My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 87


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 87 – Are you on your period?

Within a short time, the Taekwondo gym became very quiet. Dead bodies were scattered all around the floor in silence.

Ling Mo controlled Xu Cai to pull out the knife from the stomach that he was tightly holding onto and then ordered him to stab himself.

As black blood flooded out from Xu Cai’s stomach, his face started to struggle and he started to fall down. By the time Xu Cai fell down, Ling Mo had already taken away his control over Xu Cai. Xu Cai was at death’s door. During this time he had a short period of sanity.

Xu Cai’s pair of eyes were filled with despair and regret while looking at the corpses all around the room, and finally staring at the closed door.

Although he was controlled, his situation was a bit different as a zombie than others, so he somehow knew what he had done during the whole process.

Reluctance, humiliation, all kinds of emotions were filled inside him right before his death…. But everything was too late. He stared at the door  and then took his final breath.

While Xu Cai took his last breath, Ling Mo let go of the door knob he was holding onto, made a long sigh, turned around and then left.

To him,  making sure what happened inside with his own eyes wasn’t important anymore.

These people deserved death, Ling Mo didn’t feel guilty at all.

When Ling Mo went back to the barn, Lin Luanqiu was standing right at the door, but Ye Lian blocked her way. Of course, Ye Lian was being controlled by Ling Mo. Shana was still leaning on the window, looking at Lin Luanqiu with a cold expression.

“Listen to me, maybe if I try to persuad Shi Bin, maybe he won’t do anything….”

When Ling Mo opened the door, Lin Luanqiu was still trying to persuade Ye Lian and Shana.

But when she heard the sound of the door, Lin Luanqui shut her mouth immediately and gave Ling Mo a complicated look.

The two of them looked at each other without talking, after a while, Lin Luanqui asked him with a bitter voice: “Is he dead?”

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Ling Mo nodded, then stopped for a bit, and added: “Believe it or not, I didn’t kill him.”

Those words made Lin Luanqui change her expression for just a second. She didn’t believe it at first but on second thought she was all alone now, even her last companion had died, there was literally no way she could deny Ling Mo anyways. There’s no reason for him to lie to her while he had the absolute advantage.

On thinking to this point, Lin Luanquio felt very complicated. If it wasn’t Ling Mo who killed him, she could somehow guess what had happened. Knowing how Xu Cai really was, she could guess that Shi Bin’s reason for sneaking out was probably for Xu Cai. It didn’t take an idiot to put two and two together.

Seeing Lin Luanqiu looking sad and quiet, Ling Mo sighed, went over to her and tapped her shoulder. Ling Mo had wanted to comfort her but right after he tapped her shoulder Lin Luanqiu made a sudden yell in pain.

“What happened to you?” Ling Mo was puzzled for a second. He didn’t use any strength when he tapped her. He only touched her lightly…

Shana came after hearing the yell and asked: “You got pinched by him too?” She couldn’t see what Ling Mo did to Lin Luanqui from her angle, so just from hearing Lin Luanqiu’s yell , she thought about what she had happened to her before when Ling Mo touched her and assumed the same thing happened too.

“Who pinched her!” Ling Mo suddenly got confused.

Lin Luanqiu shook her head and said: “It’s nothing, I just feel a bit complicated.” She avoided Shanas question but in her mind she was wondering what Shana meant by getting pinched and where?. But in thinking that she subcounsciously thought it’s probably better not to ask.

Ling Mo suspiciously looked at Lin Luanqiu.Suddenly at this moment Ye Lian suddenly stepped two steps forward and grabbed Lin Luanqui’s left hand.

This sudden move shocked Lin Luanqui and Ling Mo, especially Ling Mo whose expression changed immediately. Ye Lian wasn’t the type to touch people as she was always in Ling Mo’s control even though it was minimal. If Ye Lian was off Ling Mo’s leash she would surely become a killing machine.

Taking the initiative to touch a human like this was a first for Ye Lian.

Shana looked confused for a second and then walked towards Lin Luangqiu to sniff at her.

“That’s so weird, you have a bit of blood smell.” Said Shana while licking her lips.  

“You guys…” Lin Luanqui started to panic.

“Smell of blood?? I don’t remember that you got hurt on the way.” Ling Mo said frowning with his eyebrows. He started to think as a fully mutated zombie and more evolved, Ye Lian really has a sharper smelling ability. Through the clothes, she could actually sniff the light smell of blood which normal people could never do.

But Lin Luanqiu shouldn’t have gotten hurt on the way… looking at her, she seemed to have something embarrassing to say, Ling Mo suddenly seemed to realized something and asked: “Are you on your period??”

“What the FUCK! When did my period come…come!” Lin Luanqui blushed and said clenching her teeth.

Ling Mo embarrassedly made a cough and asked: “So you actually got hurt?”

Lin Luanqui was silent for a few second and then pulled her left sleeve.

When she showed her little arm, Ling Mo gasped.

A piece of cloth was wrapped across her arm, blood had already dyed the cloth to a black red color, couldn’t even see what the original color was. The reason why the bloody smell was light was because there was a light smell of alcohol spreading out.

Ling Mo immediately realized she used a alcoholic drink in the bar to disinfect it, but the wound was deep and she couldn’t really recover. Plus the alcoholic drink wasn’t real alcohol, so it’s hard to say if it could really disinfect or not.

Without strong willpower and endurance there was no way a girl could suffer from this kind of pain and act as if nothing happened.

“No wonder you wanted to go to the hospital with me, you couldn’t hold on any longer. You never told Shi Bin before did you?” asked Ling Mo with doubt.

Lin Luanqui shook her head and said: ”There was no reason for telling him at that time. But I’m kind of regretting it now, if I had told him, he wouldn’t have turned out like this. He was much better before, all because of this god damn disaster changed everyone.”

Ling Mo deeply looked at her and took a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and said: “Stop blaming yourself, I’ll disinfect you first.”

“This…this is so expensive….” Lin Luanqui said a bit hesitating.

“No worries, when we get to the hospital, we can probably restock.”

Ling Mo smiled and controlled Ye Lian’s arm that was grabbing Lin Luanqui’s arm, and Shana slowly unveiled the cloth that was surrounding it.

Although Ling Mo was prepared, but after seeing the deep wound he couldn’t help frowning.

After disinfecting with hydrogen peroxide, Ling Mo applied hemostat, and then used a clean bandage to wrap to finally finish applying first aid.

Seeing Ling Mo taking out a lot of things like magic, Lin Luanqui felt unbelievable, “You guys are amazing. It’s not hard to find a pharmacy in the city, but it’s hard to get all these things and survive. After all, these Pharmacies are all in the big infected areas.”

Ling Mo smiled and thought that with two mutated zombies, these places were holy lands with free entrance and exits.

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