My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 85


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 85 – Zombie Defects

When Xu Cai walked downstairs, a dark shadow popped out of nowhere.

Xu Cai felt a sudden wind blowing towards his back. His heart made a “ba bump” sound.

His reaction wasn’t slow, he immediately tilted his body and threw his arm to counterattack. Usually if someone did a sneak attack on Xu Cai, they would mostly end up being knocked out by him from his counter, but this time although Xu Cai hit the attacker he only managed to push him back without doing any damage.

With the moon shining through the windows on the hall, Xu Cai looked at person who attacked him with a gloomy face, they actually had just met in the afternoon.

“Hello”, said Ling Mo who was holding a shiney short knife with a smirk on his face. The facial expression of that smile irritated Xu Cai to the bones.

Xu Cai pulled himself together from the shock of the attack and then raised his sharpened knife. Xu Cai coldly said “Great, everything is much simpler now after i finish you off first. Your a dumbass for following brother Shi Bing alone by yourself”.

Ling Mo replied, “I’m not dumb and you will soon know why.”

After seeing Xu Cai’s fighting pose, although Ling Mo looked relaxed, He was actually also alert and prepared. The strike Xu Cai just made previously isn’t something a normal guy could pull off, he is someone who has been fighting for quite a while.

Ling Mo is not good at near distance fight, he didn’t even properly learn how to fight before, all his moves are originated from fighting with other people when his life was on the line. But his skills of the puppet mastery can make up for his disadvantage.

After listening to what Ling Mo said, Xu Cai licked his lips and grinned: “You think that just because you’re some kind of bullshit person with superpowers,you can go one on one against me? Whatever, after I kill you, I will make love to your girlfriend, Ye-Lian. She is so pretty, It must feel good to fuck her right?”

Ling Mo’s smile disappeared right away, the look he is giving Xu Cai was very cold!

“I won’t let you die that fast.” Ling Mo tightly held on the short knife and charged.

Despite the lack of power, Ling Mo’s speed and agility was much faster than normal people. The distance between the two was just less than three meters, Xu Cai didn’t think that Ling Mo could move like that.

With the time less than a blink of an eye, Ling Mo was already in front of him, a streak of cold light fiercely cut towards his neck.

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What surprised Xu Cai was that despite how normal Ling Mo looked, he still managed to use his agility to show power in his strike. Although he’s shorter than Xu Cai, it did not make him less powerful when he dashed towards Xu Cai and jumped to stab him with gravity pushing down the knife making a sound clearly showing a dominating slash..

If the slash was successful, Xu Cai would have probably have been dead.

But Xu Cai was also a person with experience in fighting. He stepped back, used the sharpening knife to block the side part, but at this moment he realized he was a bit slow without knowing why!

He was planning to completely block Ling Mo’s short knife, but his sight blanked out a bit, when he pulled himself back together, he was already half way through putting down his sharpened knife.


Sound of metals clashing, Xu Cai and Ling Mo’s wrists both felt a shock!

A line of blood appeared on Xu Cai’s neck slowly and didnt stop until, it made his whole neck red. Xu Cai stepped back in shock and touched his neck.

That was so close! Almost lost my fucking head!

If he hadn’t raised his arms to lift the sharpened knife he was planning to put down, his head would have been removed to somewhere else. The knife cut off his skin, though it was just a flesh wound but he still bled a lot.

That was too strange…. Xu Cai thought, how could he possibly lose sight at that critical moment and also move completely opposite of what he intended to do.

Xu Cai angrily looked at Ling Mo, he knows there is was no turning back now.

“Fuck your mother!” Xu Cai roared with low voice and charged.  But the moment he charged, his sight blanked out again, and got a headache. After that moment he felt that he had bumped into Ling Mo with a cold feeling passing from his stomach.

Ling Mo moved and backed up right away, Xu Cai blankly stood at the original position.

The sharpened knife was stabbed inside his stomach, and nearly went all the way in, only the handle remained outside.

“So tired…..”Ling-Mo looked at Xu Cai while pinching between his eyebrows.

Ling Mo’s most powerful skills were his puppet mastery which was completely useless against regular people. But apparently using the spirit tentacle to interfere was really effective.

