My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 70


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 70 – A Malicious Weapon

Ling Mo didn’t stop Shana even after hearing the survivor’s stifled cries. Instead, he immediately opened his canteen and washed his eyes.

Although he could perceive his surroundings through Shana and Ye Lian’s vision, the situation within the pub at present was unknown. Regaining his own vision was a must.

As for the survivor, it was only right for them to suffer a little since they injured him.

The survivor was only freed from their suffering after Ling Mo had cleared out his eyes.

The survivor’s hair was soaked with sweat when Ling Mo laid eyes on him with his pair of bright red eyes. The survivor’s face, which could originally be considered handsome, was now distorted by the pain. His screams of pain might have attracted the entire street’s zombies if he hadn’t clenched his teeth.

“That’s enough Shana, let him go.” This sentence of Ling Mo’s made the survivor feel as if he’d been given amnesty. He raised his head and glanced at Shana, his eyes filled with fear and vigilance.

This girl looked as if she wasn’t even using her full strength, but she’d almost split his foot in half. Such monstrous strength wasn’t something any ordinary person could have.

The timing of her strike was precise and the strength she used was calculated. If she’d applied just a little more strength, his head and body would have likely been separated by now.

Upon hearing Ling Mo’s words. Shana coldly glanced at the survivor before she slowly withdrew her long saber from his neck.

The survivor’s body immediately tensed up and a trace of harshness flashed across his face. But before he had the chance to make a move, he saw a blur in front of his eyes and a fist smashed into his right eye. With a snort, the weapon in his hand was wrested away by Ling Mo.

Ling Mo couldn’t help but widened his eyes upon laying eyes on the weapon. He secretly thought that this person was truly ruthless…

More precisely, this wasn’t a weapon. It was just a sharpening steel that had been specially sharpened. Something of this quality was sufficient to defend oneself, but its tip wouldn’t be sharp. Using an indeterminate amount of time, this youth sharpened the tip of the sharpening steel into the shape of a sheet and covered it with the blood of zombies. With the vigorous vitality of the virus, against other survivors, all one needed to do was pierce their skin to infect them.

Clearly, such preparations were made for the sake of dealing with other survivors.

After giving the survivor another look, Ling Mo smashed him to the ground with his fist, while Ye Lian silently lifted her leg and stepped on his wrist. The pain he experienced was even more severe than before, causing him to curl up like a shrimp.

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Shana’s previous attack was done of her own accord, but this one was commanded by Ling Mo.

At first, this survivor’s attack could still be considered accidental, but he clearly had the intent of launching another attack after Shana released him. If Ling Mo’s reaction was a little slower, this virus soaked weapon would have scratched him, potentially threatening him.

Ling Mo wouldn’t be lenient when it came to others who harbored intentions of attacking him.

This survivor was actually very strong-willed. Although his body was bent in the shape of a bow from the pain, he refused to cry out.

From his figure, he should be a youth that was just past twenty. He wore a filthy men’s jacket and a pair of sports shoes. Who knows how long it’s been since he washed his head of short and messy hair.

But with his sharp chin and his pursed, chapped lips, Ling Mo immediately judged that he looked like a delicate and pretty gigolo.

“That’s enough.” Ling Mo squatted down after Shana released him and pressed the sharpening steel against the survivor’s neck.

This action of Ling Mo’s immediately stilled the survivor who was about to resist. He was very clear of the sharpening steel’s lethality.

“What do you plan on doing?” He cautiously asked as he looked at Ling Mo. It was clear from his tone that he was rather anxious, “I didn’t intentionally attack you.”

“But you were just about to.” Ling Mo coldly said.

A strange look flashed across his eyes as he said, “I only wanted to escape with my life.”

“Nonsense. You’re definitely living in this pub, yet you want to talk about escaping?” Ling Mo’s sneer was ceaseless. This person had some skill, but their lies were far too flimsy. No one would take the trouble to go to a pub for the sake of hunting zombies. And from Ling Mo’s perspective, aside from the two zombies that he’d sent into the pub today, this pub was unlikely to see even the hair on a zombie’s head. Based on that point, this was actually a pretty decent place to live in.

But just after his words fell, Ling Mo suddenly felt that something was a little fishy. He gave the survivor a deep look and abruptly asked, “You wanted to draw us out? Why? Are there other people inside?”

Speaking up to this point, Ling Mo raised his head and glanced at Ye Lian.

Ye Lian’s expression clearly signified that there were zombies around, but little did he expect to run into a survivor instead. However, Ye Lian’s instinctual reaction couldn’t be wrong, and this person’s actions were suspicious as well. Who knows, there might even be some unspeakable secret within this pub.

