My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 66


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 66 – This Part Of You Can Change Its Shape

Looks like this group of people had come looking for supplies as well. That being said, they’d naturally have lots of things on hand. Although it couldn’t be compared to what Ling Mo had, it was a pretty good result based on the number of people they had and their strength.

Ling Mo could tell from the previous battle that this group of people were not only vicious and merciless, they even had some brains. They might have been able to survive for a long time if they hadn’t run into Ling Mo.

Ling Mo gathered the rest of the usable supplies aside from their weapons, which he couldn’t be bothered with.

Unexpectedly, the bald man carried a Swiss Army knife. This type of knife with a myriad of uses had a wide range of application. It could be considered a useful tool at the end of the world. Ling Mo unceremoniously took it off the bald man’s waist and stored it in his pocket.

In addition, the bald man also had a pack of cigarettes in his pocket, which Ling Mo didn’t hesitate to kindly accept as well.

Ling Mo inwardly sighed while he searched the corpse. Although he had his zombie puppeteer ability, making it easier for him to survivors when compared to others, he still had to tread a fine line between life and death when he hunted mutated zombies everyday.

Apart from taking liberties his two mutated female zombies which helped to ease his nerves a little, he normally had to maintain an extremely cautious attitude.

He’d usually only look for essentials when he went out to gather supplies, never taking notice of comfort items like cigarettes.

“These dregs of society really are scum. They didn’t even bother to put any thought into improving their chances of survival. Whatever little thoughts they had were all spent on finding ways of enjoy themselves.” Ling Mo said with some disdain.

It was important to have the right attitude in the face of adversity when the world ended. One shouldn’t bother with minor things like cigarettes for the time being. People like them who vented their emotions on a woman’s body were far too contemptible.

Ling Mo’s haul over the past few days was plentiful. Now, he even managed to get his hands on some unexpected riches. His large travel bag was so full it was practically bursting at its seams. He was even forced to leave some things behind to lighten his load.

But to Ling Mo, these supplies were incomparable to the loss of Shana’s long saber.

Her clash with the axe had lead to a chip forming on the edge of her long saber. Although it wouldn’t affect its performance for now, its lifespan was definitely greatly shortened.

He definitely had to help Shana find another saber when he had the chance…

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Unfortunately, finding a suitable weapon when the world ended wasn’t such an easy task.

Take for instance the bald man’s group, the quality of their weapons was inconsistent. Aside from the passable lethality of the axe, the rest of their weapons was insufficient for dealing with zombies.

The current situation was related to weapons control. While items such as vegetable and boning knives could be found in supermarkets, how could a normal person holding a vegetable knife engage in close combat with a zombie? Doing so with just courage was impossible! Even if one was able get close by risking their lives, how much use could a vegetable knife be against a zombie that wouldn’t stop madly chasing after its target unless it was chopped to pieces?

This was the reason why Ling Mo put himself at risk by going to the Wang family’s handmade sword shop to look for a suitable weapon. Although his short saber was only a third of mater long, it won out in terms of sharpness and was of superior quality. It was completely able to match up to his current level of strength.

After all, a good horse had to be paired with a good saddle!

“I might as well let you use the dagger.”

Just as Ling Mo planned to hand his knife over to Shana, she unexpectedly shook her head and said, ” No, I have my memories. This saber is very important to me. It doesn’t matter if it’s chipped, it can still be used. The dagger that you have was made by my younger sister. I don’t like the things that she makes.”

“Alright…” Ling Mo was rendered speechless for a moment. It looks like Shana still didn’t like Wang Lin even after turning into a zombie…

Of these two sisters, one was headstrong and had vicious temper, while the other was cold on the outside but warm on the inside. She was a kind, silly girl before she turned into a zombie.

It looks like these two sisters with diametrically opposed personalities were truly fated…

After going back upstairs, Ling Mo found a track of muddy footprints. From the looks of it, this group of people had searched through the building very carefully.

