My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 74


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 74 – You Obviously Want To Bite Me

“There probably aren’t…many psychics. From what I know, apart from myself, there’s only one other person. But, that person isn’t all that good, so it’s better if we do our best to stay away from them.”

Lin Luanqiu gave a profound smile, but didn’t speak any further on the matter of psychics.

There were only two psychics amongst 3000 survivors. This really was a small proportion. However, using the number of survivors in X City University as a yardstick would clearly lead to inaccuracies.

At this moment, Ling Mo had an even bigger quandary in his heart. He looked to Lin Luanqiu’s pair of eyes and finally voiced his question, “How’d you get your psychic ability?”

Lin Luanqiu was dumbfounded, but a strange light continuously flashed in the depth of her calm, black eyes. She remained reticent for a while before she said with some uncertainty, “I don’t know, I just felt like I naturally knew it. Was it the same for you as well?”

Ling Mo sighed and helplessly nodded his head.

“Maybe it has something to do with high tech stuff, or it’s an invasion by aliens?” Shi Bin suddenly interjected, “Just like in the movies where a microchip is inserted into your brain?”

Lin Luanqiu wordlessly lowered her head the moment he opened his mouth, while Ling Mo couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

He really was a rash person who didn’t know how to use his brain.

Just as Ling Mo had thought, psychics and mutated zombies both evolved from within their respective races, so how could this be explained by mentioning high tech aliens?

Even if he did assume that aliens existed, why would they want to install a chip in the brains of humans? To give a portion of the human race the ability to stand up to zombies and the chance to fight for their lives?

Ling Mo couldn’t care less about what other people thought, but he himself didn’t believe it at all Looking at Lin Luanqiu’s face that had “I don’t know him” written all over it, it was clear that she found his way of speaking comical.

“Forget it, there’s no point thinking about it. What we should be considering is how to properly use our abilities.” Ling Mo seemed indifferent as he spoke, which caused Lin Liuqiu to glance at him again.

As psychics, this should be an issue that concerned all of that greatly…but she had to admit that what Ling Mo said was true as well. There was no point in making wild guesses about issues they had no understanding of.

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The two spoke a few more words before Lin Luanqiu adopted an expression as if she was intentionally trying to get into Ling Mo’s good books. She proposed, “I’ll sleep outside, you guys can stay here.”

But Ling Mo laughed as he shook his head and said, “No need, I can sleep in the kitchen.”

What a joke, how could he spend the night in a completely enclosed area such as this one? Although Lin Luanqiu was intelligent, Shi Bin was rash. Putting aside his appearances, he couldn’t even bring himself to believe in what Lin Luanqiu said.

If they ever happened to lock him inside, all they’d need to do was start a fire and he’d be burned to death. Or, they could make use of the smoke and suffocate him if they were eyeing his possessions. In short, vigilance was a necessity.

Even when Ling Mo was looking for a place to spend the night, the most important factor to consider was the presence of an escape route. Some survivors might think that they’d be safer by locking themselves in, but Ling Mo felt that it was essential for him to ensure an escape route was available.

This habit of Ling Mo’s more or less came about because of his experience with the very first zombie he controlled. In the past, the spiritual link with his zombie puppet was frequently broken while he was sleeping, resulting in him escaping by the skin of his teeth. Just imagine, if he’d stayed in a completely enclosed area at the time, he’d have long been turned into a pile of waste.

Although this issue was easier to solve, since all he needed to do was leave Ye Lian and Shana outside, who knows whether they’d dispose of Lin Luanqiu and Shi Bin once he fell asleep? 1) If you’re having trouble understanding what’s going on, Ling Mo chose to stay in the kitchen instead of the warehouse that was completely closed off because he wanted to ensure an escape route was open to him.

Seeing as Ling Mo wasn’t grateful, Lin Luanqiu didn’t insist upon the matter. Instead, she said, “That’s fine too. Shi Bin will be taking care of me tomorrow and probably won’t be able to help you guys out. How about this, let him stand vigil outside the private room tonight. After all, zombies came by today, which means that this place isn’t all that safe anymore.

Her suggestion was made with the intention of allowing Shi Bin to make amends for his past actions, and Ling Mo had no reason to refuse, so he nodded his head.

But in his heart, he thought that this place was in fact very safe. Those two zombies only came here because they were under his control. However, keeping Shi Bin on guard for an entire night was an enjoyable matter too.

Time passed quickly and night came in the blink of an eye. During this time, Ling Mo had taken out some food. All sorts of food with varying degrees of abundance was laid out. To Lin Luanqiu and Shi Bin who’d become accustomed to eating expired bread, it was a veritable assault on their eyes.

Shi Bin ground his teeth as he looked at the bread, but Ling Mo paid him no mind. He only took a packet of biscuits and slipped it over Lin Luanqiu before saying, “Have some, that way you’ll have the strength to walk a little faster tomorrow.”

Shi Bin’s eyes widened in an instant, but Lin Luanqiu acted as if she was unaware of his gaze. She calmly took possession of the biscuits and asked once again, “Aren’t those two going to eat?”

“This place isn’t comfortable, we’ll go outside and grab some fresh air.” Shana, who hadn’t spoken the entire time had turned towards her and spoken in a slightly stiff manner before she grabbed Ye Lian and walked out with her.

Ling Mo looked on and felt moved. From the looks of it, Shana had grasped the ability to read the mood. She even knew how to use tactics such as this to escape.

