My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 90


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 90 – I Know How to Sew Socks OK!!

As the best school in X city, X city university had a lot of facilities.

Ling Mo originally thought that the school’s hospital size would be the same as a clinic, but never would he believe it was a European building with a red cross attached to the top, connected to a garden.

There was only a little bit of zombies here. After they killed the zombies with ease, they went into the school hospital.

The gate of the hospital had been bumped broken by the zombies. Half of the door panel was hung to the wall which looked like it was going to drop at anytime. It made a “ga ga” sounds when the wind was blowing on it making it swing also.

Looking from the gate is a landscape hall, the emptiness made it feel creepy even though it was bright enough.

The staircase is facing diagonally to the gate. You could see a puddle of blood that has been dried out, the ivory color of the wall was spattered with blood stains, which glowed extremely bright under the sunlight.

“The consulting room is right at the first floor” said Lin Luanqui.

Ling Mo nodded, held tightly on the short knife and waved at Ye Lian and Shana.

The three of them went in and quickly and checked all the rooms on the floor.

What made Ling Mo felt weird was that there were no zombies.

On the second thought, there shouldn’t be lot of people in the school hospital, maybe when the disaster happened, the mutated zombies had already chased after those who were escaping.

It was a good thing that there are were zombie, Ling Mo took them to the consulting room after checking.

Nobody died in the consulting room, besides a layer of dust on the desk, everything looked the same. Even the laptop remained opened, It was just turned off because it ran out of power.

There were some broken tiles and half of a broken tea cup on the floor, probably dropped from the table when school doctors were running away or maybe a zombie accidently pushed it off.

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While Ling Mo kicked the things to the side he also reminded Lin Luanqui “be careful”.

“I’ve never been here before” Lin Luanqui seemed to be curious, she looked carefully at how the two desks were arranged and then went around it to open the drawer. There was only a mobile phone and the school doctor’s personal belongings like beverages. She took out everything useful, and then put it on the desk. Ling Mo took some stuff that he thought was decent and then gave the rest to Lin Luanqui because he didn’t have enough space in his bag.

But while the drawers were opened one after the another, something surprising thing was found.

Some bottles of vitamins, and it looked upscale, all of them were used for extra nutrition.

For most survivors, insufficient nutrition was quite common, even Ling Mo himself can only just fill his stomach. The food couldn’t be compared to the food they used to eat. If he hadn’t gained some strength while he was evolving, he probably wouldn’t be able to keep up the fighting pace right now because of insufficient nutrition.

“This seems good.” Lin Luanqui took one of the bottles looked at it, her eyes widen, “the expire date is quite long”.

Although she felt a bit reluctant, but she gave all the medicine to Ling Mo: ” This should be useful to you.“

Ling Mo took all the medicine and put it in the bag, he hesitated and took one out and gave it to Lin Luanqui: “Take it, your body is very weak.”

Lin Luanqui opened her mouth ready to reject, but eventually bit her bottom lip, took the bottle and sincerely said: “Thank you.”

Even though they got something good that they didn’t expect to get, their original plan was to come here to cure Lin Luanqui and try their best to find regular medicines and first aid supplies. Those things were probably even more important than food.

You can get food anywhere as long as you were brave enough and good enough, but medicine was different. Pharmacies are scarce, you can’t find it anywhere you go to and If you’re injured, it’s hard to move on. If you only go look for medicine when things happen, you are basically dead meat.

Ling Mo immediately realized that this room was just this big, besides the bottle of vitamins they found in the drawer, there was only a small amount of medicine in the cabinet, so there should probably be some more in the other rooms. Ling Mo was a bit puzzled at first but felt relieved afterwards.

Medicine was not that urgent, but Lin Luanqui’s wounds needed to be taken care of right away

All the tools and machines to cure Lin Luanqui was here in this building. They finally found half bottle of povidone-Iodine solution and sterilized saline water.

But when everyone circled around the tools and machines to help cure Lin Luanqui, the atmosphere became weird.

It’s fine to let the two mutated zombies try to treat the wound but what if the blood stimulated them when they are sewing up the wound? This is no joke.

Even if Ling Mo could control them not to attack her, it would still expose themselves as zombies.

So Ye Lian and Shana had been excluded from helping. Ling Mo looked at the stitch on his hand, he braced himself and asked: “Can you do it yourself?”

Lin Luanqui thought really hard then hesitated and shook her head: “I can’t…”

“Then I’ll do it.” “There’s no other options, I have to do it” Ling Mo decided to do it anyways.

But Ling Luanqui deeply looked at him and suddenly asked him: “Do you know how?”

Ling Mo paused and used an uncertain tone of voice and said: “Would it be fine if I told you i know how to sew socks?”

What he said was actually true, he had sewn socks for Ye Lian in the past. Although Ye Lian and him were childhood sweethearts, they’ve never really confirmed any relationship between themselves. Ling Mo sincerely loved her but never said it to her due to the fact that he thought Ye Lian was not in his league.

To raise his personal value, Ling Mo had been striving very hard, but all the hard work and dreams were all in vain because of the apocalypse. But for Ling Mo his focus had never changed. In the past it had been Ye Lian, and right now it still is with also Shana who is fighting with him.

So under the situation in the past, Ling Mo would never ask Ye Lian to do anything, not to mention sewing socks.

Lin Luanqui showed a very weird look, thinking that it was the only way, she gritted her teeth and nodded her head and said: “I appreciate it”.

Taking a deep breath, Ling Mo suddenly looked so concentrated and put in the first stitch….

Lin Luanqui showed a bit of pain, in order not to get distracted, she looked away.

After having evolved his mental strength, his concentration level had become much higher than other people, so he was fast and accurate when he was sewing.

He didn’t have a problem with sewing but he had problem in making the stitch look pretty. After he tied the knot, cut the stitch and looked at the wound he sewed, he look embarrassed.

Lin Luanqui looked back, the moment she saw the wound she twitched the corner of her eyes a bit.

Ling Mo quickly wrapped it up and thought, although it might look ugly, there’s really no time to be picky about these kinds of things.

Ye Lian took a bottle of water and anti-inflammatory drug and handed it over to Lin Luanqui. Although

this wasn’t the proper way to heal a stitch, it should be fine. After this moment she can only rely on lady luck to see if it heals properly.

But after sewing everything she didn’t move anymore. Ling Mo had to help her up and then went to find a ward for her to rest.

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