My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 63


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 63 – Kitchen Knife

Regardless of this person’s reasons, he definitely wouldn’t come over and clear out the zombies out of altruism. The only thing of worth within this construction site was the residential building. It was also where Ling Mo hid his supplies. The other party’s objective was likely that as well.

Encountering a survivor after the world ended wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Ling Mo cautiously approached the residential building and quietly entered after noticing that there were no abnormalities with it.

Ling Mo heard a person’s laughter upon reaching the second floor. That was good. Based on the sound, this person had only entered the second floor, likely to take shelter from the rain. This meant that the supplies Ling Mo hid on the third floor wouldn’t be discovered.

But this person’s laughter was exceptionally ear-piercing!

“Hahaha. Boss, you’re not planning to finish her off, right?”

“Don’t toy with her till she dies, our brothers still haven’t had their fun!”

After taking a breather, a man’s slightly coarse and heavy voice resounded, “What’s the rush! With me around, women will throw themselves at you and beg you to fuck them. Damn, this woman is even better than that brat from before…”

After he spoke, the man’s voice suddenly started to reverberate. A woman’s tragic cries could be heard in the midst of the men’s laughter.

Her mouth was more or less covered, muffling her cries. But in spite of that one could still hear the pain in her voice.

“Shut up! What’re you crying about! I, your father, knows that women like you used to look down on us last time. But now you’d better make sure you make your father feel good, or else I’ll slice you up and feed you to the zombies!”

“Haha, boss, you almost scared her to death.”

“Make sure you don’t kill her, finding a woman nowadays is hard!”

“What’s there to be afraid of! It’s hard for us to get a chance like this to have fun. It’s raining and the zombies can’t hear us. Hahaha…”

Ling Mo’s expression turned a little unsightly, but his legs didn’t stop moving. He slowly went along the stairs as he approached the second level.

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Ling Mo originally planned to chase these people out, but the grip on his short saber tightened after hearing them insult the woman, his eyes flashing with a trace of murderous intent.

Sure enough, a majority of the female populace could be considered as a disadvantaged group once the world ended. And in this world without order, people with power naturally possessed the qualifications to have greater resources. Of course, women who were willing to stick to people like these for the sake of survival were included as well.

But Ling Mo felt disgust from the bottom of his heart towards people like this group who insulted women!

Societal restraints didn’t exist anymore, but that didn’t mean that people could act like animals!

“What the hell, you guys still haven’t finished even after playing around for so long.”

The voice came from a man who stood near the third floor’s staircase. A thin wooden stick hung from his lips and he held a kitchen knife in his hand. He looked a little fidgety…a large tent had been pitched at his crotch after hearing the sounds from inside.

He turned his head towards the corridor as he bellowed. “Hurry up and send someone over to swap out with your father! Fuck, I’m the only one standing out here being blue balled. The rain’s so huge that you wouldn’t even be able to see the hair on a zombie, what are they so scared of…”

In the moment his head was turned, a silhouette suddenly rushed out from the corner of the staircase and pierced his throat with a short saber, pinning him to the wall.

All four of the man’s limbs went limp and the kitchen knife in his hands fell out, but Ling Mo deftly caught it in his hands.

Seeing the man’s eyes that went wide with fright and despair, Ling Mo swiftly withdraw his short saber from the wall while holding onto his arms at the same time, laying him on the floor in one smooth motion.

Fresh blood leaked out from his mouth. A puddle of blood also flowed out from the stab wound at the back of his head. His body continued twitching even though it had already breathed its last.

The entire process could be said to have been done noiselessly. None of the others were alerted.

A filthy scene was currently playing out in a dirty room on the second floor.

There were another four men within the room who were excitedly cheering on their bald leader.

When Ling Mo appeared, the bald man had just finished and another man had impatiently walked up.

“That idiot has been shouting his head off. One of you go and switch with him, let him have some fun as well.” The bald said while pulled up his pants.

However, he saw a slim figure appear at the room’s entrance when he turned his head.


A cold glint of metal brought along a severe gale as it shot towards the man that had just walked over. He was completely unaware of the abnormality behind him. He was preparing to have fun when he suddenly felt a sharp pain from his buttocks, causing him to fall face first onto the ground after issuing a cry of pain.

This sudden turn of events caused everyone in the room to be momentarily dumbstruck!

That brightly shining kitchen knife had nearly split the man’s buttocks in half. The strength used was so great that it was enough to render others speechless!

Although the improvements to Ling Mo’s body from repeated upgrades weren’t all that obvious, he was still much stronger than a normal person.

The man still continued to draw breath even after having his chrysanthemum 1)buttockssliced, but that incident had left him twitching uncontrollably on the ground as he let our mournful screams.

The bald man was the first to recover. He grabbed the shaft of an axe beside him and locked his rage filled gaze on Ling Mo who’d appeared at the entrance.

Ling Mo appeared to be an ordinary youth, but his aggressive methods and the unbridled murderous intent in his eyes made the bald man feel absolutely terrified!

“What kind of person is that!” The bald man didn’t bat an eyelid as he took half a step back, widening the gap between Ling Mo and him, “What the fuck is your problem? Why the hell are you killing my people?”

From his expression, it seemed as if he didn’t realize that Ling Mo had taken action because of the woman’s humiliation.

The reason was simple, to him, women were meant to be used for venting his emotions. This was so much so that it was a given in the eyes of the men gathered here.

But Ling Mo didn’t think that way, especially since he had two girls by his side.

Ling Mo didn’t reply after hearing the bald man’s furious roar. He only coldly swept his gaze across the room before finally resting it on the woman’s body.

Ling Mo immediately clenched his teeth upon seeing the state that the woman was in.

Her face was filthy and it was hard to make out her appearance, but she didn’t seem to be that old. However she appeared to be at death’s door thanks to the the torment inflicted by this group of men.

They probably did it for the fun of it, but the woman’s body was filled with numerous cuts, dying her body blood red. Both her hands were bound together and all ten of her fingernails had been stripped as blood continuously poured out of her fingertips. Even her mouth had been stuffed with a dubiously coloured smelly sock. Although she was still able to utter cries of grief, it was clear from her voice that she lacked the strength to do anything else. She might even be letting out more air than she took in.

“Screw you! Who the hell do you think you are!” The bald man vaguely felt that the youthful man in front of him was trouble! But as the boss of this group of people, he had no choice but to bite the bullet and bellow out.

Sure enough, his qi infused roar of fury had immediately broken the other three men out of their stupor. They weren’t idiots, their expressions turned vigilant upon seeing the bloodstained short saber in Ling Mo’s hands as they grabbed their weapons that had been tossed to the side.

Ling Mo acted as if he was turning a blind eye to their actions, but not only did that not set the bald man’s mind at ease, it even made him feel a chill from the bottom of his heart!

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