My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 86


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 86 – Kill’em all

In the corner of the Taekwondo gym laid three corpses of the girls. The other people inside the gym seemed to subconsciously stay away from the corpses and all sat on the other side of the gym.

Although their eyes still showed some excitement, their bodies were quivering hard, but they couldn’t tell if it was because they are excited or slightly frightened.

Someone couldn’t bear the silence and asked “Why hasn’t Xu Cai come back yet?”

“Ya, we should have taken action earlier! What if they run away?”

“Are you an idiot!? Who the fuck would dare go out at night?” said a man with disapproval.

“We can’t just keep waiting, I’m getting really nervous now.”

“You’re not just nervous are you? Just say it, you’re scared. What a little pussy!

”Fuck you!, who you calling a pussy!”

While the people were having a fierce argument, the door was suddenly knocked on and some of the people stood up immediately.

Teacher Lo silently went to the door and took a wooden stick, hid beside the door and slowly opened it.

The moment they saw the familiar figure, everyone’s panicked expression on their faces faded away, Teacher Lo also felt relieved. He put the wooden stick on the ground and walked aside.

The person was of course Xu Cai.

Because of the insufficient light, people didn’t realize what Xu Cai looked like right now. They didn’t even notice that he was already in a position where he couldn’t even walk back….. They didn’t even see that blood was leaking along his pants and slowly dripping to the ground.

Some of the boys came to him and excitedly asked him: “So do we take action now Xu Cai?”

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“Did you ask how much food they have left? How long can their food last?”

Ling Mo slightly sneered, as a zombie puppet Xu Cai couldn’t talk, and Ling Mo’s skills wasn’t powerful enough yet to make him talk.

But he used an even more direct way to answer the people’s question.

When Xu Cai put his hand on one of the guy’s shoulder, the guy was shocked for a second and then smiled with gloat and said: “Brother Xu Cai, just tell us, are we taking action now?”

“Xu Cai” looked up with his shiny red eyes, which immediately made that guy’s facial expression turn dark. Just when he was about to scream, he suddenly felt a sharp pain on his waist.

The thin steel stick that was used to kill Shi Bin was now in this guy’s waist twisting slowly.

The guy’s face became stiff with his eyes wide open looking at Xu Cai with disbelief, his throat made a “ge ge” sound.

People around didn’t notice anything strange yet, until the guy grabbed Xu Cai’s arm slowly and kneeled down to the ground. When they saw this a guy started joking: “C’mon, you are such a asskisser. If you wanted to be Xu Cai’s subordinate you could of just asked him and not get on your knees like a woman about to give a blowjob, hahaha…..’”

Just when he finished talking, Xu Cai pulled out the steel stick from him and then stabbed the person in front of him in the stomach.

As the blood sprayed out of the body, the rest of the people in the room finally realized something was definitely wrong!

“Xu Cai, what are you doing!”

Of course Xu Cai didn’t answer back,  he just killed another two people in response again, while the people around him didn’t even have a chance to dodge or escape.

In just a short time, there are four bodies under his feet.

The ones who were still alive started to back off with extreme fear, looking stupefied at Xu Cai.

“Xu Cai, you’re crazy!”

Unfortunately, the only response they got was a paid of red eyes looking back at them.

Although the color wasn’t as red as the ones from a real zombie, it still gave the rest of the people in that room the same conclusion!


“Ah! Zombie!”

Some cowards screamed immediately, and started to back off in fear, but the space in the room was only so big, where could they possibly run to or even hide?

The others who weren’t as cowardly as the rest were still scared but at least they picked up some weapons from the ground to fight against Xu Cai.

But Xu Cai was the strongest amongst all of them before. Even though he had turned into a zombie and couldn’t use martial arts to fight back, he still brought some pressure to those people in the room. Not only that, Xu Cai’s whole situation right now was way too weird!

Zombies don’t knock on doors and they also wouldn’t use a knife to stab someone!

Through Xu Cai’s vision, Ling Mo could clearly see their ugly expressions.

He wasn’t planning to kill them all at first. He had just wanted to see what they are up to by controlling Xu Cai’s body. But he would have never thought that he would have seen such a cruel and despicable scene when he had entered the room. He didn’t even want to know what had happened to those girls that had died in the corner.

When he heard those people excitedly asking him when they were going to take action, Ling Mo’s killing intent raised to the maximum!

Ling Mo was not a killer, but he was very pissed off now!

With the experience of killing the bold guy and his group of people, killing these people in this room was like killing chickens in a slaughterhouse. Within a blink of an eye he had already killed four people.

As for the remaining ones, he was not going to let any of them survive.

The remaining ones all had fearful expressions while Ling Mo was controlling Xu Cai. It seemed like Xu Cai was a hungry wolf going into a herd of fat sheep. Xu Cai gripped the knife and charged.

In order to attack Ling Mo’s group by surprise. Xu Cai had given the people in that room some weapons. If they actually had the courage to have gone head to head with Xu Cai, Xu Cai might have been killed. Even if Ling Mo had joined the fight, he might not have been able to leave without getting harmed. But they were already scared shitless to death.

When Xu Cai moved, they didn’t even try to fightback, they all ran away instead.

Throughout the whole battle, although Xu Cai kept getting hit, he didn’t really take any major damage since he was a zombie puppet. As long as he wasn’t hit on a lethal spot he wouldn’t be hurt, the only thing that delayed him from killing everyone with ease was that his abdomen was still bleeding, so his movement was slowed down a bit.

But it was still strong enough to kill all those pieces of shit in the room.

In a short while the Taekwondo gym started to be filled with crying, yelling and sometimes even screaming. If it wasn’t for the fact that the room was soundproof, they probably would have gotten the attention of the zombies outside of the building.

Some of them had started to run for the door even though it was closed by Xu Cai when he came in. When they had reached the door knob to turn it, their faces all contained despair when they realized that the door knob couldn’t be turned.

Outside the door Ling Mo was holding on to the door knob and silently listening to the screaming from inside with cold expression filled with killing intent.

Quickly, the rest of the survivors were chased after by Xu Cai. With feeling of death so close, they started to fight back, but Xu Cai was too strong for them and they were all taken down in minutes with them all screaming in their own pool of blood.

They all died wondering why this had happened to them.

Looking at the last one in the room that was still alive. Xu Cai started walking towards him.

“Don’t kill me….”  Said Teacher Lo hiding in the corner, looking as Xu Cai approached him with fear.

But after murmuring he suddenly shivered a bit and said “Fine, kill me then. Being dead might be even better and easier than being alive.”

“Finally accepting your fate?” Ling Mo thought, at the same time controlling Xu Cai to stab him right through the stomach with the knife.

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