Ling Mo used this as a chance to slip away and said. “I’ll go and check on them.” Although Ye Lian and Shana’s behavior was a little strange, both sides didn’t know each other for long. They wouldn’t be found out as long as they were a little careful.

“Look at his morals…” The instant Shi Bin saw Ling Mo step out the door, he couldn’t help but furiously curse at him in a low voice.

Lin Luanqiu slowly tore open the packaging. When she saw a trace of disappointment flash across Shi Bin’s eyes she said, “He’s already giving us a very good deal. Do you really think I’d have any say in the matter if he truly wanted to make things difficult for me? You can dislike him, but you have to remember that what he has is strength. Just like now, all you can do is quietly curse at him.”

“…” Lin Luanqiu’s words had resulted in Shi Bin’s face taking on a shade of both red and white as he finally gripped the bread in his hands. He was somewhat unresigned as he said, “Lin Luanqiu, why do I feel as if you’ve changed?”

“How have I changed?” Lin Luanqiu leaned backward, a look of exhaustion appearing on her face, “I’ve taught you all sorts of ways to fight over these past few days, but your improvement was still limited. Living up till now has been very difficult for me, and I don’t plan on dying just yet. On top of that, as a psychic, I can’t allow myself to die so easily. I still want to go back to my hometown and look for my father and mother… He has strength, and I plan to follow him for an opportunity to live. Are you telling me that that’s wrong? If you really do have my interests at heart, then don’t provoke him. We’ll be parting ways once we reach the school’s infirmary, so why do you have to be like this?”

Shi Bin gritted his teeth and said, “I’m just worried about him turning out to be like those other people!”

Lin Luanqiu expression turned increasingly disappointed as she looked at him and said, “I don’t plan on explaining myself anymore. All you need to do is believe in me.”

Their exchange naturally wasn’t heard by Ling Mo. At present, his head was filled with black lines as he stared at Shana and Ye Lian. 2)Think the black vertical lines you see on the heads of anime characters when unexpected happens and has negative implications. Click here for an image of it

These two zombie girls had run to the back of the kitchen and had developed a strong interest in the beverages on the stove. The one taking the lead was naturally Shana who had many memories. She grabbed a bottle of alcohol in one motion and stared at it. She looked as if she was trying to think of something as she said, “I remember…after drinking this…you’ll feel very comfortable.”

It turns out that Shana wasn’t a good girl in the past and actually had memories of drinking alcohol…

By the time Ling Mo appeared, Shana had already used brute strength to open a bottle of beer. She not only drank a few mouthfuls of it, she even urged Ye Lian to do the same.

Although Ling Mo didn’t know how the two zombie girls interacted amongst their own race, after thinking about Ye Lian’s newly developed consciousness, he realized basic communication amongst their own kind shouldn’t be all that difficult.

“Luckily, Ye Lian’s alcohol tolerance is pretty good, and Shana’s shouldn’t be all that bad either…” Thinking this, Ling Mo didn’t seize the bottle of beer from them. In his eyes, letting these two zombie girls experience some new things was a good thing. Even if they’d never be human again, giving them a better understanding of human society and allowing them to come in contact with some human customs wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

But what Ling Mo hadn’t expected was these two zombie girls getting drunk before they’d even finished that bottle of beer!

Although their faces were as pale as ever, their eyes glowed a faint red, similar to how Ling Mo currently looked. It was at a level where no one would discover their identities as zombies.

But the important thing was that their spiritual undulations had suddenly intensified, and the expression that had when they looked at Ling Mo was rather strange…

“It can’t be. Don’t tell me zombies can’t drink alcohol? That’s right…alcohol awakens their instincts…”

Ling Mo’s face darkened at the thought as he slowly stepped backward.

The one who first jumped towards Ling Mo was Ye Lian, but she revealed a look of struggle just after opening her mouth and stopped.

Shana, on the other hand, was different. She jumped right in front of Ling Mo and held onto Ling Mo’s arm.

It took a great amount of effort for Ling Mo to stop her advance with his spiritual tentacles. While doing so, he said to her, “Didn’t you say you that weren’t going to bite me…?”

Shana paused for a moment before she pounced at him and said, “I’m not going to bite you…I’m…just kissing you…”

Both her arms were wrapped around Ling Mo’s and her flushed red eyes were firmly fixed on Ling Mo’s lips as she slowly leaned over.

It might have been because of their spiritual connection, but Ling Mo’s spiritual tentacles didn’t have much of an effect against Shana. Shana, on the other hand, had become even more difficult to control after coming into contact with the alcohol.

Worst of all was that Ye Lian had jumped on him once again and was now grabbing onto his other arm.

“What kind of kiss is this? You’re obviously thinking of biting me…” Ling Mo was being forced back at every step and the three of them ended up rolling on the floor.

Although these two zombie girls had gone crazy under the effects of the alcohol, the spiritual connection they shared was still present and they wouldn’t harm him. But Ling Mo didn’t dare to get intimate with them at present. He refused to relax even though the two of them were coiled around him like octopuses,

At this moment, Shi Bin walked out of the warehouse, likely attracted by the noise.

Upon seeing this embarrassing scene, Shi Bin’s face warped in an exceptionally interesting manner. He stood blankly there for over a dozen seconds before he hurriedly turned back and shut the door to the warehouse. After which, he acted as if he hadn’t seen anything improper and quickly walked out the kitchen.

Only after shutting the door to the kitchen with a loud bang did Shi Bin indignantly spit on the floor and say, “It’s not even dark yet and they’re already doing such shameless things…”

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