My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 97


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 97 – The Other Guy With Super Powers

“So… How do you guys want to trade?” Ling Mo asked and waved to tell them to come over.

Tang Xiao Xue didn’t move, He Peng Peng pushed him and said: “let’s go, there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“Afraid your mother. Do I look like you?. I just thought we might stink like shit and it’s gonna be uncomfortable for the patient! Not everyone’s like you…”

Tang Xiao Xue was cursing in his head, but he was already been pushed inside, so he walked to Ling Mo. He knows he smells like shit so he tried to keep a distance.

Despite that, the air became really bad. Good thing was the two mutated zombies were fine with it.

For Ling Mo and Lin Luanqui who both had been through a lot of adversities, could definitely tolerate this.

He Peng Peng didn’t mean to lower his voice, so everyone in the room heard what he said.

Lin Luanqui showed a funny face and looked at Ling Mo.

“Don’t worry, we won’t steal your stuff, we’re just gonna trade.” Ling Mo sighed and said.

Tang Xiao Xuen nodded and said: “I know that, or else you could have just finished us up already, didn’t even need to give us time to consider. Bro, just tell us how much you want.”

He peeped at Ye Lian and Lin Luanqui when he was talking to Ling Mo, but when he made an eye contact with Ye Lian he got a cold feeling.

As a mutated zombie who was near from evolving again, the feeling Ye Lian gave others was different. She had a knife with her and she didn’t look like someone who was weak.

Tang Xiao Xue thought: “Why the hell did they meet so many strong survivors when they went out.”

Although Ling Mo promised that he wouldn’t do anything, but he felt like he was a mouse walking in a group of cats, he didn’t feel safe at all.

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He hesitantly looked at Ling Mo, thinking that he didn’t even have the guts to refuse Ling Mo’s “trade”.

Tang Xiao Xue felt really lucky that Ling Mo was willing to trade, even though he was capable in killing them all and then stealing all the stuff. It’s not like before, power is everything in this current world. If you don’t have power the only thing you can do is submit. There is no moral code in this world anymore.

Even Tang Xiao Xue thought that ethics were not reliable anymore.

If Ling Mo had asked him to hand over all the drugs now, in order to survive, he would probably do something terrible in response. He never told He Peng Peng this, because he knew that He Peng Peng wouldn’t be able to do something terrible.

The best result was to pray that Ling Mo won’t suddenly get annoyed and kill them to steal their stuff.

He Peng Peng was much more careless now, he was already assuming that Ling Mo wouldn’t kill them for sure. He said to Ling Mo with a laugh on his face: “Big bro, could we talk about the trade later and give us some food first? I am starving….When we came out they only gave us a little bit of food, it’s not even enough…. ”

“Everyone’s food is collected by risking their lives, I won’t just give it to you.” Ling Mo waved his hands and said “No” to stop He Peng Peng.

There must of been a large portion of the three thousand survivors of the school who couldn’t get full like them.

If it wasn’t like this, Xu Cai’s encouragement wouldn’t be that effective.

The most scary thing is actually not temporary hunger, it’s actually when food starts to get insufficient, and there were only zombies around. Xu Cai and the guys were all under this kind of despair.

These two haven’t reached to that level yet, so that meant that there must still be enough food around here in the center area.

But their task was to collect medicine, and there is not much to eat here, so it’s quite normal that they felt hungry.

But the “bitch ass couples” they mentioned made people risk their lives and didn’t even give food. No wonder they were so angry.

Thinking to this point, Ling Mo suddenly thought of something and asked them: “I heard you guys mentioning the couples, so your leaders are a boy and a girl. But how could just the two of them possibly control ten girls, and how are they forcing other survivors to collect supplies. I’m curious, why would you guys rather take the risk coming out than unite and fight them?

Ling Mo was thinking that if this couple were as good as Ye Lian, then they should be capable of doing what they’re doing now, but if they were normal people, then they shouldn’t be able to do something like that.

He knows things were a bit complicated, if he had asked directly, the two of them might not be willing to tell the truth , so he decided to use reverse psychology on them.

This method really worked on He Peng Peng, he immediately said with fierceness: “It’s not that easy! If it was just the two of them, we wouldn’t end up like this, but they have someone helping them and they tricked some people to join their group, making their group larger than ours, so we can only listen to what they say.”

So that’s it, in other words, the two of them and the other survivors who were forced to come out to collect supplies were the group that didn’t join the couples.

Tang Xiao Xue hesitated and nodded: “This just happened recently, due to the couples meeting a guy with superpowers….”

“Superpowers?” Ling Mo twitched his eyes a bit, even Ling Luanqui sit up with a pale face.

“Ya.” Tang Xiao Xue thought that Ling Mo didn’t believe them from his facial expression, so he added “Rumor was that he was trying to gather all the survivors. He seems like someone who has real superpowers or else he wouldn’t have the ability to walk anywhere in school whenever he wanted…”

Ling Mo thought the word anywhere was exaggerated but those with superpowers have more of an  advantage than normal people, so if you’re careful, it is possible to go anywhere you want in school.

So the guy with superpowers not only wants to gather everyone, he wants to make everyone collect everything for him.

If you think deeper, during the process, they can eliminate the weaker ones….

Ling Mo suddenly thought, as a college student, would he be that cruel???

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