My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 92


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 92 – Did Your Mouth and Asshole Switch?

Ling Mo showed an attitude of “I’ll kill you if you don’t fuckin tell me”, so the two guys quivered and said: “We were just hiding in here for a short while…”

“Bull Fucking Shit!” Ling Mo impatiently interrupted. Why would they need to make themselves like this if they were just hiding?

The guy quickly explained: “No, we just hid here for two days, these two days we actually…..”

With the knife pointed to his throat, Ling Mo just needs to push a bit harder to kill him. When your life was on the line, it’s hard to remain calm, not to mention he was a coward.

Ling Mo frowned while hearing his mumbling vague voice, his partner started to worry that he might irritate Ling Mo so he interrupted and said: “Let me say it.”

The guy quickly shut his mouth and looked at Ling Mo with pleading eyes.

“OK, you say it.” Ling Mo looked at that guy and said.

Although he was covered with blood, but he could still tell that he had dark skin, was less than 20 years old, and apparently was a student of X city university. But he looked a lot more calmer than his partner, and he talks way faster and more fluent.

“We just got here two days ago, this is the only place we can stay. We actually didn’t know you were coming. We were also shocked when you opened the door, but I thought you should be survivor rather than a zombie since you opened the door, but we have no idea what you were up to so we decided to capture you first.”  

After he finished explaining, he felt anxious, he was afraid that Ling Mo would kill his partner if he irritated him.

His partner’s reaction was much more fierce, he started to curse: “OMFG are you trying to kill me? Tang Xiao Xue, did your mouth and asshole switch? Do you know even know how to talk? Or are you only able to talk shit? You want me dead!! Bro! Bro!” He cannot move with a knife pointing at his throat, he can only look at Ling Mo and say, “Don’t be angry, we didn’t want to capture you i swear, we just wanted to make friends with you.”

Ling Mo thought it was hilarious, but also realized that they didn’t have bad intentions, he was also aware of survivors, it’s just that he wouldn’t do anything impulsive like them.

On the second thought, if it were other survivors it might work.

Normally people would become a bit slower when they got scared, those with no guts probably even wouldn’t be able to move. If they saw these fake “zombies” they would probably just wait to die.

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He could tell that they were actually very careful with their plan, because a different scenario could have happened. What if the people didn’t get scared and decided to fight back and kill them? They were smart in seeing if their target got scared or not before going through with their plan.

So they waited for a few seconds and then attacked Ling Mo thinking he was the first kind of person since he jumped back indicating that they had scared the shit out of him.

Too bad that Ling Mo didn’t get scared to death, instead he pulled himself together immediately and played them.

“Sounds like you guys do these kinds of things often?” Ling Mo slowly put down his knife and asked them with great interest.

The guy took a deep breath and wiped his forehead, his face looked even dirtier, which made him look kind of scary, “No! We didn’t even succeed the first time…ahhh. …sorry….sorry I mean….” He was afraid of Ling Mo, so he changed his words right away: “That’s not what I meant.”

“Why are you so scared?” Ling Mo thought, this guy was too timid, was it because i’m too aggressive? But in terms of aggressiveness, Ye Lian and Shana would look even more scarier, the feeling they give others is real aggressiveness.

In other words, that’s actually a kind of strong killing aura.

Only zombies who would regard humans as food, would have this kind of aura. That’s “real” aggressiveness. This feeling is like the feeling when a predator meets a prey.

Ling Mo didn’t even intend to kill, so he didn’t know what to do when he saw this guy being so scared out of his mind. He began to think that the guy was scared probably because he recently killed a lot people and he still had a bit of killing aura around him even when he didn’t intend to kill.

Although Ling Mo wasn’t really serious, the two guys were very afraid of him because Ling Mo did something they didn’t expect him to do.

This guy looked at Ling Mo and said: “Your not like other survivors, you have no fear for zombies bro, so I admire you a lot.”

“He Peng Peng stop kissing his ass” Tang Xiao Xue interrupted and said : “We didn’t have the intention to attack you but….” Tang Xiao Xue looked helpless, and said in a sad voice: “We had to be careful because you never know who’s out there. If someone bad had captured us first instead of someone like you, who knows what might have happened to us. We might have been raped….’

Ling Mo looked like he wanted to puke after what he heard. “There would be no problem if this was said by two beautiful ladies with voluptuous bodies, but what the hell would people do to you two pieces of shit?? Who the fuck would want to rape you!!??”

Ling Mo suddenly thought if Shana couldn’t find anything inside the hospital rooms and he didn’t see anything on the first floor either, then…….

The way Ling Mo looked at them suddenly became weird: “You guys have all the drugs right?”

Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng were shocked. He Peng Peng was dazed and Tang Xiao Xue pulled He Peng Peng to his side looked at Ling Mo with awareness and asked: “What do you want?”

After He Peng Peng pulled himself together, the first thing he thought was to argue: “What drugs?? We don’t know anything about no drugs!”

Ling Mo looked at him as if he was looking at an idiot and turned to Tang Xiao Xue: “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna take it away, in fact..” He took two bags of instant noodles and said: “Wanna trade?”

The two of them showed their desire on their face when they saw the bags of instant noodles.


He Peng Peng also peeked at Ling Mo’s bag while looking at the noodles, but he stopped after seeing his knife.

After what happened last night Ling Mo realized something. He is always carrying a very tempting bag for those survivors who were starving. Luckily he was strong enough that he didn’t have to worry about those two idiots with greedy eyes.

If they tried to take away the bag, Ling Mo wouldn’t mind killing them and taking the drugs.

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