My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 98


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 98 – Run When Things Go South

Ling Mo leaned forward, stared at Tang Xiao Xue and asked: ”Tell me more about the guy with superpowers.”

Although X city university was a very big area, he and the other guy with superpowers were both in the center area, so there would be a high possibility that they would encounter each other.

He could easily tell from He Peng Peng and Tang Xiao Xue’s description that this guy was very ambitious and cruel. He needed to be cautious with this type of person.

And Ling Mo was also curious about this guy’s real goal. It was already really hard to gather over a thousand people into one spot. The death toll for this type of plan would be hard to predict. Either way the remainder of the survivors that survive this type of gathering would still be a great number.

It would be fine if ten or twenty people gathered together, but if there are hundreds of people gathering together, that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

The guy with superpowers would of surely thought of this, what is he up to?

The last time he fought with Lin Luanqui, Ling Mo had already known what people with superpowers could be capable of. If Lin Luanqui wasn’t sick, Ling Mo might have gotten hurt at that time since he wasn’t aware.

Even though the possibility of being sneak attacked by the guy with superpowers was relatively low due to Ye Lian being able to detect people with powers, it was still a hassle since you wouldn’t know what type of powers they had.

Taking safety precautions was always better, so Ling Mo wanted to thoroughly understand that person first.

“I think he was a graduate student, named Wei Jun Yen.” Tang Xiao Xue said frowning his eyebrows,

We really don’t know that much about him since the bitch ass couples talk in a whispers, but one of the people in our group said he knew him before. He said he was a very shy and passionate guy with long hair.

Ling Mo rolled his eyes, thinking that he was giving useless information, so kept asking: “Didn’t you guys find out what kind of super power he has?”

“Em.. not quite sure, i think when he moves really fast, it looks a bit weird, and there’s no sound when he walks.” Tang Xiao Xue tried very hard to think.

This at least provided some clues….fast, no sound when he moves, this was kind of like Ye Lian or was he exactly like Ye Lian and had high agility?

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If that was the case, then there is nothing to worry about. He might be good at a surprise attack, but Ye Lian had the ability to sense people with superpowers.

Although Ling Mo was not good at close combat, his psychic powers had enhanced to a certain level. Although he’s still not capable of controlling humans, he could still distort their vision or influence their judgments. Maybe he could attack people with his psychic powers in the future, but he’s not sure how long that would take for him to harness that type of power.

While Ling Mo was contemplating, he looked up and saw Ling Luanqui giving a weird look.

Although Lin Luanqui quivered and looked down immediately, but Ling Mo saw everything.

He could see that she subtly showed a bit of hatred through her eyes, seemed like she knew this Wei Jun Yen guy.

When they first met each other, Lin Luanqui mentioned this guy before, but didn’t say a lot.

Ling Mo felt curious at that time, but he thought the possibility of bumping into this guy was pretty low so he didn’t bother asking. Plus she probably wouldn’t have told the truth anyways.

According to this, they might have had some sort of connection in past. It’s actually quite possible, after all they were the only two people in X city university who had superpowers. He might have tried to talk with Lin Luanqui in the past since he was also around in this area.

But from Lin Luanqui’s reaction, she didn’t seem to want to talk about this Wei Jun Yen….

After realizing that a person with superpowers was around, they weren’t in mood for bargaining.

He was thinking of using some food in exchange for three portions of first-aid medicine which could let them last for at least a month.

With this amount of time, Ling Mo would be able to kill all the mutated and advanced mutated zombies in X city university, and at that time, Ye Lian could probably be able to gain some more consciousness and sanity. The advanced mutated zombie girl gave Ling Mo a deep impression, she apparently already had the ability to make judgements.

As for Shana’s evolvement…..due to her situation, Ling Mo couldn’t be sure how she would eventually be like, but so far it looked like it’s heading towards the right way.

The result made Tang Xiao Xue really happy, he thought Ling Mo wanted to take all the drugs, in that case he wouldn’t be able to explain when he got back to his group.

And the food Ling Mo gave was a lot, they would be able to eat for several days.

He had thought Ling Mo might not have been a nice guy, probably even a bit threatening, but in the world right now where ethic values went extinct, he’s pretty lucky that Ling Mo was willing to trade at a fair price.

And they couldn’t use these supplies anyways when they got back. They had to hand it over to the bitch ass couples. If he hadn’t stopped He Peng Peng, He Peng Peng was going to put some zombie blood inside the medicine.

After making the deal, Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng started to stuff food in their mouths.

But in order to avoid zombie blood, they had to stretch their necks out, which made it look very funny.

Ling Mo looked entertained and then looked at Lin Luanqui.

But before he said anything, Lin Luanqui said: “Don’t worry, I will draw out the routes and show where zombies appear the most”

But she bit her lips immediately after talking, Ling Mo could see her sadness through her eyes. Ling Mo suddenly felt weird, he felt like back when they had just met.

“What are your plans afterwards?” Ling Mo also wanted to ask about Wei Jun Yen, but seeing her right now he held it in and made a sigh in his head.

Lin Launqui looked to him and asked: “How about you?”

“Em..” Ling Mo smiled and said: “Live and survive with them no matter what happens.”

Lin Luanqui expressions changed and looked at Ling Mo, seemed like she was going to say something but then stopped.

After a while, she sadly said: ‘I’m not sure, I want to find my relatives, but I don’t have the ability right now. When I left school I just wanted to see what was going on the outside or what’s the city like right now. Most importantly, I wanted to know if there was going to be any help.” She looked at Ling Mo and asked: “Have you ever thought if there were any rescue teams?”

Ling Mo stopped and shook his head and said: “Not right now.The town area is too complicated, ”even if there’s a rescue team, the only possibility of them finding us is to wait for them to figure things out first and then come find us, normal people wouldn’t be able to reach out to them. Plus the buildings in the city are very big, it’s going to be really hard for them to find us.

Ling Mo didn’t see any hope in the rescue Lin Luanqui mentioned, the virus was very contagious, everything happened too fast, there wasn’t enough time to take any action to prevent it.

Things wouldn’t all be destroyed but waiting for them to fix everything and to create a safe area and then come out to search for survivors would be a hard task and also take too long.

This was the darkest age for survivors because they had to rely everything on themselves.

The two of them were quiet for a while. She seemed to have kept her life after reaching the school hospital, but it also meant that her deal with Ling Mo was coming to a end.

Ling Mo could tell that she was trying to ask him to stay from her words, but they both have different plans, Ling Mo couldn’t take two zombies and stay with humans for too long.

It was about time to say goodbye but Ling Mo couldn’t bear to tell a little girl: “I’ll leave you here and I’m going to take my girlfriend to leave tomorrow.”

Lin Luanqui had no intention of initiating it….

“Take a rest first we need to arrange everything. Let’s talk about it tomorrow and take a nap first. By the way, we will be sleeping in the next room, just call us if anything happens.”

Seeing Ling Mo leaving with his bags, Lin Luanqui paused and smiled a bit, but with a different look on her face…..

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