My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 94


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 94 – Been Through Hell

Even though Ling Mo should be aware of other survivors, he could tell these two idiots were just too weak and could also tell that they lacked experience when it came to meeting new survivors.

Even Tang Xiao Xue who was the smarter one of the two, would tell you anything you wanted to know for just a bit of food.

This is why they lacked experience. They were basically carrying gold and telling you they could exchange a small amount of gold to you for something you have when you had the power to rob them and they wouldn’t be able to even fight back.

These two were a bit simple minded, but they were very lucky that they met Ling Mo rather than Xu Cai.

“How about this, I really do want the medicine, but you guys seem to have a difficult time….”

Ling Mo just couldn’t be a asshole and rob everything from them. He didn’t want to kill want to kill two innocent girls indirectly as well as put these two retards in danger.

This was a matter of crossing the line, this is something Ling Mo couldn’t go through. If he did it, then he would be no different than Xu Cai.

Although Ling Mo didn’t wish to rob them, if Tang Xiao Xue only gives him one portion of it, it’s not going to be enough.

While he was hesitating, a shadow appeared at the door. Ling Mo didn’t even need to look back to know that the person in front of the door was Shana.

Even though he wasn’t controlling Shana, she was essentially his zombie puppet. They had a special spirit connection. Even if they were not at the same place, Ling Mo would still somehow know where she and Ye Lian were.

Shana was looking for medicine on the second floor, but she didn’t find anything so she came to see Ling Mo. This was kind of her habit, because although she was close to Ye Lian, staying with Lin Luanqui who was a human bothered her. She tried to avoid humans as much as she could. Ling Mo was apparently an exception, but this special treatment was not just because of their spiritual connection.

Although Ling Mo was not surprised, He Peng Peng was. He saw someone appear at the door and he started to shout, Tang Xiao Xue immediately covered his mouth: “STFU, are you stupid? Do You want zombies to come here??”

“Don’t worry, this is Shana”, Ling Mo smiled and said, but when he turned around Shana had already ran  to him.

The second she walked past him, Ling Mo found out Shana’s eyes had slightly turned red with his spiritual power.

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Seeing someone suddenly charge towards him with a knife, Tang Xiao Xue was shocked and grabbed He Peng Peng to step back.

But their speed was no match for Shana who is in zombie mode. She was already in front of them after they took a step back. Just when the knife was coming down to make a slash….


Although Shana wouldn’t attack humans under his control, these two guys looked just like zombies!!

As a more advanced mutated zombie, Shana was also aggressive to other zombies. Normally mutated zombies or advanced zombies wouldn’t attack other normal zombies unless they were hungry, but Shana and Ye Lian were a bit different. Especially Shana, who still had her memory and consciousness. Her hostility towards zombies was much stronger.

Luckily Ling Mo had already pulled himself together, he immediately used his puppet skills to gain more control on Shana and dashed to her and grabbed her arm to his direction.

After doing these two things, the direction Shana slashed tilted a bit and slashed in front of He Peng Peng.


It took a while for Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng to pull themselves together, they were scared shitless to death..

Their limbs felt like they were melting, their brains felt completely empty! They had just been through hell….

Because it was too scary just a few moments ago, they paused over there without moving, and leaned on each other while quivering.

After being grabbed away by Ling Mo, she still had those red eyes which stared at the two “zombies”.

Ling Mo was also very shocked, because if he hadn’t stopped Shana, those two idiots might have already been dead by now.

Ling Mo originally thought that their “disguise” sucked and wouldn’t be able to trick other zombies, but reality smacked him in the face when Shana fell for it… turns out it was pretty good.

So as long as you want to live, you can always still find a way, just depends on whether your willing to go the extra mile or not.

“OKOK don’t worry” Ling Mo tried to calm Shana down, “She won’t kill you guys, don’t worry.”

He Peng Peng asked with a quivering voice “Is she your girlfriend? OMG…Thank god.. She scared the shit out of me…”

“I think the way you guys look now will scare other people!” Ling Mo stared at him and said. “She thought you guys were zombies. Although your method was to try to trick zombies, if you guys see a survivor, you guys might be dead. Figure out something else” Ling Mo advised them.

He was thinking, putting aside whether survivors will kill you guys or not, if they met a mutated zombie or a hungry zombie, they were dead meat.

Tang Xiao Xue pulled himself together and looked at Shana with fear. Although he was scared of Shana, he believed she was human. His mindset was was built on only normal zombies. He probably couldn’t imagine that there were also mutated zombies in the current world so he wasn’t suspicious about Shana’s identity.

“Not all survivors are like you two monsters who attack zombies once you see them. Most people would just run away” Tang Xiao Xue showed a bit of depression.

It was their first time seeing survivors after disguised like this, but out of their expectations they almost got killed twice in one day.

“…..” Ling Mo was suddenly speechless, and thought that, he doesn’t always attack zombies once he sees them, as for Shana, honestly you can’t blame her, it’s in her nature as a mutated zombie to kill other zombies.

“How about this, I have friends downstairs, you two go clean yourselves up and take the drugs downstairs and we can see how we are going to make the trade.”

Although Ling Mo wanted to talk to them a bit more about other stuff, but it seemed like these two idiots couldn’t think straight anymore.

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