My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 89


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 89 – Embarrassed after asking for too much

While he was killing the rest of the mutated zombies, Ling Mo used his psychic powers to gather the other zombies in classroom and then locked them all in there to avoid unnecessary fights.

Although there were more normal zombies than mutated ones, the normal ones were too easy to defeat since they didn’t have any consciousness and as long as you knew their habits it wasn’t a hard job to kill them. Even normal people can still survive fighting these types of zombies as long as they stayed calm.

But surviving and going anywhere you want were two different things. Normal people wouldn’t even dare to think of walking across a school gathering with zombies like what Ling Mo did.

After giving Ye Lian a zombie gel he took out another gel and put the remaining three gels into a plastic bag. He predicted that the gels would merge into one higher purity gel within a short period of time.

He believed the process of how a zombie evolves was probably a due to the viruses eating up each other….

After going back downstairs, Ling Mo found a chance to give Shana the gel, and then asked Lin Luanqui: “We’re almost there, why don’t you tell me what’s it like over there since we probably need to stay there for a bit as well.”

The school hospital was just a slightly bigger clinic, but you can get things that you can’t find in a pharmacy. Although Ling Mo promised Lin Luanqui to take her to the hospital, he wasn’t going to leave empty-handed.

Lin Luanqui curiously looked at Ye Lian, and then looked at Ling Mo, she couldn’t tell what had happened inside beside the fact that they fought with zombies.

After listening to what Ling Mo said, she had to give up guessing, and said: “When I was in the self-rescuing team, we had the idea of going to the school hospital because some of the classmates were hurt, but we gave up afterwards because it was too hard. I still know a bit about the school hospital though, there’s a doctor on duty and two nurses, not really sure if there were any patients when the disaster happened though. But I know the area is bigger, it wouldn’t be a problem if there were zombies roaming around. Even if things go south, we could still manage to get out.”

Despite what she said, she was thinking “The numbers of zombies in the school is for sure less than this lab building, if Ling Mo and Ye Lian could go upstairs, then the school would be nothing for them.”

Regardless of this thought, Lin Luanqui was still really careful about it, so she reminded them anyways.

“How long is it going to take to get there” Ling Mo asked after contemplating.

Lin Luanqui thought and said: “Maximum five minutes, but I don’t suggest walking through the big road, because there is a basketball court on the way. There use to be a lot of people there before which probably means that there is a lot of zombies now. Why don’t we take the shorter path?”

“Whatever you say.”Ling Mo said and laughed.

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When he turned around, he suddenly heard Lin Luanqui ask: “em…I actually wanted to ask, but…. I admit I’m being a bit nosy and I want to go to the hospital with you guys and figure out how to survive, but this question has been bothering me alot….”

“Say it.” Ling Mo turned around, she looked embarrassed while he felt puzzled at the same time.

Lin Luanqui looked at him deeply and then suddenly looked at Ye Lian and said: ”Since Ye Lian is from our school, even if she doesn’t know what’s going on in school, she should at least know where the paths leads to right? But…”

“Oh SHIT” Ling Mo thought, he only thought of asking her to lead him, but he forgot that Ye Lian was a student of X city university, if she showed no knowledge of the school, it would cause Lin Luanqui to be suspicious.

But Ling Mo’s reaction was fast, after seeing Lin Luanqui looking at him in a weird way, Ling Mo made a hollow laugh and showed a second of slight grieve in his eyes and said “She is suffering from amnesia.”



Lin Luanqui was shocked, but when she wanted to ask more, she stopped after seeing Ling Mo’s emotion in his eyes.

Ling Mo’s emotion wasn’t fake, to Ye Lian she was actually no different than someone who was suffering from amnesia. This was technically the best explanation in this situation where he couldn’t say the truth.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to be so curious” Lin Luanqui felt a sudden regret, blaming herself for minding about other people’s business. She just couldn’t help herself from asking the question ever since she became suspicious of Ye Lian and Shana. Ling Mo didn’t help either due to him being so mysterious and abnormal.  

After seeing Ling Mo’s reaction, the way she looked at Ye Lian changed.

Lin Luanqui was actually afraid of this extremely beautiful, but cold girl and tried to avoid her. But she was thinking what terrible thing had happened to this girl that caused her into getting amnesia.

Ling Mo was willing to keep this girl who had lost her memory. This was what other people wouldn’t be willing to do.

In this world full of danger, it’s like walking on thin ice for normal people, not to mention someone who suffers from amnesia…..

Her curiousness must have brought up a sad memory for Ling Mo….

Lin Luanqui felt sorry. She sighed and embarrassedly said: ”I’m really sorry”

“It’s fine” said Ling Mo. He was actually quite sad, especially since he has to tell other people that Ye Lian lost memory while in actuality she was no longer a human being.

Good thing is when she recovers her memory in the future, she wouldn’t have to feel sad about becoming a zombie which is the best ending for Ling Mo. If she could recover like Shana that would also be great.

But right now, he can only peacefully help Ye Lian recover her memory and gain her sanity.

Ling Mo didn’t feel like staying, he packed up a bit and then everyone moved on.

This time Lin Luanqui took them to walk into a small garden, took a shortcut and headed to the hospital. Looking through a row of trees, Ling Mo found out there really was a basketball court on the other side. There were lots of zombies walking around there. If they really had decided to plow through there, it would have taken them forever to get to the hospital.

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