My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 91


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 91 – We are the Zombie Twins!

For safety concerns, Ling Mo wanted to put Lin Luanqui in a room on the second floor. There were rooms on the first floor but they were all too close to the front door, which could be dangerous.

While Ye Lian helped her to the bed in one of the rooms, Ling Mo and Shana checked around the second floor.

Just like the first floor, there were no zombies on the second floor either.

Shouldn’t there be any zombies?  The fact that there were no zombies in a creepy place like this makes Ling Mo feel really weird about being here.

When someone who has been on alert for a long time, suddenly comes to a safe place, they wouldn’t feel relieved, instead they would be even more nervous. That’s because they were always in danger and so going into somewhere safe makes it feel unreal.

With the situation of what’s happening to the world right now makes it seem normal to be alert all the time. It’s really sad to think that even though the apocalypse only happened for a short time, it felt like a really long time. Being alert all the time was now the natural thing to do.

Being in a safe area made Ling Mo begin to think that if the world became safe again and the zombies were all normal again, would he think the world he was in was a fake?

“Stop thinking”, Ling Mo was shocked for a second, shook his head and laughed at himself, “This kind of thing wouldn’t happen, Ling Mo, you would be in great danger if you keep dreaming about it, c’mon focus.” he told himself.

He went to the third floor, and let Shana stay at the first and second floor to look for medicine.

From his perspective, if there were mutated zombies, they could sense Shana and Ye Lian and they would come out without him having to look for them. If it’s just normal zombies, then he could handle them himself, no need to worry.

The third floor was split in half. One half was the third floor, the other half was the rooftop. This kind of architecture style seemed to be quite popular in X city university. But from what Ling Mo saw was that this was just a place for couples to date and hang around. No one would even find out if you had fucked here. Probably gave an extra kind of excitement being up on the rooftop, not to mention doing other things.

He even found a condom at the entrance and a sticky napkin sticked to the ground.

“Lovely place.”

Ling Mo rolled his eyes, if he could take his girlfriend here and enjoy a moment, his life would literally be fulfilled and complete.

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He held tightly on the short knife and walked cautiously down one side of the hallway. Just in case he gets attacked, he would be able to use the spirit tentacles to protect himself anytime.

Although he didn’t find anything else besides the condom on the rooftop, he still had to be careful. The reason Ling Mo could survive in the beginning and live till now was that he was always aware of his surroundings. He never once lost his vigilance.

After opening two doors there were only some thrown furniture. Seemed like the third floor was used as a warehouse.

Ling Mo felt relieved, seems like there really were no zombies here….

However, when he opened the third door a dark shadow suddenly popped out from an old cabinet, this really scared the shit out of Ling Mo.

The black shadow wasn’t fast, but the way it jumped out was really surprising. Luckily, due to being surprised, Ling Mo subconsciously stepped back at the same time it jumped out. Ling Mo immediately summoned his spirit tentacle out.

At the same time another guy came out from the cabinet, the two of them look very scary, even scarier than other zombies.

They were stained with blood all the way down to their very skin and they smelled just like two people who came out from a bathroom after taking a huge shit. The smell was too intense to block, even Ling Mo couldn’t help himself from frowning.

Unlike other zombies, these two didn’t just come out and attack, they just made stupid threatning gestures.

Ling Mo was shocked in the beginning when he saw them and was ready to strike back, but when he released his spirit tentacle, his face showed a weird expression.

Seeing Ling Mo standing at the front door holding a knife, one of the zombies again roared with a low voice and charged.

Ling Mo coldly made a laughter, he played with his knife and pointed it right at the zombie’s throat when it charged in front of him.

If it were other zombies, even if you put a cannon on their head, they wouldn’t stop, but this zombie trembled and got cold feet.

That face with blood covered shivered, and it mumbled with fear: “Spare my life!!!!”  

The other “zombie” was stupefied after seeing this.

They’ve seen a lot of survivors, but Ling Mo was the only one who was fearless and could even smile while facing zombies.

Is he really that fearless? Of course not! He got scared in the beginning!

He was not afraid going one on one or one against ten, but Ling Mo would still feel a sudden nervousness when they pop out like that.

Not afraid of fighting, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t get scared!

“Big brother!” the zombie shivered but didn’t dare get any closer to Ling Mo but begged him instead: “Please spare our lives! We are not zombies! Not zombies!”

Ling Mo had no intention of taking away the knife. Of course he realized that those two idiots were not zombies, they were just two people disguised as zombies. Although he didn’t realize in the beginning but he figured it out after he tried to use the puppet mastery skill on them and it didn’t work.

They could disguise the appearance, but their spirit had exposed them.

Survivors would do anything just to survive, but this was the first time Ling Mo had seen people like them who made themselves into a human shaped poison bomb.

“Of course I know you guys are human.” Ling Mo snapped. he then stared sharply at the person in front of him and asked: “What are you idiots up to?”

What Ling Mo had really wanted to ask was actually why did they scare him, but he didn’t want to admit that he got scared. Since they were so afraid of him now, he decided to get more information instead.

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