshly slain zombie’s corpse beside an abandoned car. Luckily, no zombies were attracted for the time being because of the past few days of rain.

This zombie dying here meant that not only did someone pass by, they even entered the parking lot and killed it.

Ling Mo immediately knitted his brows and drew the short saber from his waist. He squatted down and used the tip of his saber to pry open the zombie’s rain and blood soaked clothes.

Badly mutilated wounds could be seen on the zombie’s chest and abdomen. After being cleansed by the rain, Ling Mo found that the zombie’s deathly pale skin had been turned inside out, revealing a terrifying wound that was half a finger deep.

Wounds like that shouldn’t have been inflicted by a normal weapon. Based on Ling Mo’s observation, this person might have used an exceedingly heavy weapon.

A person who could wield such a heavy weapon would definitely have a certain amount of strength.

After standing back up, Ling Mo cast his gaze on the nearby residential building.

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