My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 84


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 84 – The Betrayer’s Death

Thinking of this, Shi Bin nodded his head, but he did not want to reveal his own crimes, so he just vaguely said: “That boy is too cruel of a person … …”

“Fuck! He actually dared to start something with my brother!” Xu Cai exaggeratedly slapped his thigh, then indignantly said, “Don’t worry, I will help you get justice! However,” he suddenly changed tone, whispering, “Shi Bin, you tell your brother the truth; have you really come back from the Red Light Street?”

“Why, do you think I boasted? We did come from the red light district, and you saw that there was an invalid among us. There was no big hospital near here, so we planned to go to the school infirmary to look for drugs.”

As to what Ling Mo’s trio came to X City University to do, Shi Bin was not clear, so he did not say anything.

Listening to Shi Bin speak, Xu Cai’s eyes suddenly became complicated. Although he told the group of students to not believe it, in fact he was still dubious. At this time, hearing Shi Bin affirm this statement, he also felt some concern.

But soon he would get the worry off his back; after all, there was so much cannon fodder!

“So, how many of them should be strong? Shi Bin, your brother wants to help you vent your anger, but you have to tell me about their situation before I do anything.”

Shi Bin suddenly hesitated with a thinking face. Xu Cai sighed and said: “Brother, how did you become such a timid person? Why, when I’ll help you succeed, are you still afraid of him this way?

“I’m afraid of him?” with Xu Cai poking his sore spot, Shi Bin immediately said furiously, “How could I not fear him! I just think that you can’t beat him! Let alone him, the two around him, the girls you can’t beat either. They kill zombies like chopping a watermelon!

“Impossible! I took the Sanda(Chinese Kickboxing) awards in the city! What martial school is he? More powerful than a professional athlete like me?” Xu Cai laughed. This narrow-minded Shi Bin, too easily excited, although the group with him is nothing but a drop of blood in the sea.

However, with Shi Bin’s words made Xu Cai wonder, was using those cannon fodder to take out the group really the right choice? If one can cut a zombie like they can cut a watermelon, how strong were they?

Even if Shi Bin exaggerated, it still shows that they really are not good to mess with.

“He is a … …” Shi Bin just blurted out, but suddenly felt something was amiss.

Although he does not speak his mind, he can also spot some problems at this time. Xu Cai was a man with whom his relationship can only be said to be ordinary. If he did not understand the strength of Ling Mo, he may have be just trying to help Shi Bin succeed. But even after Shi Bin’s words describing their strength, he still had an expression of resolve. This seemed a bit strange.

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Shi Bin, although extremely jealous, was not arrogant enough to think that he was the king of the sky, that Xu Cai was willing to sacrifice his life for him.

So his expression soon sank: “Xu Cai, what are you trying to do?”

Seeing Shi Bin react so quickly, Xu Cai could only fall back on his usual ploys, since his cover of a sincere friend was blown.

He smiled insidiously, quietly shifting to the side, blocking the path of Shi Bin: “Then honestly, I really want to help you get back at him, but also want to take advantage of the benefits. You said that there is a lot of food on that Ling Mo’s body, right? And the weapons that they had, I am very jealous ah … … ”

Shi Bin’s heart suddenly went “thump”, his look to Xu Cai’s eyes suddenly become extremely incredible.

He never imagined that Xu Cai would actually come up with this idea! Although he also thought of wanting to kill Ling Mo, and even almost acted on this, he never wanted to grab Ling Mo’s luggage.

He was torn up inside because of jealousy, but Xu Cai was clearly motivated by greed! Shi Bin felt shocked for a time.

Xu Cai did not give him the opportunity to think, but continued to persuade him: “You see, you also hate him. If we should cooperate, as long as you can take the opportunity to attack him, we could even win. I think you care for that sick girl, right? In this way, I call the shots, capture her, and then you can feel free to … … ”

“Xu Cai, shut up!”

Shi Bin just had some shivers at the beginning of the plan, but at this time to even listen to the idea to actually take Lin Luanqiu’s body, he almost involuntarily shouted.

However, at the end of this sentence, he found that Xu Cai’s eyes suddenly became very cold.

This kind of look could only appear after someone had really killed people, saw their blood spilled.

Shi Bin slowly took half a step back. He suddenly felt regret. He regretted that he ever came here and met Xu Cai. From Xu Cai’s eyes, he saw undisguised killing intent.

“Shi Bin, I really want to help you, will you just talk to me?” Xu Cai approached him step by step, and at the same time whispered, “If you and I together can beat these few people and take their food, maybe we can find a way to escape. You do not know, but this school has collected less than the adequate amount of food, and this opportunity, I will never let go.

“What do you want me to do in the end …” Shi Bin really felt some scalp numbness. He looked at Xu Cai nervously, and asked.

“My dear brother, tell me about their strength.”

Shi Bin ground his teeth. He looked around and found that Xu Cai had intentionally or unintentionally blocked his way. Fighting, he does not think he will be his match.

“Why, you do not want to say?” Xu Cai and approached some. His muscular frame gave Shi Bin great pressure.

Shi Bin hesitated for a moment, but finally spoke, saying: “That Ling Mo is a bit weird. He is an ability user, but it seems he does not favor close combat. The other two women are masters with knives. The sick girl…… is not threatening, do not touch her. ”

Xu Cai only smiled: “Haha, brother, you really are kind to your love, ah but I still have one thing to ask for your help with… …”

“Hehe ……” At that soft laugh, Shi Bin suddenly felt a tearing pain from his abdomen. He stared incredulously, watching this man who called himself his brother, in the blink of an eye, not hesitate to lay his hands on his classmate.

Xu Cai’s expression is grim, and he holds a small half of a thin steel pipe, the other end has been stabbed into the belly of Shi Bin.

Shi Bin had a desperate and frightened expression, and Xu Cai felt great satisfaction.

“You’re too timid, I’m afraid you’re a bad guy. I’m sorry, brother.”

Xu Cai smiled and whispered in Shi Bin’s ear.

Shi Bin’s mouth began to fill with blood, and strength drained from his body. He slowly raised his sharpened stick, but in his extremely desperate eyes Xu Cai was holding his sharpening knife in his hands: “Thanks, I am lacking a handy weapon.”

Shi Bin widened his eyes, a dumbfounded look on his face, but the body slowly fell down limp.

Xu Cai coldly looked at his body that fell at his own feet, his eyes suddenly becoming a bit complicated.

Ability user … … this identity gave Xu Cai a somewhat surprised feeling. He did not know anything about any so-called abilities, but fortunately, Ling Mo’s weakness is melee, while melee is his own most confident fighting style. As for Shana and Ye Lian, even if they are stronger, they are, after all, only girls, with limited physical strength.

“No matter how strong, he’s still outnumbered!”

Xu Cai, after hesitating for a few seconds, revealed a hideous color, and whispered.

He decided to act immediately and promptly deal with Ling Mo. Once this was dragged out for a long time, they may find the disappearance of Shi Bin, becoming suspicious. The group of crazy people he leads will gradually calm down. Taking advantage of the fact that they are still in the midst of the madness brought about by killing their companions, it is a good time to thin out the cannon fodder.

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