But they didn’t see through Ling Mo’s subterfuge, so Ling Mo’s room, along with the remaining clean water that he had, was left untouched.

This helped improve Ling Mo’s mood a little, but he lost interest in staying here any longer when he thought about the corpses downstairs.

Those corpses would attract an ever increasing number of zombies, giving rise to a troubling predicament. And the fact that the bald man’s group had made an appearance meant that this residential building was far too conspicuous. It was alright as a stopover point, but would lead to problems if he planned to stay there in the long-term.

Ling Mo had gotten a rough idea of the surrounding area’s situation over the past few days. He knew which was the safer route to take when traveling to X City University.

Of course, he was unaware of the situation within the university at the moment. But based on the situation of the university’s surroundings, it was likely very bad. The environment was complex and there were many zombies. Going in and out of the university would prove to be difficult.

But, this obstruction that would cause a majority of the survivors to shrink back wasn’t all that difficult in Ling Mo’s eyes. With his puppeteer ability, he could rely on zombies to find a path for him, greatly reducing the difficulty of this task.

Therefore Ling Mo very quickly made his decision. He’d make his way towards X City University tomorrow!

But Ling Mo couldn’t just let the remaining clean water and gas that he couldn’t bring along go to waste before he left.

Should he take a warm bath first? Or, he might as well bathe together with the female zombies like a married couple instead…

Survivors who were able to use water for cleaning themselves were already considered as living pretty good lives. Those who used hot water to bathe could be considered as living extremely luxurious lives.

Then what would having two beautiful girls wash your back count as? Likely no one was able to experience such pleasures yet.

But when Ling Mo wore a face of satisfaction as sat in front of the two beautiful girls, he found that it wasn’t as wonderful as he’d imagined…

“Gentler, be good. Even gentler…ah! It’s ok, it’s not that painful…”

“You’re rubbing it too hard! You’re rubbing it too hard! You can’t rub that part!”

“The two of you don’t need to wash that part, you really don’t need to!”

There was only one ending when he allowed two female zombies who didn’t know restraint and were filled with curiosity to help him bathe, and that was an ending filled with pain and happiness…

Ling Mo was still filled with lingering fear when he thought about the previous day’s experience after getting up.

Seeing Ling Mo awake, Shana immediately looked towards him, her pupils glimmering with curiosity. She then followed Ling Mo gaze as she looked down, eventually stopping at Ling Mo’s important place.

Ling Mo’s scalp immediately started tingling, unconsciously covering his crotch.

“When do you plan to bathe again?” Shana asked, her voice filled with some anticipation.

After being infected and turning into a zombie, although she managed to recover a majority of her memories, she was still a zombie. She didn’t have the same way of thinking as a normal girl. Simply put, Shana was like a blank sheet of paper when it came to things like common sense.

Ling Mo originally had no intention of stripping, but Shana and Ye Lian impatiently pulled off the towel affixed to his waist.

When the two female zombies saw that Ling Mo’s body structure was somewhat different from theirs, they became a little restless.

Ye Lian’s reaction was a little dull because what had awakened within her wasn’t her memories, but rather the true consciousness of a mutated zombie. She was just a little interested when it came to Ling Mo’s body, giving it a few looks and stretching out her hand to give it a few cursory rubs.

Shana on the other hand was different. There were many memories within her mind. Although her way of thinking was different from humans, having more knowledge would make it easier for her to pick up some bad things.

“I remember what this is called, but this is my first time seeing it in person. Apparently it possesses the ability to change its shape…”

Shana not only had a great amount of curiosity towards Ling Mo’s little Ling Mo, she even unhesitatingly reached out her zombified hand to…

It would truly be a tribulation for Ling Mo if a female mutated zombie, who didn’t know how to regulate her own strength, held little Ling Mo in her hand and entered her zombified state because of her excitement!

One had to have a certain amount of mental fortitude before they could maintain their calm while allowing two female zombies to face an unknown object!

The only thing worth celebrating was the fact that they had no intention of treating Ling Mo as prey…

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