My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 82


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 82 – Feeding

Shi Bin and Xu Cai only had a brief talk, Ling Mo was watching them. It stands to reason that they are both acquaintances, using their given names casually, but vaguely, Ling Mo had an uncomfortable feeling. In particular, just that Xu Cai’s expression, it seems very warm, but made Ling Mo feel very irritable.

Like the other students in the dojo, their eyes have the color of undisguised greed, and by contrast, Xu Cai seems to be … a little too calm!

Yes, it is too calm! Look at their appearances, they should’ve been stranded here for a long timeFrom the beginning they think that Ling Mo and his party are the refugeestherefore Teacher Luo acted indifferent, but Ling Mo felt this behavior is no longer normal. 

Back when Shi Bin said they came from the Red Light District, the students began to stir, even Teacher Luo had a light shine in his eyes.

But rather Xu Cai, still maintained a very calm look, with a feeling of contrived enthusiasm ……

“There is a small warehouse, although the location is not very good, but it’ll barely make do. Well, let’s rest here”

Just then Lin Luanqiu suddenly raised her hand to point to the corridor at the corner of a room, to discuss her tone of voice said. Ling Mo nodded, and went to open the door. This warehouse conditions really much worse than the taekwondo dojo, with only one window. However, the rooftop is attached to the outside, and can be retreated to if something happens.

On both sides of the warehouse were wooden racks, piled with a number of small equipment, Ling Mo picked up a ping pong ball, and threw it. At the end of the world, who has the mind to engage in sports, these equipment can only stay rusty and moldy. Survival is the most intense and exciting sport for survivors.

Shanna had shown great interest in the equipment, and she looked at everything carefully, natural Lin Luanqiu felt a little weird. The way here, Shanna and Ye Lian’s behavior, also faintly produced a glimmer of suspicion.

Although there is no difference between their appearances and ordinary people, their performance in battle is astounding, their movement is neat, the way of killing is very bloody and violent, and in such a tiring situation, even can maintain a constant color, is this something ordinary girls can achieve? Still, Lin Luanqiu doesn’t have the least bit of suspicion.

Not ordinary people? It’s can’t be a zombie, can it? She heard Shanna speak with her own ears …

Ling Mo did not know Lin Luanqiu had some suspicion of Shana and Ye Lian identity, he is secretly feeding Ye Lian …

In the guise of wiping the blood off of Ye Lian’s hands, Ling Mo divided the piece of gel she had just got in half and put it in Ye Lian’s mouth. Even if he did not deliberately manipulate her, when the gel was place on Ye Lian’s mouth, she immediately listened and separate her lips.

As the gel slipped down her throat, the bloody glow in the eyes of Ye Lian suddenly brightened, and then slowly restored to normal human appearance.

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This scene is not seen by Lin Luanqiu, because Ling Mo deliberately blocked Ye Lian. Following up, he fed the other half to Shana. But remembered Shanna can be more difficult than the Ye Lian, while she ate the gel, she spontaneously sucked Ling Mo’s finger and kept her warm tongue slipping over his fingers while giving a burst of sucking noises.

“Hey … don’t bite me!”

Ling Mo, quickly whispered. Shana glanced slightly at Ling Mo, and then reluctantly opened her mouth so Ling mo could draw out his fingers. Ling Mo took the opportunity to pinch Shana’s cheek, and said:

“I give you something to eat, and you actually think of biting me!”

“I said I wouldn’t bite.”

Shana was silent for a moment, then said it, but her eyes that just flashed red had betrayed her. I suppose she’s just hungry, Ling Mo thought. On the way he also had the opportunity to give Shana and Ye Lian the viral gel, but once a zombie moves, it means high physical exertion, this gel doesn’t seem to be enough for them.

Fortunately, the two of them have evolved at a higher level, these common viral gels do not make them appear strange at all, Ling Mo thought, although these virus gels are a bit low for them, it can add up, and also will slowly promote their evolution.

Ling Mo actually wanted to take in some of their fluids here to supplement his physical strength, but can see Shana and Ye Lian both have a tired look, so Ling Mo had to give up this plan. The liquid in their body could supplement his own physical strength, it may also supplement theirs. Man, I guess you’re tired right……

After Ling Mo fed Shanna,  Ye Lian also came to his side, due to the close mental connection between the two, her instinctive reaction under fatigue, is to rest around Ling Mo.

The sucking sound is of course hidden from Lin Luanqiu, She looked him in the eyes, her face hot at the same time, could not help but feel a little interesting. Especially in the case of unknown truth, the dialogue between Shanna and Ling Mo sounds like a small couple bickering and joking.

It is not easy to keep such a good mentality in the end, especially since they have also experienced so many fierce battles, this can no longer simply be described as excellent psychological quality. Could it be that it’s just thick skin?

Think of here, Lin Luanqiu suddenly feel suspicious of her own suspicions, although Shana amazing performance in the battle, in this moment she seems to be nothing more than a spoiled little girl. And Ling Mo rubbing Ye Lian’s hand, also makes it seem like she is actually a girl who just not very good at taking care of herself.

“Is it possible that I’m jealous in my heart?”

Lin Luanqiu can not help but be surprised, then looked dim. Before she was ill and injured, she was also the most powerful person in the volunteer rescue squad, who had the advantage of her power to make up for her weakness as a girl with insufficient strength.

However, when the accident occurred, she almost became a useless person … In today’s battle, Lin Luanqiu felt that, even if she is still intact, but also inferior to the two girls. Is it because of this, so I feel jealous? This is not a good sign, jealousy is a knife, ah … …

Lin Luanqiu indulges in flights of fancy at the same time, Shi Bin also breathlessly entered the door, he had just been strong in front of Xu Cai and others, but in fact he got tired quickly already tried to get on the ground, at this moment barely able to support himself into the warehouse, just closed the door couldn’t wait to sit down like a dead dog, gasping constantly for air.

“Shi bin, what did you just say to Xu Cai?”

Lin Luanqiu gave Ling Mo a glance, and saw he did not care about Shi Bin’s opinion, he took the initiative to ask about Shi Bin’s reason. Shi Bin frowned somewhat, and thought, What do you mean? Am I a prisoner on trial ah! Ling Mo is treating me with a poor attitude, and surprisingly Lin Luanqiu  treats me the same, hello before I totally devoted myself to you.

In order to live … …Well, can you not live without Ling Mo? He even had a vicious word in his head: Slut!

One day of fatigue, continuing to experience the crisis of life and death, so Shi Bin’s heart was full of irritability. Especially just a moment ago, Lin Luanqiu made him deal with Xu Cai and it even made him lose face.

Although at the time he was afraid of him, he feared angering Ling Mo, but at this point it’s over, and he felt a great anger and a strong sense of humiliation! Thinking so, Shi Bin’s eyes became a little cold.

“Nothing, he asked me some personal business. Why, do you have to control this?”

He said, the eyes consciously and unintentionally swept to the Ling Mo, seeing Ling Mo Shanna and Ye Lian sitting together, and even comfortably putting his head on the long legs of Ye Lian, and couldn’t help revealing a hint of complicated expression. Why does he have a power and I dont? It’s not fair!
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