My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 75


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 75 – I Saw Nothing

Fortunately, Shana and Ye Lian recovered from their intoxication just as quickly as they got drunk. But Ling Mo felt as if he was about to fall apart from exhaustion when they let themselves go. Staying alive sure wasn’t easy…

He took a deep breath as he rushed up to Shana and said, “The two of you aren’t allowed to go near alcohol in the future!.”

By this time, Shana’s slightly red eyes had already turned back to normal. It might have been due to her characteristics of a zombie, but her eyes seemed particularly bright even when as was bathed in the light of dusk.

Ye Lian was the same as well. Ye Lian’s physical evolution was further along than Shana’s, and she was the first to awaken as well. Without her, Ling Mo wouldn’t have been able to put up a fight in the current world.

Being forcefully kissed by a younger sister would definitely be an extremely joyful event, let alone being kissed by two of them at once.

But such an event wouldn’t be so delightful when these two sisters turn out to be zombies that didn’t know how to read the mood.

Ling Mo couldn’t help but once again think of the tragedy that had happened while they were bathing. He dragged Shana over in a fit of rage and embraced her. He gave her a fierce kiss and said, “This is for thinking of biting me just now!”

“Wu…” With her strength, Shana was absolutely capable of resisting. But unfortunately for her, Ling Mo was the one calling the shots.

She could sort of tell that Ling Mo truly was a little angry, so she was especially cooperative in her attempt to placate him.

“Eh? You picked up kissing so quickly.” A stream of sweet tasting liquid flowed down Ling Mo’s throat. Following that, a wave of heat immediately spread throughout his body and Ling Mo recovered a portion of his lost stamina from earlier.

Ling Mo glanced at Ye Lian after letting go of Shana. He let out a chuckle and dragged her into his embrace as well.

Although Ye Lian wasn’t like Shana who took the initiative to coordinate with him, she wasn’t capable of putting up any resistance either. While Ling Mo could use his control over her to force her to match him, he couldn’t bring himself to do such a thing to her.

After having his stamina thoroughly replenished by Ye Lian, Ling Mo wrapped his arms around both of the zombie girls as he contentedly lay on the ground. Using the lack of space as an excuse, one human and two zombies had no choice but to huddle tightly together, which to Ling Mo, was naturally a form of enjoyment.

Although this wasn’t the first time they’d huddled together and slept, Ling Mo still said in an exceedingly solemn manner, “I’m doing this to prevent the two of you from harming others in the middle of the night. After all, there are two other people here.”

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Shana appeared as if she didn’t quite understand as she glanced at Ling Mo. After which, she shifted her gaze to Ye Lian who was lying on the side before she slowly nodded her head.

“You’re very sensible.” Ling Mo praised. Soon after, he knitted his brows.

“As expected, staying with other survivors is a depressing matter. Otherwise, I could play around with the two of you…” After hearing Ling Mo heave a sigh, Shana looked as if her current position was slightly uncomfortable, so she shifted her body a little and asked, “What would we play?”


“What kind of games?”

“You’ll find out after playing.”

“Then can we play now?” Shana’s exceptionally bright pair of eyes flashed with a trace of anticipation. She even supplemented her request with another sentence, “Big sister Lian wants to play as well.”

Ling Mo was filled with sorrow as he replied, “We can’t, there are other people around… Alright, go to sleep, we still have to make our way to X City University tomorrow. Who knows, Ye Lian might even remember something once we enter the school.”

Although the chance of that happening was small, it had to be said that this slim hope still existed within the depths of Ling Mo’s heart.

After causing a din for a while. the three of them finally quietened down. Lin Luanqiu who was lying on top of the single bed couldn’t help but reveal a wry smile. She raised her hand and brushed her cheek before she sighed and said, “Thankfully, this person really had no intentions of doing anything improper.”

Time passed quickly. Shi Bin who’d been sitting in the private room throughout the night loudly knocked on the door to the kitchen and shouted, “Get up! It’s morning already!”

The reason why he hadn’t hastily open the door was that he was worried that once he did, he’d be greeted with an even more unspeakable scene than the one he’d seen the night before.

But to his surprise, the door creaked open shortly after he called out as Ye Lian’s cold and detached face appeared from behind the door,

Ye Lian’s face was exquisite; of particular note was her fair skin and somewhat fluffy hair. Those who laid eyes on her found themselves virtually unable to tear their gaze away from her. But Shi Bin couldn’t help but tremble at the sight of her as the corner of his eyes immediately started to twitch.

Ye Lian caused him no end of hardships. When he was caught, she didn’t loosen her grip on him even after holding both of his hands behind his back. She gripped him so tightly that he felt like his arms were about to break off.

After some rest, the various injuries on his body didn’t pose much of a hindrance anymore, but the trauma inflicted by the incident wouldn’t go away anytime soon.

Upon seeing Ye Lian wordlessly stare at him, Shi Bin couldn’t help but avert his gaze and say, ” It’s morning, we should leave. At the same time, let Lin Luanqiu know as well…please.”

