My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 83


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 83 – Once You Start, There’s No Turning Back

Lin Luanqiu saw that Shi Bin’s attitude was somewhat strange, but she still lowered her voice and said,

“After all, I am in a weak condition …”

“Will you stop?” I could have never come with! If you hadn’t let me … ”

Shi Bin said here, some can’t go by themselves. If Lin Luanqiu did not bring him, that basically amounts to sentencing him to death. He would be trapped in the red light district, and without Lin Luanqiu he wouldn’t have the resources to survive. Regardless of sharpening sticks, or his small fighting skills, these where taught to him by Lin Luanqiu.

“Sorry, I’m tired.”

Shi Bin evasively looked at Lin Luanqiu’s eyes, leaning against the wall closed his eyes.

Lin Luanqiu secretly sighed, also leaned back, and no longer spoke. She vaguely felt that, if Shi Bin continued like this, it may not have a good ending. But she couldn’t influence Ling Mo’s way of thinking, but also could not persuade Shi Bin …

Although she did not fight much along the way, the continuously walking made Lin Luanqiu very tired.

Seeing Ling Mo Close his eyes, Lin Luanqiu quietly grabbed her left arm, and then pressed down a little harder. A trace of pain immediately surfaced on her face, and she tried to move it, but nothing happened. Looking down slowly released her grip, and slowly tightened fingers again, a fine layer of sweat formed on the tip of her nose, and her eyes flashed with a sad look,

“If we hadn’t met Ling Mo in time, I’m afraid  I would have lasted a week at most, and would die.”

As Shi Bin said, due to being tired, although it was not late, Ling Mo after thinking, Decided to stay here for one night. Although he did not have a very good feeling about Xu Cai, he did not think much about it.


How could he know, that those seemingly pitiful students where torturing their own companions.

“Dead? Dead!”

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One of the boys still shaking his body, suddenly felt the body of the girl stop moving.  His enthusiasm and impulse were immediately extinguished, he probed with his finger, his face suddenly became pale, but also he became soft at once.

But just when he called out, Xu Cai mercilessly kicked with his foot,

“You called for what! Not afraid to arouse suspicion, eh? All of you! Now you’ve had a good time, and also killed people, one you start there’s no turning back understand? ”

Xu Cai’s hungry wolf like gaze swept past, this group had a panicked or complex look, but Xu Cai only felt very satisfied. This group of people have never been a good thing, every time Xu Cai went out looking for food, they where bound to pick out a “victim”. Each time these people push those who are weaker or have a weaker personality to their death. Women who are not capable of protecting themselves are naturally the first to be sacrificed.

There were originally seven or eight other girls, all of whom were sent out as bait. Now these three girls, in fact, sooner or later would not have come to a good end. It’s just that the group never thought to vent on them, because in their opinion, the best use for the girls was to be used as bait.

At times, desire only need a fuse to be detonated, they indirectly killed many people,  but it’s the first time they’ve killed with their own hand.

“These two are not dead yet …”

One of them heard Xu Cai’s words and couldn’t help but open his mouth. Xu Cai looked at the two girls unable to move on the ground, his eyes revealed a trace of fierce look,

“Then kill them!”

killing one is murder, killing two is also murder … …


The sky soon darkened, and in the warehouse except for deep breathing, no sound could be heard.

Ling Mo was lying underneath the window, his head resting on Ye Lian’s legs, and his other hand held tightly in Shanna’s hand. He obviously slept soundly.

The two female mutant zombies leaned together, eyes closed, though their breathing is faint, it can be seen from the slight ups and downs of their chests, that they are also in a state of deep sleep.

Sitting beside Ye Lian, is Lin Luanqiu. She had been resting some two meters from where they had been, but with the breeze blowing constantly in from the window, being cold she unconsciously went over to the nearby heat source.