Could there be someone like him who had the ability to control zombies? No…if that were the case, they wouldn’t have sent a living person out here to risk their life. But regardless, there was something going on within this pub.

Sure enough, a look of panic flashed across the survivor’s face upon hearing what Ling Mo said. Although he did his best to mask it, coupled with the rays of dusk which made it even more difficult to discern any peculiarities, Ling Mo still had his shared vision with Shana and Ye Lian. And, as luck would have it, a zombie’s night vision was formidable.

“You look very nervous? If that’s the case I should be right.” Ling Mo insipidly said.

With the light of resistance burning within his eyes, the survivor clenched his teeth and said abruptly, “What do you want? Supplies? I’m not afraid of being honest with you, I’m poor. I don’t have any food.”

Ling Mo was stunned at first. He then disdainfully said, “I’m not here to steal your food, I only wanted to ask… Forget it. Looking at you, you probably wouldn’t say anyway. I’d be better off just looking on my own.”

Ling Mo stood up as he said that. This person would seize any opportunity to escape and immediately struggle, only to be stepped on by Ling Mo in response. After which, Ye Lian would drag him along with his hands behind his back.

This person wasn’t tall. He was slightly shorter when compared to Ye Lian. Although the other party was a girl, he didn’t have the slightest means of resisting with Ye Lian pressing down on him.

But when Ling Mo indifferently looked over, he could see the absolute panic in the survivor’s eyes, giving him confidence in his guess. There was definitely something strange going on!

They opened the doors to the private rooms as they advanced along the corridor, but weren’t able to reap any returns. Ling Mo even ran over to the washroom and searched it all over. Ever since they’d been ambushed by the advanced zombie, Ling Mo had this vague feeling that zombies as a race might be partial towards dark and narrow places.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything within the washroom either.

Back at the corridor, Ling Mo was somewhat depressed as he furrowed his brows. But at this moment he realized that the survivor’s expression seemed to have eased a little.

After giving him a few glances, a trace of a smile suddenly sprouted on Ling Mo’s face, “Your gaze followed me wherever I went, but I realized there was one place that you never looked at. Are you intentionally avoiding that area?”

The survivor immediately revealed a look of astonishment as he started to violently struggle at the same time. Unfortunately for him, he was like a sick cat in Ye Lian’s hands.

“You…how did you find out!” Realizing he wasn’t able to break free, his eyes turned somewhat frantic as he shouted out in a low voice.

Ling Mo was even more sure of himself upon seeing the other party’s intense reaction.

The other party was confident that with dusk falling, the changes in his expression wouldn’t be noticed by Ling Mo. And in truth, Ling Mo had always been walking in front, other than growing eyes at the back of his head, how could Ling Mo have noticed him?

He probably wouldn’t be able to figure it out even if he split his head, and Ling Mo had no intention of telling him either.

“Don’t go over! I only hurt you by accident! Isn’t an apology enough?” This person was obviously very flustered and babbled nonstop.

Ling Mo disdainfully snorted and said, “I’ve already said it before, I know you didn’t do it on purpose in the beginning, but you obviously tried to kill me after that. This…” As he said that, he flashed the sharpening steel and said, “You don’t seem to be all that friendly towards survivors either.”

He persisted in his attempts to justify himself, “This… this is just my weapon. If you feel that my apology was insufficient, then hit me again.”

Ling Mo smiled as he shook his head, no longer responding to him.

Indeed, it’d be difficult for a normal person to determine if the blood on the sharpening steel was that of a regular human’s or a zombie’s, but the spiritual powers that Ling Mo and zombies had were practically one and the same!

Although there weren’t any changes in his ability to detect the scent of blood, he had a special reaction when it came to the virus’ scent.

When Ling Mo smelled this piece of sharpening steel, apart from the thick stench of blood it exuded, it also faintly emitted a light fragrance. It was very light, but it still signified the presence of the virus. In addition, several layers of blood had to be applied for it to achieve such an effect.

Perhaps, this person might use never cleaning his weapon after killing a zombie as an…excuse, but only an idiot would believe that.

Normal people would stay far away from the blood of zombies due to their fear of it, viewing it as a poisonous snake or a ferocious beast. Even Ling Mo would dry off his blood-soaked short saber after a battle, aside from its fuller which he truly had no way cleaning.

Moreover, wasn’t his attempt at covering things up highlighting the problem itself? Employing vicious methods wasn’t wrong, it’d be difficult for a regular person to avoid using unscrupulous methods if they wanted to live on. But, Ling Mo had absolutely no goodwill towards this survivor who resorted to such malicious means, much less be moved by anything that he said.

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