My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 64


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 64 – A Fierce Battle


This group of men could tell that Ling Mo wasn’t afraid of them. In fact, he completely disregarded whatever they did!

These men were scoundrels who could murder someone without batting an eyelid. Although the aura that Ling Mo exuded made their scalp tingle, the pressure they felt also stimulated their vicious nature.

Although the scene of Ling Mo splitting someone’s chrysanthemum with his kitchen knife was shocking, he was only one person! With only one knife!

But following close behind him were two delicate and charming figures.

Although their faces were pale and they had indifferent looks on their faces, to the point where they looked emotionless, their exquisite faces and their tall and slim figures that couldn’t be concealed by their raincoats had left these men in a daze.

If one said that Shana still looked rather immature, and that her facial features still hadn’t fully developed, then Ye Lian’s could be considered as a first-class beauty.

Her pure black eyes and her temperament as a zombie in particular gave her an air of mystery and allure!

There were very few chances for others to lay eyes on an outstanding beauty like Ye Lian once the world ended. When compared to her, the woman that was bullied by this group of men could, at most, only be considered average.

The other men were entranced by her beauty, but the bald man’s brows had knitted instead.

This youthful man’s strength was definitely pretty good if he was able to live until now while bringing along such a beauty…

And while his attack from before had caught everyone by surprise, the astonishing strength and accuracy that he displayed wasn’t something that just anyone could pull off.

But he quickly revealed an evil grin as he intentionally shouted, “This brat killed our people and even took the trouble to deliver two high quality items to us! Slaughter him and snatch those two girls!”

His instigation saw immediate effect. These men were already running wild after the world ended. Committing slaughter and plundering others was something they did on a regular basis. Although Ling Mo looked like he had some skill, all they needed to do was kill him and they’d be able to have their way with two high quality beauties!

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Naturally this group of people weren’t idiots who’d risk their lives just to get their hands on a beauty. They knew in their hearts that Ling Mo didn’t come with good intentions, they had to get rid of him.

Since that’s the case, they should strike first and gain the upper hand! No matter how strong he was, they held the advantage in numbers!

As for Ye Lian and Shana, they had long since dismissed the two girls as ordinary and powerless.

Following the bold man’s signal, two of the men within the group exchanged a glance before suddenly raising their weapons as they went in separate directions to flank Ling Mo.

Shana held onto the handle of her long saber and was just about to draw it when she was stopped by Ling Mo. There was no need for Shana and Ye Lian to dirty their hands on these dregs of society.

Ling Mo took a deep breath and tightened the group around his short saber. His right leg slowly shifted backwards and his body leaned forward, adopting a posture that was ready to lunge out.

Ling Mo clearly knew what these people were thinking, but they were sorely mistaken if they thought that he was only capable of mounting sneak attacks! His weakness at close combat only applied to monsters like that advanced zombie. Although these people looked valiant, but they were, after all, just normal people. How could they compare to him!

To their astonishment, Ling Mo vanished just after they issued their war cry!

No, he didn’t vanish. Rather, Ling Mo had rushed towards them the moment they advanced!

Ling Mo was blindingly fast. The first person only saw a blur before he felt a slight chill from his chest, followed by a jolt of pain that felt as if he were being torn apart.

By the time he clearly saw Ling Mo, a fresh stream of blood had gushed out of his chest. Ling Mo on the other hand just withdrew his short saber before he emotionlessly stepped over the man.

Ling Mo’s attack was carried out so swiftly that it made the other man turn pale with fright. But just as he was about to halt in his tracks, Ling Mo turned his body and leapt towards him.

At the precipice of life and death, the man exploded out with all of his strength as the vegetable knife in his hand suddenly came stabbing towards Ling Mo.

The bald man chose this moment to act. He brandished the axe in his hand, sending it chopping down as his plump body abruptly descended from high above.

Facing a pincer attack from both his front and back, Ling Mo would undoubtedly be split in half by the bald even if he managed to dodge the other man’s vegetable knife. This was why a vicious sneer had appeared on the bald man’s fierce-looking face before his axe had completely fallen.

Ling Mo’s pupils contracted when he saw the vegetable knife flying towards himself. While charging forward, Ling Mo suddenly twisted his body, allowing the knife to brush past his back and sending him straight towards the man. It looked as the entire side of Ling Mo’s body had rammed into him, sending his short saber straight into the man’s belly.

Ling Mo had learnt this move while watching Shana fight. Ling Mo was a regular person, although he was experienced when it came to risking his life at the end of the world, but were he to compare himself to Shana’s “professional” techniques, he would obviously lose out to Shana’s aggressive swordplay and equally smooth movements.

In battle, Ling Mo was constantly absorbing whatever he whatever he’d experienced. After which, he’d digest everything he’d experienced transform it into his own battle style.

At the same time, Ling Mo released his spiritual tentacles. His objective wasn’t to take control of any person in particular, but rather to influence the bald man behind him!

The bald man who was initially charging at Ling Mo suddenly felt a stab of pain at his temples. His vision blurred for a moment and the axe in his hand veered off course.

Borrowing the momentum from their collision, both Ling Mo and the man took a few steps backwards before knocking into the wall.

As a result, the bald man’s sneak attack struck air!

The man who’d been struck by Ling Mo’s saber let out a blood-curdling screech, the acute pain running through his body caused him to drop his his vegetable knife as it landed on the floor with a ding while fresh blood spewed out from his mouth.

At the same time, the bald man’s attack had landed heavily on the ground. He shook his head as a trace of astonishment flashed past his eyes, the fat on his face jiggling a little. He abruptly let out another roar before once again sending his axe chopping in the direction of Ling Mo’s back.

Ling Mo had already drawn his short saber before the gust of wind from the bald man’s attack buffeted him. Ling Mo turned his body and bent his knee, sending his short saber stabbing upwards towards the bald man’s belly. At this rate, he was probably going to impale himself.

But this bald man definitely had some skill if he was able to become the leader of this group. When the bald man saw Ling Mo’s nimble movements, while there was no change in the movement of his hands, the veins on his forehead bulged as he let out a loud roar and he twisted his stiff body. In spite of that, a bloody gash was viciously drawn across his waist, turning half of his body red in the blink of an eye.

The bald man’s face turned extremely sinister after being cut, but in the end he wasn’t a zombie. He wasn’t able to counter attack immediately after receiving such a grievous wound. Instead, he staggered backwards.

In the blink of an eye, the only person left standing without any injury was a man with a dark look on his face.

“Fuck you!” The bald man cursed in a fit of rage, but he took no further action against Ling Mo. Instead, he threw the axe in his hand towards Ye Lian and Shana who were standing at the entrance!

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