My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 65


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 65 – A Crushed Heart

From this looks of it, this bald man really was a vicious person. He wanted to drag someone down with him even if he was going to die.

He had a pretty good way of thinking. Looking at Ling Mo’s nimble movement, sneak attacks would probably have no chance of succeeding, so he switched his target to Shana and Ye Lian.

But Ling Mo took notice of the bald man the moment he threw his axe. Ling Mo immediately made Ye Lian take a step to the side while Shana coolly brought out her long saber.

Shana had no intention of backing down as a mutated zombie and instinctively felt a sense of danger when the axe flew over.

Brandishing her long saber, she immediately clashed head on with the axe. The sound of metal striking metal rang out. Shana’s hand trembled under the enormous force, even causing a small chip to appear on her long saber.

Although she accurately blocked the axe, Shana’s hand had gone soft as well. She probably wouldn’t be able to use it again for the time being.

Luckily, zombies had very strong regenerative abilities. Although normal people could recover on their own as well, they were incomparable to zombies in terms of both speed and degree of recovery. While zombies weren’t able to recover from injuries that defied the natural order such as lost limbs, superficial injuries wouldn’t affect them in the least.

Be that as it may, the sight of Shana getting injured had finally caused the fury in Ling Mo’s heart to reach its boiling point. He suddenly gritted his teeth and charged over to the bald man in the blink of an eye, abruptly slashing out with his short saber!

Although the bald man managed to dodge in time, the cutting edge of the saber had bit into the bones of his shoulder, causing him to momentarily howl in pain.

Without waiting for him to struggle free, Ling Mo’s other hand swiftly reached down to his waist and pulled out his dagger. He gave the bald man a cold stare before he thrusted the dagger into his belly and slowly twisted his wrist.

The acute pain drained the colour from the bald man’s face, turning it deathly pale. His mouth hung open as every inch of fat on his face continuously trembled and despair welled up in his eyes…

This painful process continued on for a full minute. During that time the bald man’s blood-curdling screams continuously rang out. If it wasn’t for the torrential rain masking it, the zombies might have been attracted by his cries.

During this time Ling Mo never loosened his grip. Even the look in his eyes remained the same. This scene made the man with a black face so terrified that his entire body was started trembling, putting any courage he might have to conduct a rescue to rest.

Ling Mo abruptly thrust his dagger through the bald man’s body only after he eyes turned turned white, thoroughly snuffing out his life.

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Ling Mo withdrew his short saber and stepped on the bald man’s corpse before turning to face the man with a black face. By then, he’d lost whatever will he had left to fight, the weapon in his hand falling to the ground with a ding.

“Don’t kill me… Don’t kill me…”

Ling Mo gradually awoke from the life or death mental state he was in as he slowly walked towards the black faced man with his saber raised.

I took a few breaths to calm himself and suppressed the rage within his body as his pair of faintly red eyes became clear once again.

Ling Mo had killed many people ever since Lu Xin hurt Shana, but this black faced man was the first one to beg for his life.

Ling Mo was completely influenced by his rage when he killed the bald man and his lackeys, but he was awakened from his impulses when he faced this black faced man.

He coldly stared at the black faced man. During this time, Ling Mo’s murderous intent hadn’t receded at all in spite of the man profusely begging for his life.

All of these people deserve t die! The woman from before definitely begged them for her life as well. Did they let her go?

The black faced man had probably guessed Ling Mo’s murderous intentions from the look in his eyes. He suddenly shouted out as he made a mad dash towards the entrance. Although Shana put on a brave and fierce performance, in his eyes, these two girls had no means of stopping him.

All he needed was to get out of here alive!

But to his surprise, the moment he dashed to the entrance, Ye Lian appeared in front of him with a speed that was almost imperceptible to the naked eye and stretched out her hand with the speed of lightning.

In that moment, her strong and sharp fingers ripped into the black faced man’s chest.

Then, as the black faced man stared on with a look of disbelief, Ye Lian used her five fingers to grip his heart.



In the blink of an eye, the only thing left that the black faced man could hear was the sound of his own heartbeat. He looked at Ye Lian with despair filled eyes as if he couldn’t believe that the frail looking girl in front of him was actually so terrifying…

The only thing that he could see now was Ye Lian’s pair of eyes that had suddenly turned red…

“Zom- Zombie…” Ye Lian indifferently tightened her fingers just after the black faced man managed to squeeze out those two words.

His heart was crushed and the black faced man drew his last breath as his entire body went limp.

Ye Lian swiftly pulled back her slim and delicate palm that was covered in blood, thick droplets of fresh blood flowing along her slender fingertips as they fell to the ground.

Even Ling Mo was stunned at this sight. It was only at times like these that he would abruptly realize that Ye Lian was a savage zombie with astonishing strength.

This was the real Ye Lian. She was able to tear apart a person’s body with her bare hands and crush any ordinary zombie.

Ye Lian’s previous attack was one she did purely out of instinct. Ling Mo’s greatly relaxed his control over he when he thought about how she had her own consciousness now.

Thankfully, Ye Lian had only killed him. She didn’t have any interest in his flesh and blood like a regular zombie would.

In the blink of an eye, five corpses were lying on the ground and a thick stench of blood hung in the air. Even the man whose chrysanthemum had been sliced was no longer breathing in the midst of all his twitching and screaming.

“Shana, are you alright?”

Ling Mo spat out a sigh before he walked over and grabbed Shana’s hand to get a closer look, “That’s good, looks like there’s nothing wrong.”

Shana’s expression was devoid of pain as she slowly shook her head. Her curious gaze swept past Ling Mo and landed on the woman who was lying on the bed.

Ling Mo followed her gaze, unconsciously heaving a sigh in his heart.

In truth, although he’d done away with these beasts, he didn’t want to face that woman.

Based on her condition, she was definitely going to die. He wouldn’t be able to change her fate even if he tried to help her now.

“No, I had no way of helping the people of this world in the first place…” Ling Mo’s thought, his heart filled with turmoil.

Ling Mo clearly knew that he wasn’t a saint. He’d wouldn’t mind helping someone only if it was within his power to do so and it wouldn’t affect interests After all, they were all still part of the same human race.

But many beasts like the bald man existed in this world. They were driven mad after the world ended. Destruction brought them joy while tormenting the weak brought relief to their hearts filled with panic and despair.

What could he possibly do to help? The answer was of course nothing. To Ling Mo, just being able to live on with Ye Lian and Shana was enough for him.

While he made Ye Lian walk to the window and wash her hands with rainwater, Ling Mo slowly walked over to the woman’s side.

“Sob…” At this moment the woman shifted her gaze to Ling Mo. A trace of brilliance suddenly flashed in her eyes that were about to go dark. .

Was this her last flash of life before she passed on? Ling Mo hurriedly stretched out his hand and took away the smelly sock from her mouth. He also severed the ropes that were binding her hands.

The woman’s gaze was firmly locked on Ling Mo, but she hadn’t breathed out even after quite awhile. It looked to Ling Mo like it was the end for her.

Then, her lips parted and she, very weakly, said two words: “Thank you…”

“…I didn’t do anything to help you, there’s no need to thank me…”

The woman shook her head, tears immediately forming in her eyes, “No, I’m very thankful to you. I never thought that…I’d be saved.”

She tried with great difficulty to raise her hand, but couldn’t move a single inch after being bound together for so long.

She stopped moving just after Ling Mo stretched out his hand.

Although her eyes were still open, her expression had frozen and she died under such humiliating circumstances…

“Ai, go in peace.”

Ling Mo sighed and reached out to close her eyes. He then pulled over a worn out blanket that had been tossed to the side and covered her corpse.

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