My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 8


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 8 – Change

The temporary safe house chose by Ling Mo is a small family hotel, the rooms are clean, scent of blood is not too strong, and the location is good most importantly. He deliberately found bottles of disinfection and poured them before the door, so that almost no zombies would notice this place.

However, this method could only work in places with smaller number of zombies, if it were in the dense city areas with full of zombies, they will be attracted instead….

After eating something, and carefully checked over windows and doors, Ling Mo finally sat in front of Ye Lian, and took out that piece of gel.

Don’t know if it was exposed in the air far too long, originally that light pungent smell became even denser, the moment he took it out, it stimulated Ye Lian’s eyes to turn red. If Ling Mo and Ye Lian did not already have a strong spiritual connection, she probably would want to resist.

But this smell is a torture for Ling Mo; he did not immediately stuff it into Ye Lian’s mouth is because he felt that the color of this gel is simply too bizarre, it looked like real blood clots, and appeared to be very fresh. Never thought that virus can be preserved….

At this time, Ye Lian now has a strong instinctive desire, Ling Mo no longer continue to stimulate her, but handed the gel to her mouth.

Ye Lian’s lip was cold, when she opened her mouth to swallow the gel, that warm tongue gently swept Ling Mo’s finger, and it made his heart suddenly jump. Watching Ye Lian whose eyes gradually calmed down, Ling Mo even had the urge to kiss her directly….

But just when Ling Mo slowly lifted up her face, emotionless Ye Lian suddenly closed her eyes, her brow slightly wrinkled up even more.

This startled Ling Mo; this is his first time seeing this kind of face expression on Ye Lian’s face. Although Ye Lian firmly closed her eyes, but because her body exudes a dangerous atmosphere, it allowed Ling Mo to feel a decrease in temperature in his surroundings.

At the same time, an alternating hot and cold feeling swept Ling Mo’s body, he was covered in trembling, then felt a wave of painful sensation across every pore in the body, his head also felt like it’s going to burst.


Could not help but to let out a snort of pain, Ling Mo immediately curled down, and Ye Lian who was let go also fell down, paralyzed in bed.

Indescribable pain, conveyed through Ling Mo’s each cell, he felt his body is being torn apart little by little, and recombined together slowly. He was only affected by spiritual connection, and able to make himself extremely painful, not to mention Ye Lian who bear the pain directly.

Ling Mo kneeled on the bed with blood shot eyes, the body involuntarily trembled, but his eyes were fixated on Ye Lian.

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If Ye Lian could tolerate it, how could a big man like Ling Mo not take it….

After a full half an hour, the pain finally eased down slowly, but Ling Mo felt it was three days and three nights.

Fortunately, there came a sense of freshness, which greatly ease the pain caused by complications. He could feel the subtle changes he accumulated has received a throes of sublimation through the extreme pain, as if the whole person went through rebirth. With strength hidden inside his muscle, as well as unprecedented clear mind, it made Ling Mo very excited.

Like mutated zombies, he also received some form of evolution…..even though it’s not showing from appearance, but Ling Mo felt it completely. Maybe it is his illusion, Ling Mo felt, because he was able to endure the pain with a clear mind, he received a much higher spiritual evolution than the body.

Whether there was truly an enhancement to himself, Ling Mo could only find out in his battle.

And Ye Lian stayed unawaken for the whole night, while in a coma, she always frowned slightly, from time to time shake a little. Ling Mo stood by her side, his heart filled with both pity and expectation. How much will Ye Lian grow after absorbing the gel from mutated zombie….

“Oh my, I actually fell asleep accidentally…”

The extreme fatigue on the body allowed Ling Mo to fall asleep after a night of guarding. But the special skills and instinct he developed during the disaster outbreak let Ling Mo woke up after a few minutes.

This type of special sleeping skill is probably obtained by all survivors during the disaster outbreak. An almost instinctive sense of strong wariness, it is even maintained during his sleep, and a few minutes of deep sleep is enough to ease frayed nerves.

But Ling Mo, as a controller of zombie puppets, due to his needs to maintain spiritual connection with the puppet, rarely falls into deep sleep state. This is the first time……

After he nervously opened his eyes, he found something horrible happened: Ye Lian disappeared!

Did Ye Lian went out of his control in that few minutes?! But after calming down, Ling Mo suddenly find things were not so. After evolution, Ling Mo acquired stronger spiritual abilities; from deliberately control to arbitrary control, the improvement was really significant.

At that time, although Ye Lian was not before his eyes, but Ling Mo could clearly feel that he was still connected with her spiritually.

Ever since controlled by him, in addition to battles and going out, Ye Lian almost never act on her own, why suddenly today…..

Thought about that, the puzzled Ling Mo quickly converted field of view to Ye Lian’s angle…..

Fortunately, Ye Lian is still inside the hotel, but her action is a little strange. If it was during normal days, besides attacking and eating, Ye Lian would never make much self-awareness movements, but now she was wandering around in the hotel.

And from time to time, she would stop at some places and quietly blank out for a while.

What is going on? Ling Mo quickly ran out the door, and soon found Ye Lian in the hallway downstairs.

Seeing Ye Lian at first sight, Ling Mo almost exclaimed aloud. The morning sun shone through the windows while Ye Lian, who was standing under the sunlight, turned and looked at him, her face had a trace of vacant look. But it was that little bit of emotion expression that made Ling Mo shaking all over, excited.

“Ye Lian!” Ling Mo quickly rushed before Ye Lian, hands grabbed her shoulder, cried thrillingly.

Did not expect so soon for her to regain her consciousness…..

No, something was not right…..After shaking Ye Lian a few times, Ling Mo suddenly felt a bucket of cold water pouring own his head (TL: it’s an idiom that means the he got his hopes up but it was soon shattered). Within Ye Lian’s eyes, he only saw occasional flash of lost, and the usual emotional indifference.

Perhaps the viral evolution let loose a little bit of Ye Lian’s detained sanity, but it was still far from reaching the level of recovery. It was also possible that the viral evolution enabled the creation of new senses in the current blank minded Ye Lian….

“Ye Lian?” Agitated, after shouting a few more times, Ling Mo finally accepted the fact that Ye Lian did not regain full recovery.

But at least Ye Lian was showing a trace of emotional expression, and started to act on her own. Whether this is a precursor to her recovery, or a new viral evolution, this all means that it’s still possible to achieve Ling Mo’s expectation.

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