My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 93


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 93 – You guys have balls

Tang Xiao Xue stared at the instant noodle, he was apparently dying to have it.

But when He Peng Peng started to talk, he stopped him and asked: “How do you want to trade?”

Ling Mo thought this guy was much calmer than his partner. He could manage to hold his impulsiveness and bargain with me despite how much he really wanted it.

“Depends on what kind of drugs you have and how much you have” said Ling Mo.

Tang Xiao Xue swallowed then hesitated and said: “Since this is just a school hospital, we don’t have much prescribed medicine. We have some painkillers, cold medicine, antipyretics, propulsid and eye drops”

Ling Mo felt no interest of the long list of medicines he mentioned, he had a lot of regular medicines like cold medicine. After being homeless, his resistance had become much stronger than before so he wouldn’t get sick easily. But painkillers could be very useful, as for propulsid, they don’t really need it since it only helps when you have a stomach ache.

You deserve to be killed right now if you still have stomach ache in this current apocalyptic world. The world out there might be bad right now, but the good thing is that humans are good at adapting to a new environment.

Tang Xiao Xue could tell that Ling Mo was not interested from his expression.

But He Peng Peng’s stomach suddenly made a noise: “guu guu….”

He said to Tang Xiao Xue with a painful expression: “I’m starving to death, even if we get back they wouldn’t give us shit. Just give him some, they wouldn’t find out anyways.”

Tang Xiao Xue’s expression suddenly changed to a look that seemed like he wanted to kill him. He stared at He Peng Peng and said: “Why do I have this dumbass as partner!?”  But seeing him slobbering, he sighed and said: “We also have Yun’nan White Medicinal Powder Spray, guaze and bandage…..”

Tang Xiao Xue looked more confident after naming the extra first-aid tools he had in his supply. As a normal person who can be in danger at anytime, first-aid tools are the most important!

After all humans couldn’t recover like zombies, zombies could still survive if they lose a leg or lose an arm, but humans would probably die just from deep wounds. For example excessive bleeding or not enough energy to run from a zombie.

To humans, getting hurt accidently was increasing the possibility for death, so you had to have a way to save yourself.

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Ling Mo was impressed and asked: “How much do you have?”

“Not much, about two for each item.” Tang Xiao Xue hesitated and said.

Ling Mo could tell something was not right from his uncertain tone of voice so Ling Mo asked a question: “You guys are finding medicine for other people?”

“em..”Tang Xiao Xue became a bit nervous and then said, “Ya I’m finding them for my classmates.”

“Bullshit! They aren’t our classmates! They are assholes! If they really did regard us as classmates, they wouldn’t have done something like this” He Peng Peng angrily interrupted Tang Xiao Xue.

Tang Xiao Xue frowned, and lowered his voice: “Don’t be like this, we can’t blame them, blame the asshole couples!”

“Anyways they are all bad guys. Why don’t they find the medicine themselves? Making us come out here to find it and risking our lives.” He Peng Peng seemed to be holding onto a grudge, so he kept cursing.

The two guys seemed to be bullied by their companions.

Although Ling Mo didn’t want to mind other people’s business, he really needed those medicines. So he considered a little bit and asked: “How about this, if you guys can give me all the medicine, I can not only give you food, but I can also take you to another group of survivors, in this way you guys wouldn’t be tortured for not taking back medicine.”

This was probably the best and easy way to peacefully deal with those bullies. If can’t bear with me then I’ll just leave. Of course if you want to do this you need to have the courage and ability to survive. It would be hard for those two survivors to survive, so Ling Mo came up with this idea. There are 3000 survivors in this school so it wouldn’t be hard to find another group of people.

He could tell they are holding a strong grudge on their partners. They would probably say yes after he told them this idea, yet this did not happen.

“No, we can’t go” Tang Xiao Xue said and surprised Ling Mo.

Even He Peng Peng shook his head and said: “Thanks man, it’s not that we don’t trust you, but we really can’t go.”

“Why?”Ling Mo asked, are they masochists?

Tung Xiao Xue felt complicated and said: “Not just us, there are other people who were forced to come out and look for medicine, some look for food and some look for daily needs like tissues….I don’t know if others will escape but He Peng Peng and I won’t, because….”

“What are you afraid of! Just say it” He Peng Peng angrily said “The two bitch ass couples shut ten girls in a place which includes a pregnant teacher! They said they will give us three days to find supplies or they will kill a girl if one person doesn’t get back by the time. If two people don’t come back on time then two girls are going to die. Although none of them is my girlfriend or relative, but Tang Xiao Xue and I will not let them die because of us.”

He was very angry, his whole body was shaking when he was talking. If he was lying then his acting skills was very god-like.

If Tang Xiao Xue had said these things Ling Mo might not have believed him but if it’s from He Peng Peng who was always a bit more careless when he talked, he would, because this type of person wouldn’t lie when he was being emotional.

So the way Ling Mo looked at them changed.

“To my surprise….you two have balls” Ling Mo was sincere, Ling Mo really admired them both.

It’s easy to tell that those two were the lowest level of survivors, no ability and not smart but were at least nice people.

It’s really hard to find people like this right now.

The way how Ling Mo saw them changed and his voice became softer and he also put down his knife.

We can only give you a bit, because there is only a little bit of the supplies, if we don’t take enough back, we won’t have a good ending. If it weren’t because we were starving to death right now, we wouldn’t be changing it with food. Tang Xiao Xue said and sighed..

He Peng Peng was much more straightforward: “Don’t even think about taking our supplies away from us! You can see that this is real zombie blood, we also used zombie flesh to cover our body. If you want to rob us I’ll cut myself and become a zombie. You would die no matter how strong you are!”

“I really want to say I don’t know you anymore!” Tang Xiao Xue kicked his leg.

Although this was a good method, it wouldn’t work if you told the whole plan to your opponent.

Only in really bad movies would you see someone telling their enemies what their best moves are….

Although Ling Mo thought this was hilarious, he also felt disgusted that they used zombie flesh to cover their body.

But on second thought if he didn’t have super powers and had fought them like a regular person, he probably wouldn’t win if they went with their plan.

From their words Ling Mo could tell they killed zombies before, although he didn’t know how but he assumed it must of been really hard for them.

So out of curiosity, he still asked, “Where did you get the zombie blood?”

He Peng Peng who had a big mouth said, “Oh! You wouldn’t believe it! We were so lucky, we saw a stupid zombie get stuck in a wall. Tang Xiao Xue and I decided to use a stone to kill it”

Out of excitement, the proud He Peng Peng started to tell him the whole story how he killed the zombie and told him how he used a not so big stone to kill the stupid zombie.

After listening, Ling Mo thought “These two idiots are in fact very interesting!”

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