But the demand of spirit power was very high.

Ling Mo did a lot that day and he wasn’t fully recovered, after fighting with Xu Cai, he felt a bit of headache.

Seeing Xu Cai slowly falling down, Ling Mo showed a slight of happiness.

He slowly walked towards Xu Cai seeing him with his eyes wide opened and still twitching, he squatted down and laughed at him saying “This wouldn’t have happened to you if you hadn’t had bad intentions”.

“Fuck off”. Although Xu Cai felt hopeless, but he kept cursing.

Ling Mo shook his head: “Don’t worry, I won’t kill you now. I heard your conversation with Shi Bin, you wanted to take action with your classmates right? A Pussy like you wouldn’t dare to take action by yourself”.

Xu Cai was silent and filled with rage for a few second and said: “You aren’t a good guy either, you didn’t stop me from killing Shi Bin”.

Ling Mo sneered and said “He deserved it. It’s none of my business either. Plus you don’t have to the right to say whether I’m a bad guy or not.”


“Cut the crap, what do you want to do to me? I will immediately….” Xu Cai was a tough person, he was smiling still even despite the fact that he was going to die..

Ling Mo sneered and used the body of the knife to slap Xu Cai’s cheek and said in a cold voice: “I told you I won’t let you die that easy, wait a little bit, something really good is going to happen to you soon.”

“Do whatever you want, I…. I’m not afraid of you….”

Xu Cai showed a slight fear in his eyes but said it regardless.

“Just wait”, Ling Mo then did something unexpected and instead went and sat on the steps of the stairs looking at him with a smile while also playfully glaring at him.

Dying is fearful, but the most fearful thing is waiting to die, especially being looked by Ling Mo this way.

Xu Cai felt regret, fear, and despair but mostly reluctance….

Xu Cai knew what kind of person he was after the disaster, in order to run away from the dorm, he locked his buddies with a infected roommate, and then ran without turning back even though they were crying for help.

In order to survive, he had sacrificed a lot of people, even for just a tiny bit of food, he would be willing to throw his partner under the bus just to survive

But Xu Cai didn’t think he was wrong! He just wanted to live!

Without the restraint of laws and ethic values, this world had already become a place where only the strong survived.

Weak people should be the stepping stones of strong people. Weak people don’t have the right to live.

While Xu Cai was thinking and twitching, he suddenly felt his stomach burning, burning to the point that he thought he was going to be burnt to death!

“What happened?” Xu Cai started to twitch severely, his eyes started to be covered with a layer of shiney blood. With despair and fear, Xu Cai felt his blood was burning in his body!

“What happened!”

Xu Cai started to keep shouting, but when he started to shoot out the first word, Ling Mo stepped on his mouth and told him to “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”

“The situation is different to Shana’s mutation… was it because the virus isn’t strong enough???”

Ling Mo subtly felt with his spirit tentacles that although Xu Cai was struggling,he was not bleeding a lot. On the other hand he seemed to be awake but his face was extremely pale, his face muscles were twitching, and he looked like he was in a lot of pain.

After using the spirit tentacle, Ling Mo tried to control Xu Cai, in the beginning Xu Cai’s resistance was very fierce, but as he gradually lost his cool, eyes started to scatter, Ling Mo’s persistence finally succeeded.

While Ling Mo’s spirit power started to replace Xu Cai’s control of his own body, Xu Cai suddenly stopped twitching.

“Is this a half zombie? Or a defective zombie?”, Ling Mo controlled Xu Cai to stand up and found out that his situation was different than other zombies, the purity of virus was very low and not really affected by the infection that much….

Good thing the sky was dark. Other people shouldn’t be able see anything abnormal about Xu Cai, Ling Mo controlled Xu Cai to mess up his hair to block his eyes and buttoned up his coat to somehow cover the stabbed part of stomach, and headed towards the TaeKwonDo gym.

In the beginning Xu Cai’s actions looked a bit weird, but quickly he began to walk normally again. If his face didn’t have any expressions, nobody would be even able to tell that Xu Cai was now actually someone else.

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