My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 7


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 7 – The Girl Behind the Window

After watching the mutated zombie fell, Ye Lian immediately jumped over and dug the gel out from his head.

Under Ye Lian’s present speed, she could take out the gel without getting a single drop of bloodstain on her. And only after she let go of her hand, the big hole behind the mutated zombie’s head began to slowly flow out of red and white mixtures.

To Ling Mo’s surprise, mutated zombie’s gel is totally different than average zombies. Average zombies’ brain gel are only slightly reddish, but this piece of gel is completely covered in red threads, at first glace looked like a magnificent rosy red block gem.

After given Ye Lian a command to wait, Ling Mo took the gel from her hand and examined it closely in front his eyes.

Before Ling Mo had speculated that this gel should be a viral infection of the lesions, an existence similar to stones in vivo, but a little softer. Probably because of the presence of the lesions in the brain, people were infected, lost sanity and became zombies.

And swallowing lesions will allow the virus in Ye Lian’s body to become purer and allow her to be more affected by the virus. This might be a way to attack fire with fire….

Putting it under the nose to smell, a very light, but pungent smell immediately jumped in which made Ling Mo frowned and almost chocked to faint. However, this thing that could not be endured by normal people are of supreme delicacy in Ye Lian’s eyes.

From gel’s appearance, which contained much higher virus purity than the average zombies gel, taking account of the previous situation, Ling Mo decided to wait to find a suitable place to let Ye Lian swallow this gel. Otherwise, even though it’s alright if she fainted on the spot, but Ling Mo will lose the ability to react, by that time any ordinary zombies could kill him.

After crossing the body of the mutated zombie, Ling Mo frowned and entered into the slaughterhouse-like workshop, and Ye Lian was kept outside to prevent zombies that might be attracted over by the blood.

The floor looked like a layer of flesh, it felt very weird when stepped up, and a thick rancid smell is also choking the human brain.

The thought that Wang Rin might be part of these flesh and bones made Ling Mo want to drag out the body of that mutated zombie and slay him again.

There are many finished and half-finished craft swords, but these are not what Ling Mo wanted. He rummaged in it for a moment and finally found a box under a half bloodstained sleeve.

Opened the box, and in there lied several dagger and knife, these knives all exhibit complete coldness after pulling them out. Open edged knives look very sharp, and the quality is quite good, much better than those bulky choppers, and they are also easy to carry.

After carefully tried the handle, Ling Mo selected a short knife to hang to his waist, and picked up a handy dagger. With these two things, he should be able to visit the main city district with much more convenience….

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Although Ye Lian is strong, but the deeper they head into the main city, the greater the number of zombies to encounter, it would not be feasible to rely on Ye Lian alone.

And because of the desire to be with Ye Lian, Ling Mo always had a little subtle idea. He wants to be stronger than Ye Lian, rather than lingering on her, so when the day comes for Ye Lian to regain her senses, he can stand up straight like a man when facing her….

After establishing spiritual contact with Ye Lian, this gives Ling Mo a reason to become stronger and advance together with her. But evolving together will not be enough, as a mutated zombie, Ye Lian has a much stronger physical strength, and Ling Mo’s advantage lays in his ability in continuously learning and exploring fighting skills.

During the days fighting with Ye Lian, Ling Mo did learn a lot from actual battles. This can be seen from his previous battle with the mutated zombie.

But this is not enough…..Ling Mo walked out of the workroom, watched Ye Lian’s back with intricacy.

It has confirmed there exist mutated zombies like Ye Lian, and looking from Ye Lian’s amazing growth rate, they will soon encounter stronger beings than the mutated zombies. Especially in the dense urban zombie areas, there are probably a greater number of mutated zombies…. Looks like, I am not growing fast enough.

“ Let’s go.”

Not able to find any other things in the store, Ling Mo left with Ye Lian. Although to Ye Lian, she is completely under spiritual instruction from Ling Mo, but in Ling Mo’s eyes, she is still that pretty girl who likes to be spoiled, and he could not help but to talk to her.

But Ling Mo did not know, after they left, in the two-story building across the shop, a pair of thin white hands suddenly opened the heavy curtains, a pair of clear eyes watched Ling Mo and Ye Lian disappeared at the intersection through that thin gap between the curtains.

“Wang Rin, what’s wrong?”

A man’s voice came from the inside, asked in a puzzled tone.

The girl whom called Wang Rin immediately put down the curtain, she turned around to see the dusky room, a fine chiseled face without expression looked even more sick under insufficient light said: That mutated zombie was killed, the knife was also taken away, that best one.”

The man who spoke walked out from the shadow, asked surprisingly: “impossible! How did they do it?”

“Direct confrontation.” Wang Rin’s face look a bit complicated, “Considering that was originally a family relative, we planned to find the right method to kill him, I did not think that it was possible for someone to confront head-on with mutated zombies…..I noticed them since the beginning, a powerless girl, the other one looked a bit familiar, but cannot remember who, looked nothing special either….

“Amazing!” Too bad that we even thought up a lot of ways to face that zombie but they were still one step ahead.” The man exposed extremely shocked expression, but it was more on the depressed side.

Then suddenly out of dissatisfaction, Wang Rin gave a grunt: “The key is that knife! I had personally designed it, can’t believe he took it! If it wasn’t for that knife, I would not have specifically run back.”

“Give it up since it’s already been taken….”After being surprised for a moment, the man said with some frustration.

Wang Rin’s eyes suddenly flashed with a trace of anger: “No way! I spent over six months on it, why does it have to be taken by him! We should go together and chase after them right now!”

“Do not bother anymore…”

“You are so timid! Fine, don’t let me see him again, or else I won’t forgive him! He dared taking my thing, robber!”

“Yes, you are right…..” Man echoed with headache, then suddenly asked carefully, “the knife is gone, what should we do now? We can only go to your cousin’s house, right? To also check to see if some of their family members survived….

“I would love to see that they all died!” Wang Rin’s face flashed with a touch of disgust, muttered loudly with dissatisfaction.

But after a moment of silence, she nodded reluctantly: “Without options, that family also mastered grandfather’s technique, not bad in making knives, let’s go and take a look. If it wasn’t for that knives are the only tools I know how to use, I would be too lazy to go! On the other hand, the man earlier grew more and more familiar….”

“In this tiny place, we will always bump into them, it would not be rare to see them. Forget about it for now, let’s prepare early and then head over to your cousin’s place.”

Compared to Wang Rin’s unfriendliness, the man is exceptionally excited, and looking at man’s response, Wang Rin just gave a grunt: “I really hope that they are all dead! Especially that one, he dared to take my knife, I wish for you early demise and get send to after-life!”

And Ling Mo, who was heading towards a temporary safe house, suddenly felt a sense of numbness from the scalp, a wave of chill abruptly traveled from feet up.

He quickly turned around, and all he saw was a few zombies he just killed.

“What happened, was it imagination?”

Ling Mo suspiciously looked around, finally reluctantly shook his head, then turned around, looked at Ye Lian and hurried away.

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