My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 68


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 68 – Radar

The rain had stopped and gusts of cold wind blew along the lonely street. A strange odor was mixed into this terrifying chill, causing Ling Mo to involuntarily sniffle and slightly furrow his brows.

It smelled of blood and rot… Even a few days of continuous rain wasn’t enough to completely eradicate this scent.

This was a city in the midst of rotting away. What died were only survivors, but the civilized world as well.

Ling Mo felt a moment of regret, but he didn’t notice Shana quietly observing the changes in his expression from the side.

Completely different from his reaction, when the scent of blood and rot drifted over to them, Shana and Ye Lian’s eyes flashed with a hint of infatuation…

“You seem to dislike this smell.” Shana unhurriedly took in a breath before turning to look at Ling Mo. She asked with some doubt, “Why is that?”

Ling Mo was momentarily stunned. He gave a wry smile and shook his head, “You wouldn’t understand even if I told you.”

“I like it a lot.” Shana remained silent for a few seconds before she suddenly said seriously, “But if you don’t like it, I’ll pretend to dislike it as well. My memories tell me that as a female, I should do this to make you happy.”

This Shana, what was her head filled with in the past….

Ling Mo was sweating buckets. He hurriedly said, “You don’t need to do that. Also, don’t use “female” to describe yourself. You’re a girl…a girl zombie. You liking this scent is normal.”

“Is that so?” Shana seemed to have some trouble understanding what Ling Mo said.

Ling Mo nodded and encouraged her, “I won’t turn my back on you no matter what you are. Just act like how your big sister Ye Lian does. That’s enough.”

“In that case…there are times where I feel like biting you, is that fine as well?” Shana gazed at Ling Mo and asked.

When she asked this question, Ling Mo distinctly felt her piercing gaze stop directly at his neck, she even unconsciously licked her lips.

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“That’s fine…but it’d be even better if you took away the word “bite”…” Ling Mo’s scalp went completely numb. In truth, he’d long since noticed this. This was especially so when Shana and Ye Lian had fully entered their zombified state, where there’d be minute changes in the way they looked at him. But, they were never hostile towards Ling Mo due to their spiritual connection with him. The only time this wasn’t the case was when they were trying to break away from their connection with him. However, Ye Lian’s hostility towards him was completely disappeared as they grew closer. His connection with Shana, on the other hand, was still stuck at a superficial level. Although their connection had coincidentally deepened previously, it still wasn’t deep enough.

But Ling Mo felt he that didn’t need to be demanding. Restraining a zombie’s nature was already a difficult task, he’d be going too far if he were to stop her from even doing ** 1)Part of the raws

Sure enough, upon seeing that Ling Mo didn’t seem to mind, Shana shifted her gaze and said, “I don’t know why, but I won’t attack you. You’re special.”

Bullshit, the puppeteer ability would be useless if they attacked the manipulator as well!

Ling Mo rolled secretly rolled his eyes, but suddenly knitted his brows.

While he spoke with Shana, the zombie leading the way was searching through the shops along the way and checking for zombies within them, preventing Ling Mo’s group who was following closely behind it from being suddenly attacked when they walked by later on.

But the back of this zombie’s head was suddenly smashed in by something when it walked into a pub. Ling Mo could even hear the fracturing of a skull. Ling Mo originally shared in the five senses of his zombie puppets, resulting in him feeling as if he’d experienced the zombie’s death himself, less the feeling of pain…

Which was why when the zombie hit the ground, Ling Mo’s face turned white, and his heart suddenly started beating several times faster.

Ye Lian and Shana immediately detected the change in Ling Mo’s state of mind through their spiritual connection and turned to look at him. Although their gazes lacked emotion, Ling Mo knew that they were deeply concerned.

Once the zombie leading the way died, Ling Mo’s link with it was severed in a flash. The sensation of his spiritual connection being severed wasn’t very comfortable. It felt as if a cracking sound had rung out in his mind. To Ling Mo, it was akin to someone viciously chopping off one his tentacles.

“Was the one who did it a zombie or a human?”

Ling Mo was on now on his guard had ducked to the side with Ye Lian and Shana. After concealing himself, he stuck his head out from a neon lamp and quietly surveyed his surroundings for awhile.

The zombie was killed in a pub called “Music Emperor”. Ling Mo was directing the zombie towards a row of private rooms within it when it was suddenly attacked.

The entrance was ajar. This wasn’t something a majority of the survivors would do, could it be a zombie?

A zombie that knew how to mount sneak attacks would have to, at the very least, be a mutated zombie on the level of Ye Lian. It might even be an advanced zombie.

Ling Mo didn’t expect such a strong zombie to appear in a place like this. Although Ling Mo found it odd, his desire for viral gels won out in the end.

Exceedingly pure viral gels such as these weren’t your run of the mill goods, it was something that could only be found and not asked for!

Thinking up to this point, the corner of Ling Mo’s lips revealed a trace of a malicious smile as he stretched out his hand and drew his short saber.

The dazzling edge of the short saber, coupled with the dark brown marks that weren’t able to be cleaned from its fuller, resulted in an extremely cold aura being exuded from this well forged, handcrafted saber.

A blade that had taken the lives of others was indeed different…

“Shana, can you feel anything?” Ling Mo knew that mutated zombies had a special reaction towards one another, so he asked her this question while deciding on a course of action.

Shana gave Ling Mo a glance and shook her head, “It’s very far.”

Unexpectedly, both parties weren’t all that close to one another. There was a distance of at least four hundred meters that separated them. The fact that she could even detect one from such a distance away meant that she was practically a radar.

On the contrary, Ye Lian’s eyes took on a faint shade of red. She learned from Ling Mo’s appearance and took out her scimitar, bending her body as she hid behind him.

Ling Mo was given a fright when he saw Ye Lian’s actions. Sure enough, after developing her true consciousness, Ye Lian’s rate of learning had increased greatly. She was consciously imitating Shana and his own actions in battle!

Indeed, zombies as a species possessed a terrifying amount of potential…

“Ye Lian, did you notice something?” Ling Mo asked in a low voice after suddenly recovering from his astonishment.

Compared to Shana, Ye Lian’s evolution was at a higher stage, and just from her “lineage” alone, she was a purer zombie as well.

Therefore, Ye Lian would have a stronger reaction when it came to detecting other mutated zombies.

Ye Lian only glanced at Ling Mo after hearing his question, offering no other response. Apparently, although she knew that the words “Ye Lian” referred to herself, she couldn’t understand the meaning behind his sentence.

But Ling Mo wasn’t disheartened by this. Ye Lian’s reaction meant that there was definitely a zombie within the pub, “Music Emperor”, validating his own guess.

“It’s good if it isn’t a human. Compared to humans, I’m much more willing to fight with zombies.”

Ling Mo took a deep breath and, with great effort, adjusted his mindset to its peak condition. In a while, a bitter battle for life and death might just break out.

But it was worth it for the sake of getting more viral gels!

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