My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 96


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 96 – Luck is also part of your ability

Honestly people would have evil intentions if they saw a group with only one male and three females. Especially if they saw them carry a big bag of supplies. It’s like holding a sign that says I’m a easy target. It’s much easier to rob a group of helpless people with supplies than search in a zombie infested area for supplies. People would choose to rob other people because of this.

For people like Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng who were so hungry now, they probably wouldn’t kill others, but they probably would try to take away the stuff.

But after seeing what Ling Mo and Shana were capable of, they would of course not do something that stupid.

Tang Xiao Xue even thought that even if someone tried to do something to them, they probably wouldn’t end up with a good outcome. What he didn’t know was that this theory of his was actually proven last night.

What really made He Peng Peng and Tang Xiao Xue curious was where they come from.

They made special trip here, probably just to save this patient on the bed…..

Since they met Ling Mo, they had the assumed that Ling Mo was a survivor from the school, probably had always been around the school.

As for the girls in the room, Ling Luanqui looked young, not to mention Shana. Especially Ye Lian looked so familiar, although they couldn’t figure out who she was right now but they were sure that she was a student from X city university. So they were even more sure with their assumption.

Since everyone was from the same school, we should be able to negotiate. He Peng Peng thought.

Guess they will never figure out that they were from another place….


Lin Luanqui has been sleeping since she took her medicine, but she opened her eyes with awareness when she heard Tang Xiao Xue’s voice.

If it wasn’t because she saw Ye Lian right beside her, she would probably jump out of the bed and find a place to hide right away. This was already an instinctive reaction for her.

But with Ye Lian, Shana, and Ling Mo beside her, she really didn’t have to worry about anything.

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She was still surprised, but didn’t say anything and just looked at the door.

“Zombies?! No….”The moment she talked, she saw the two survivors, her pale face showed a surprised expression.

The two survivors looked dirty and smelled like shit. They even looked like zombies when you first look at them, but zombies wouldn’t just stand there and do nothing.

And one of them even waved embarrassedly, looked like he’s saying hi….

And if you look closely under their short messy hair, is a pair of human eyes. It’s just that it’s covered with blood stains, so it can be really confusing.

They looked much better now though, They had like a ninety percent zombie and ten percent human look before, but now it’s like a fifty – fifty.

Ye Lian took an extra look at them and looked confused, good thing was Ling Mo had calmed her down immediately, so she didn’t try to kill them like Shana did.

After seeing them, Ling Mo tried to figure out how the zombies would judge whether someone was a zombie or a human. So far it looks like they could only judge by seeing if they had the virus or not.

To make sure their plan would work out, the two guys tried everything to disguise themselves. Out of everything they used to cover themselves with, seems like only the zombie blood that contained the virus really worked. These two guys really had the guts for trying without knowing if it worked or not.

But from Ling Mo’s perspective, this can only be a temporary solution, not a suitable one in the long run.

Although the virus shouldn’t be able to penetrate through the skin, they still wouldn’t know what would happen if you were covered with zombie blood for a long time.

If they accidently got hurt with the blood on them, then it’s no different than killing yourself.

Also, it was really dangerous to be in a group of zombies! Zombies evolve, and evolve means killing other zombies.

Humans are their food supply but zombies are their supplements to evolve.

Food is essential, but if there are some supplements, they wouldn’t let go of it.

Half of the reason they could make it alive till now was because they worked hard in surviving and the other half was because they were so damn lucky. But you have to admit that luck is part of one’s skill.

“Why are there…”Lin Luanqui asked suspiciously, she never imagined that they would see any survivors.

This was the center of X city university, while the number of zombies rapidly increased, so did the amount survivors.

Although the survivors were scattered all around the school, but in terms of quantity, survivors in the center area had the most amount.

But the school hospital was not a good place to stay due to the fact that it was a big risk to go in and out of the hospital since it was near the basketball court.

So this area would have a lot of survivors but no one would stay in the school hospital itself!

“I saw them on the third floor.” Ling Mo said, and added, “They have all the medicine.”

Lin Luanqui looked at them surprisingly, seemed to be thinking, just the two of them? Do they even have the balls to come out and look for medicine? She could tell they don’t even have weapons…

Survivors wouldn’t be willing to take this kind of risk, since it’s not food. And these two guys didn’t look like they needed drugs.

She didn’t ask anything though. But the way she looked at Ling Mo suddenly became subtle, seemed to be expecting Ling Mo to do something.

Although Ling Mo’s intention to come to X university wasn’t for the drugs, but right now there was something so good in front him, probably if it was other survivors, they probably wouldn’t let this good chance slip away.

When Ling Mo promised her to take her to the school hospital, he also claimed that he was planning to collect some drugs at the same time. Although Ling Mo didn’t say anything, Lin Luanqui predicted that he would stay in X city university for a while. If this was the case, it’s better to have found more drugs.

She knows Ling Mo wants the drugs for sure, but she didn’t know what action Ling Mo would take.

Ling Mo and her were just collaborating, they didn’t actually understand each other that much. Although Shi Bin wasn’t killed by Ling Mo, Lin Luanqui was still a bit wary of him. After treating her wound twice, she let go some of her feelings about him. Actually she doesn’t know how really she feels about him, maybe a bit grateful but also a bit of wary.

She could feel that Ling Mo becomes stronger every time he fights.

And the two girls beside her are also really something too….

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