Ye Lian coldly looked him in the eye before she shut the door with a bang.

A trace of frustration flashed past Shi Bin’s face, but as Ye Luanqiu had said: his anger would only beget anger. He didn’t dare to flare up in front of Ling Mo’s group, so he could only seethe in silence.

In truth, Ling Mo wasn’t intentionally giving him the cold shoulder. He was actually in the midst of a very important matter: helping Shana undress.

He’d long since cultivated the habit of waking up at the crack of dawn. In fact, he didn’t need Shi Bin’s reminder at all, but it just so happened that he’d come running and knocked on the door when Ling Mo was helping Ye Lian wear her clothes.

“These hole-ridden clothes are really hard to take off!”

Shana’s movement had been too abrupt. She didn’t notice that part of her clothes had been caught under Ling Mo’s arm when she moved, resulting in a sharp tearing sound and a gaping hole being revealed.

Luckily, there were two spare sets of clothes within Ling Mo’s bag. He took off Shana’s damaged clothes after helping Ye Lian put on her jacket.

Shana felt that Ling Mo’s furrowed brows were a very fresh and interesting sight, so she refused to budge just to make things more difficult for him. But before he had the chance to finish, a soft creak was be heard followed by a cough.

Lin Luanqiu stood at the warehouse’s entrance with a flushed look on her face. She seemed a little better and was currently looking at Ling Mo and a half-dressed Shana with an astonished expression on her face…

“What’s going on…”

Ling Mo hurriedly dug out some clothes and threw them on Shana before he helped her wear her jacket once again. Only after doing all that did he put on a slightly awkward look on his face and say, “Don’t mind that, hahaha…”

As he awkwardly laughed, Ling Mo thought in his heart, ‘Wouldn’t most people just quietly avoid a situation like this when they run into it? Just like what Shi Bin did last night. While that brat might be annoying, but at least he had the good sense to know not to watch!’

Lin Luanqiu was obviously a clever girl, but her eyes were firmly locked onto Ling Mo and Shana, which flustered Ling Mo… She was definitely doing it on purpose!

Lin Luanqiu gave a faint smile and said, “You treat your girlfriend very well. You even help her wear her clothes.” If it weren’t for that trace of blush that remained on her face, others who saw her would probably think that she hadn’t seen anything.

Ling Mo laughed, he fished out a bottle of milk from his bag and tossed it at Lin Luanqiu, “It hasn’t gone bad, use it to replenish your strength.”

Lin Luanqiu clearly wasn’t able to catch the bottle of milk in the state that she was in, but her bullet time ability proved it’s worth. As it fell to the ground, Lin Luanqiu unhurriedly stretched out her hand and managed to grab it. Surprisingly, this combination of fast and slow made others feel as if everything flowed well together.

As expected, bullet time was an awesome ability… But an ability such as this definitely had room for improvement. Just like what he did for his own puppeteer ability, she’d have to slowly unearth her ability’s potential by finding new ways of using it if she truly wanted to get stronger.

“Thank you.” Lin Luanqiu said gratefully.

Her body was weak. On one hand, she was suffering from an illness, and on the other, she was stricken with malnutrition. Although Shi Bin had given her the choice picks amongst the food that they had available, how much nutrition could they offer?

At the very least, she seemed more lively after eating an entire packet of biscuits. This clearly meant that not only was she undernourished, she didn’t even get to eat her fill!

Thinking up to this point, Ling Mo couldn’t help but sympathize a little with Lin Luanqiu. She was a psychic, but she had to live a life of oppression…

Her current attitude should more or less the same as a vast majority of the survivors. To normal people, the end of the world was far too cruel. Even Ling Mo had no choice but to tread with caution to minimize any mishaps. He might even end up in another situation like the time in New Era Shopping Mall where he was almost done in by an advanced zombie. Such dangers lurked around every corner.

“Are we entering the school by the back door today?” Ling Mo fished out some food from his backpack and ate as he asked.

Lin Luanqiu shook her head and said, “We can’t do that, the back entrance is filled with zombies. It’d be best if we used the route Shi Bin and I took when we escaped by climbing over the wall.”

“Alright then. You’re the one who’s familiar with the place, I’ll listen to your advice.” Ling Mo nodded his head and continued, “I’ll tell you my objective: I plan to go to an area with the highest concentration of zombies.”

Lin Luanqiu was caught a little off guard when she heard Ling Mo’s unexpected request. However, she didn’t enquire any further. She just nodded her head after a moment of hesitation and said, “Okay. In any case, the school’s infirmary is close to that area as well.”

Seeing how forthright Lin Luanqiu was, Ling Mo asked, “So which do you think is the place with the most number of zombies?”

Lin Luanqiu laughed and said, “It’s without a doubt the dormitory. That place definitely has the most number of zombies. Relax, I won’t go back on my word. After all, I’ll be in front of you and I don’t have the strength to put up a resistance.

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