Lin Luanqiu almost out of instinct attached herself to Ling Mo, She tilted her head slightly, leaning on the shoulders of Ye Lian, her legs were nearly seamlessly attached to Ling Mo’s body.

Shi Bin coldly watched this scene, when he saw Lin Luanqiu and Ling Mo almost affixed together, suddenly a hint of cold flashed in his eyes. He grasped the sharpening stick on one side, his eyes full of jealousy and resentment staring down at Ling Mo’s throat.

Are you sure you can kill Ling Mo? Even if he didn’t kill him, he could infect him and turn him into a zombie, a monster that eats people … 
Shi Bin feel his heartbeat suddenly became very intense, all his blood seemed to boil, and his mouth felt dry. He can’t move his hands?


A few dozen seconds later, Shi Bin came to. Even if he can kill Ling Mo, When  Shanna and Ye Lian woke up, they would definitely kill him!

Moreover, if they were unable to reach the school infirmary, Lin Luanqiu will die! Shi Bin’s expression suddenly became complicated, he really felt this Ling Mo person was very annoying, but for him to risk their lives to attack Ling Mo, it didn’t seem worth it.

And looking at Lin Luanqiu’s sleeping face, he cannot help but become softhearted. Although Lin Luanqiu is doing this in order to survive, the thing made him feel a little resentful , but after all Lin Luanqiu had done a lot for him, and for this girl, he is holding special feelings …

Just go to the school infirmary, and part ways, then it will restore Lin Luanqiu to her previous attitude.

“Count yourself lucky!”

Shi Bin eventually put the sharpening stick down, said  fiercely in his heart. He waited quietly for a few minutes, and after confirming that these people were indeed asleep, he quietly stood up, opened the door in a very gentle motion, and left.

What he does not know, however, is that at the moment he closes the door, Ling Mo, who seemed to be asleep, suddenly opened his eyes …

Shi Bin came out of the warehouse, at first his movement is stiff, then he turned his eyes to the dark corridor.

“Xu Cai, told me to go to the stairwell, is there anything else he said to me ……”

In fact, it was nearly two hours after the time to meet Xu Cai. Shi Bin was going to the stairs to see each other, but he still felt some hesitation. But at this time seeing everybody asleep, and haunted by curiosity, he decided to go and see.

Shi Bin with doubts in his heart, carefully moved towards the stairs. He saw Xu Cai, just before he reached the stairs. Xu Cai originally had a very impatient look, but when he saw Shi Bin, Immediately showed a very excited look. He took two steps, grabbed Shi Bin’s arm, and lowered his voice said:

“Brother, I know you wouldn’t stand me up, come here with me.”

Then he dragged Shi Bin to the third floor and finally stopped at the corner of the stairs from the second floor to the third floor. Shi Bin, somewhat impatiently, shook off Xu Cai’s hand and asked.

“What are you calling me for?” I really don’t have the food. ”

“I know.”

Xu Cai only smiled, asked slyly,

“Brother, you know I am the most loyal person. We used to have a good relationship, right? Now that we’ve been through such a catastrophe, we’re still alive to meet, that’s only the fate brothers! I’m not afraid to offend you, I feel today … Brother, you don’t seem to be having an easy time. ”

Xu Cai was trying to sway him, Shi Bin was somewhat doubtful, but what was a poke in his weak spot was that last sentence. His face suddenly changed, and then reluctantly sighed,

“Since you see it, I do not deny it. Yes, I’m not good. In fact, the last two days where better than now. ”

“Oh, there’s nothing unpleasant to say between us brothers. Isn’t it what Ling Mo did to you? Although I am also in distress, but as brothers I cannot ignore this!”

Xu Cai slapped his chest to prove his word.

Shi Bin looked suspiciously at Xu Cai, although he had some doubts about the authenticity of Xu Cai’s remark, with Xu Cai’s sincere eyes and tone, he let his heart waver.

Whether he is lying, if he is willing to go find Ling Mo trouble, isn’t that what I want?

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