My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 95


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 95 – Jinx

Seeing Ling Mo and Shana leaving without turning their heads, Tang Xiao Xue ‘s legs felt like jelly and melted on the ground.

He looked fearful. If it wasn’t because his face was covered in blood, you would see that his face was very pale. He tried to wipe his forehead but he realized his hands were paralyzed.

You can’t understand how they felt unless you’ve been so close to death before.

He Peng Peng leaned on the cabinet and slowly sat down, he felt like he didn’t have any energy anymore.

He whispered, “Scared the shit out of me” and then asked “Who do you think is stronger? In my honest opinion, the dude is no match for this girl, she’s way too fast.”

Tang Xiao Xue exhaled and slowly said: “I have a different opinion. That girl may be really fast, but he still managed to stop her. I don’t think I would be able to do this. Even if I react fast enough, my body can’t be that fast. No.. I don’t think I would even be able to react. That was too fast.”

Although Tang Xiao Xue wasn’t talking clearly, but He Peng Peng started to think, so that guy is a bit stronger?

Should be, or why does that girl listen to him…

But he gave up thinking, and slapped his lap, “If they are that good, do you think they are better than the bitch ass couples?”

“No shit!! The bitch ass couples couldn’t possibly be that good. If they didn’t claim that they had a guy with superpowers they wouldn’t be that arrogant” Tang Xiao Xue said with despise.

When superpowers was mentioned, He Peng Peng showed a disapproval expression and said: “Last time I heard that bitch ass couple say that the guy with superpowers would bring all the survivors together and build a huge base. That’s complete bullshit! I don’t believe that superpowers exist!”

Tang Xiao Xue looked at He Peng Peng with a complicated look and said with a low voice: “I believe.”

“Are you stupid or were you dropped as a baby, how can you believe in this kind of shit??”

“Why not? Look at whats happened to this world? If it didn’t happen, how many people would believe the existence of zombies? If there are zombies then there might be some possibilities that superpowers do exist. I even heard that there used to be a guy in school who had a superpower, but disappeared. Probably escaped.”

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Tang Xiao Xue eyes suddenly became very upset, “Recently I’ve been thinking, in the past before the apocalypse happened, when I was bored I would go onto the forums and say that I hoped doomsday would come” then he slapped himself on the face, “Why did I fuckin jinx it!”

He Peng Peng also quivered and then grabbed Tang Xiao Xue’s hand to stop him: “Stop doing this, this has nothing to do with you jinxing it.”

“It’s hard to live on, and it’s painful.” Tang Xiao Xue’s eye was a bit wet “I thought I had wanted to die anyways and go to hell to meet my parents but when the girl tried to kill us, I really thought I was going to die. I honestly have never felt the urge to want to live so much at that moment. Don’t laugh at me, I didn’t want to die at that moment. When that knife was slashing towards me I was scared to death.”

He Peng Peng looked at Tang Xiao Xue with surprise, and then laughed: “Hahaha I didn’t believe it! I knew you didn’t want to die! You always said how you didn’t mind dying all the time! What complete utter bullshit! At least i’m not a liar and i don’t pretend that i’m not scared of dying. I’m not even afraid to tell you that I actually pissed my pants.”

He pointed below his crotch. The place he was sitting on was really wet…..

Tang Xiao Xue jumped as if tail got stepped on, looked at He Peng Peng weirdly. He Peng Peng looked as if he didn’t feel embarrassed and waved at him: “Come and help me up, my legs are melted, I can’t get up…”

“Why don’t you just sit on your pee the whole day….Honestly i’m so unlucky to know you…Let’s pretend we don’t know each other anymore.”

After 10 minutes, they went downstairs. Tang Xiao Xue was carrying a small bag filled with drugs they ha collected from the school’s hospital.

And the way He Peng Peng was walking, looked really weird. If you looked closely, his crotch and legs were wet….

They followed Ling Mo’s advice to clean the blood stains, but they still smelled like shit.

The moment they reached the second floor, Tang Xiao Xue stopped and He Peng Peng quivered.

Outside the ward, they saw Shana holding a long knife with a cold look. Her eyes looked normal now. Tang Xiao Xue thought the red eyes he saw was an illusion caused by fear.

The two guys hesitated at the stairway and then walked over anyways.

“em…” while He Peng Peng tried to talk, Shana went in and said, “Come in.”

“Even her voice doesn’t have any emotions… this the legendary cold beauty?” He Peng Peng stopped with his mouth open and turned around to talk to Tang Xiao Xue: “Come on if this guy didn’t kill us, they won’t kill us now. Let’s negotiate with them for some food. If we get more food, we can even share it with the others when we get back.”

“Don’t be silly, the bitch ass couple will search us when we get back.” said Tang Xiao Xue shaking his head.

He Peng Peng fiercely gritted his teeth and said: “Come and search me than! I only have these clothes, let them search! They wouldn’t be able to tolerate our smell! Why don’t you piss on your pants too, let them smell it…..”

“Go dig a hole and die in it please.” He quickly refused. He went into the room right away because He Peng Peng seemed to want to keep talking and coming up with some really embarrassing plans.

Even though the hospital ward had a big room, it only contained six beds. It’s not hard to understand why there were so little beds in the hospital ward. Usually in school there would only be a small amount of sick students coming here to get an IV drip, there’s honestly no point in putting too many beds for such a small amount of students.

Ling Mo was in front of the bed in the middle, Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng paused at the same time.

“Four people….”He Peng Peng looked shocked, but what really surprised him was that besides Ling Mo, the other people in the room were all females and one of them was lying sick on the bed.

One guy and three girls, how the hell did they make it here alive?

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