My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 88


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 88 – Zombie Recipe

“OK, I think you can probably make it to the hospital like this.”

Although Ling Mo wasn’t really good at patching up wounds, after wrapping the bandage on to Lin Luanqui’s arm, it at least looked a lot better than it originally was. It looked at least decent with the help of Yelian and Shana.

“You actually really didn’t need to do this, we are just under a partnership, there was no need for you to go that far for me”, Lin Luanqui said with a low voice.

Ling Mo smiled and said: “Just helping out. Also not trying to be nosy or anything but you have nothing to do with Shi Bin’s death. ”

He could tell that although Lin Luaqui looked calm, but her eyes started to turn red. Losing her last companion made Lin Luanqui upset and bewildered.

Ling Mo was going to tell her how Shi Bin eventually had betrayed them, but he thought that wasn’t a really good idea afterwards.

Knowing the truth probably wouldn’t make Lin Luanqui feel any better.

After a long crazy night, it wasn’t far from morning.

Everyone took the chance to rest and left the gym when it reached morning.

After a simple breakfast, before leaving, Lin Luanqui asked where Shi Bin died and went to see him for one last time.

Looking at Lin Luanqui leaving the barn, Ling Mo was thinking in his head, “after a few hours of letting the information of Shi Bin’s death sink in, Lin Luanqui has finally accepted the fact that Shi Bin is dead, or else she wouldn’t have the courage to look at his corpse.”

After combing Ye Lian and Shana’s hair and wiping their face, Ling Mo took them away.

The two mutated zombies were already used to being taken care of by Ling Mo. Though Shana had her memory recovered and Ye Lian started to have some self-awareness, they both could actually already do these easy things by themselves, but they still let Ling Mo to do these things for them since they liked it. And of course Ling Mo enjoyed these moments as well, besides taking a little bit of advantage here and there. Most importantly, he enjoyed being able to have a time like this, which during apocalypse was very rare.

He purposely slowed down and when he reached the stairs, Lin Luanqui was already there waiting with her eyes red.

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“Let’s go” said Lin Luanqui before Ling Mo said anything.

Ling Mo felt relieved, because if she didn’t try to take the initiative to say something, he honestly really wouldn’t know how to comfort her. Not to mention that it’s no use for other people say something for those kinds of things, the person in question needs to move forward by themselves first.

In front of the gym, the zombies were walking around slowly. In wide open areas like this, if someone had popped their head out they would definitely get the zombies attention right away and if they started to fight, they would probably attract even more zombies that were hiding in the corner, so Ling Mo chose to bypass them.

After crossing the square by leaning on the flower bed and carefully walking through, Lin Luanqui pointed at the building with a high point on the top that was very far away and said: “That is the school hospital.”

Although they could see the school hospital’s roof from afar, it didn’t look so far under a linear distance, but if they had followed the road path, it would take a long time to get there.

Not to mention there’s a lot of zombies. Sometimes when you kill a few zombies, the others will get attracted by the smell of blood and come over. In order not to be surrounded, Ling Mo would always kill zombies on the way, and then take everyone else to quietly sneak to the backside of  the buildings while the other zombies got attracted to blood.

There were some pros and cons with this method though. The bad point of this method was because some zombies that hid near the corners of buildings would also be attracted to the smell of blood and they would run and accidently bump into Ling Mo and the others.

The good point in this method was that although they sometimes got caught by the corner zombies, they had two mutated girl zombies that were both powerful and fast. They would be able to finish off the zombies in the backside of the buildings before the other zombies got attracted them.

Ling Mo was extremely smart when it came to fighting zombies. For places with a small space and no obstacles, Ling Mo would either use his psychic power to stop them and let them come to die by themselves or use the spirit tentacles to distract them when they were fighting and then find a opening to kill them.

Although normal people couldn’t really tell that psychic powers were being used, Lin Luanqui could guess something weird was going on since she had been with the three of them for a whole day. Especially when the night before they were able to detect the smell of blood coming from her. She felt really suspicious about Ye Lian and Shana.

Normal people shouldn’t be so sensitive about the smell of blood, not to mention she used a alcoholic drink to cover the smell and disinfect.

Even though she was smart and suspicious of them, she would never guess that the two girls who looked so normal were in truth actually mutated zombies.

But watching Ling Mo for a whole day made her realize something about Ling Mo’s super power.

Although she wanted to ask and confirm,she realized Ling Mo was always unclear when he talked about his super power, so she decided not to ask as she didn’t want to be so nosy.

Shi Bin’s death probably made her anxious about her situation, so when there are a lot of zombies, she would also help fighting. Though she didn’t have a good body, but with her bullet timing super power, she also killed a lot of zombies.

On the way they came across a lab floor, Ling Mo became interested when he thought there might be mutated zombies in there, so he made an excuse of resting and took everyone inside. He left Shana and Lin Luanqui to stay at the first floor and took Ye Lian upstairs.

After all, his real intention in coming to X city university was to hunt down mutated zombies, collect as much gels as he can, to let Shana and Ye Lian to evolve, especially Ye Lian who was at a critical point of evolving, as far as she passes this obstacle, she can evolve to an even more advanced zombie.

Although it would of been easier to do this after sending Lin Luanqui to the hospital, this was the first time he saw so many mutated zombies gathering in a lab, it really would suck to miss this opportunity.

When he came out with the idea of resting, Lin Luanqui didn’t even say anything even though she thought the excuse was kind of weird. She would never think that Ling Mo was actually going to hunt down mutated zombies. She would never associate it with this kind of crazy thing, but she thought maybe Ling Mo was going to collect some special things inside the building.

There were a lot of zombies in the lab, some mutated zombies also started to appear. If they bumped into mutated zombies in a open space, Ling Mo might of been a bit nervous, but places like this, even if Ye Lian doesn’t do anything, relying on the environment and super power, he could still finish off those mutated zombies.

To save time, Ling Mo didn’t go head to head with the zombies, instead he let Ye Lian to fight using her strong close combat fighting skills while he stood on the side using spirit tentacles to distract them and then used a knife to stab them, with good teamwork, this method turned out to be very useful. Usually the mutated zombies would be dead before they had gotten a chance to show their true powers.

With just ten minutes, Lin Mo had collected 5 zombie gels, although the purity was quite low, but he was still satisfied.

There was definitely a lot of mutated zombies in this semi-closed school where all the zombies had gathered together in.

Ling Mo was thinking about how he could cultivate some more mutated zombies with his power to increase his fighting force, but it would take a lot of time and energy as well as resources to cultivate some. Ye Lian and Shana would probably have starved to death though before he successfully cultivated them.

Ling Mo had actually breeded a mutated zombie before, but the level was really low….

The puppet zombie that Ling Mo was controlling was a mutated zombie, but it’s gel was extremely small, due to Ling Mo feeding it carrions.

So Ling Mo realized mutated zombies can eat meat to fill their stomach, but it wouldn’t be possible for them to evolve. Eating carrions can’t help zombies recover the energy they used, so the zombie puppet was actually not so different than normal zombies. Even normal zombies eat human flesh as a number one choice.

Simply put, for mutated zombies, zombie gel is the main course while human flesh is sorta like a dessert and regular meat can only be considered as leftovers.

Ling Mo couldn’t help but laugh when he thought about how he had wasted a evolved zombie due to the lack of knowledge. But there was nothing he can do about that. These zombies were all new to him. The only thing that Ling Mo knows right now was that if they keep evolving they would eventually gain some consciousness.

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