My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 76


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 76 – The Correct Method Of Using An Ability (2)

In truth, Ling Mo wasn’t in the mood to give pointers to others, but he genuinely felt that Lin Luanqiu was quite capable.

He understood her desire to live on. She had her psychic ability, excellent mental preparation and she displayed fantastic judgment in various situations, but she still ended up in such a state. However, in spite of the severity of her illness, she still refused to give up.

After hearing what Ling Mo said, a look of astonishment flashed past Lin Luanqiu’s eyes and she began to contemplate on what he’d said

There weren’t many zombies blocking the way, but with the number of corpses being strewn all over the ground, it was only a matter of time before more of them came over.

After walking along the red light district’s for a significant distance, Lin Luanqiu said, “This is the place.”

Ling Mo immediately stopped in his tracks and looked at the segment of the wall that Lin Luanqiu had pointed at. Brownish bloodstains were stuck on the white coloured walls, giving it an especially jarring appearance.

“Someone’s arm was torn off by a zombie here, leaving this bloodstain. But that student died not long after, the skeletal remains that we saw just now were likely his.” A look of sadness flashed across Lin Luanqiu face as she spoke in a low voice.

Shi Bin had also let out a helpless sigh. It looks like revisiting their old haunt had greatly affected their state of mind.

The campus walls of X City University weren’t all that high, and windows of the buildings within had all been shattered. Only, Ling Mo wasn’t sure if it was Ling Luanqiu’s group that had done it. He took a few steps back before he abruptly broke into a sprint and jumped. Both his hands found purchase on the wall’s ledge and he pulled himself up.

Once he did, he crouched down on the wall and surveyed the area for a bit. He noticed a small forest behind the enclosure that didn’t seem to have any zombies around it for the time being. After jumping down, Ling Mo controlled Ye Lian once again and made her traverse the wall. Her movements were even more nimble than Ling Mo’s. Without the aid of a running start, she jumped up to the wall and, with a press of her hand against the wall, she flipped over it and landed beside Ling Mo. This dazzling display of skill left Lin Luanqiu and Shi Bin gaping in awe. In their hearts, they felt that one really couldn’t judge a book by its cover. Although this girl looked weak and delicate, she was unexpectedly vigorous.

However Shana, on the other hand, didn’t immediately jump over the wall. Instead, she turned to look at Lin Luanqiu and Shi Bin.

Lin Luanqiu let out a cough. With her frail body, it was reasonable to say that getting over the wall would likely be difficult for her. But, having learned from Ling Mo, she gave herself a running start and actually managed to jump up and latched onto the wall’s edge with some effort. Following that, she slowly crossed over to the other side.

When she landed, one of her legs started wobbling from the exertion and she fell headfirst towards Ling Mo.

Ling Mo didn’t have the time to think things through, so he caught her in one motion. When he did that, a faint fragrance leapt into his nostrils and he couldn’t help but to freeze up. Who would’ve thought that she’d smell so nice even after being locked up in that warehouse for all this time.

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But, he didn’t persist in entertaining such thoughts. He hurriedly helped helped Lin Luanqiu up and he, “Are you alright?”

During this time, the entire act was seen by Shi Bin who was following close behind her.

In that moment, Shi Bin&
rsquo;s expression underwent a huge change. He hurriedly pulled Lin Luanqiuo back towards him and shot Ling Mo a glare as he said, “What are you doing!”

Ling Mo gave him a supercilious look and chose not to bother with him. Lin Luanqiu looked slightly apologetic as she rushed up to Ling Mo and smiled, “Thank you.” After which, she faced Shi Bin and said in a low voice, “Stop looking for trouble. Ling Mo was only helping me up, otherwise I would have fallen.”

Lin Luanqiu’s face became a few shades paler after traversing the wall and her breathing sounded a little haggard. Shi Bin eyed Ling Mo suspiciously and unhappily shut his mouth.

With Shana’s talent, she was naturally able to easily negotiate the wall and silently landed on the ground. Although she wasn’t as nimble as Ye Lian who had gone through more physical education, she way of crossing the wall was much nicer than Ling Mo’s.

In fact, Ling Mo himself had realized it during this period of time. No matter how much his physical body improved, the most that he could achieve was only strength that surpassed a normal human being. Obtaining sufficient strength to resist an advanced zombie was likely going to be very difficult. His strength lay in his spiritual power. With Shana and Ye Lian’s valiant capabilities in close combat complimenting him, Ling Mo was free to utilize his zombie puppeteer ability to do battle without fear of being drawn into close combat.

This was likely the true method of using his puppeteer ability: using zombie puppets to make up for his own weakness in close combat while at the same time putting his formidable spiritual strength on full display.

But, he wasn’t necessarily walking the wrong path when he improved his physical body. After all, he did lack physical strength. He’d suffer losses if he were to solely rely on his spiritual strength, not to mention the fact that he needed the ability to protect himself as well.

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