My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 99


My Girlfriend is a Zombie Chapter 99 – Selective Memory

When Ling Mo left the room, the other people in the room also started to leave as well, leaving Lin Luanqui in the bed alone.

The hospital was relatively safe, so there was no problem with Lin Luanqui being in a room by herself.

Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng didn’t plan to leave right away. Even though they had recovered their energy and stamina, with their skills, they probably wouldn’t survive at night so they decided to leave the next morning.

When they made the agreement with Ling Mo had also promised to get a bottle of zombie blood for them the next morning.

Despite the warnings Ling Mo had given them about covering themselves with zombie blood, they still intended to put it on since to them it was the only way to walk across a bunch of zombies without getting bitten.

Ling Mo thought this method was extremely dangerous to use, but then again if it’s just being used to escape it might just work.

Not a lot of people have the guts to disguise as a zombie and walk through a bunch of other zombies.

After quickly dealing with Tang Xiao Xue and He Peng Peng, Ling Mo brought the two zombie girls to rest.

But when he said “I’m going to take a rest with the girls”, the two guys gave him a weird look.

“What the fuck are you guys looking at, go to bed already.”

Ling Mo felt weirded out by their looks and angrily rushed the girls into the room and slammed the door.

Turning to the two girls he rubbed his hands, Ling Mo felt excited and carefully took out the gels.

“Come on and eat this.”

“Don’t bite! Good girl! Shana…”

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“Ye Lian, don’t be like her!”

After ten seconds, Tang Xiao Xue who was standing outside the door suddenly thought of something, wiped his sweat, and grabbed He Peng Peng who was leaning on the door listening: “Hey dumbass do you have a death wish? You really want to interrupt them?Did you forgot that girl made you wet your pants…”

“HAHA” He Peng Peng smiled with a evil grin and said: “Don’t worry i’m just listening, there’s no harm in listening.”

“Stop it! I don’t want to die!”

Tang Xiao Xue quickly grabbed He Peng Peng to another room and thought this Ling Mo was such a horny guy, starting immediately after he went in to the room.

Ling Mo never thought that his intention to feed the two girls made others assume different things, he was right now nervously looking at Ye Lian and Shana.

The gels were collected from hunting the zombies from the lab. All the gels he had collected condensed into one gel in his pocket. Ling Mo then splitted the gel into two pieces. Ling Mo had a theory about the gels. He thought that the color of darkness determined the purity of the gel but he wasn’t sure if the darkness was due to the type of the zombie body or because of the number of zombies it ate.

After all he wasn’t an expert of this, he could only figure things out through experimenting.

Probably if he killed more zombies, he would be able to figure it out. So far he has found that no matter how pure the gel originally was, as long as it was placed with another gel, it would eventually eat each other up and become a smaller piece of gel with higher purity. Even after being left alone for a while, the gel would still be full of energy after Ling Mo used his tentacles to check.

“What kind of virus is this….”

Ling Mo sighed and focused on Ye Lian,

Shana’s evolution had slowed down a bit, he wouldn’t be seeing her evolve in a short period of time. Even if he gives her the whole gel nothing would happen.

So Ling Mo was more excited to see Ye Lian evolving. He intentionally gave Ye Lian a bit more and the good thing was that Shana didn’t mind.


Ling Mo and Ye Lian had the closest spirit connection, so he could feel that she was very close to evolving to an advanced mutated zombie.

Although mutated zombies have certain level of consciousness, it is like the difference between heaven and earth when comparing to advanced mutated zombies..


At least this theory was based on his observation from Shana and Ye Lian’s growth.

Unfortunately he had doubts on what happens after evolving to an advanced mutated zombie. He believe that after turning into an advanced mutated zombie, just eating gels were not going to be enough to advance further. Although the gels were regarded as food for mutated zombies, he believed advanced mutated zombies needed something more to evolve.

He has no idea right now but maybe in the future when Ye Lian gets to that point, she would have a certain level of consciousness and could communicate with him. If she could communicate with him then he could probably ask what she wanted in order to evolve.

To his disappointment, after eating the gel, only their spirit power raised a little bit. Ye Lian didn’t become an advanced mutated zombie.

Seems like they were almost there, just needed a bit more gels.

Good thing was that X city university was never short of zombies.

Although Ling Mo felt frustrated and had wanted to go look for more gels, the sky had already turned dark, so he forced himself to sleep.


“So soft….”

Ling Mo’s hands touching a soft thing and he made a grip with his hands as a form of reflex, he felt that the body in his chest started to move.

He opened his eyes and looked at Ye Lian’s pearl like eyes. Although other people couldn’t see emotions through those big cold eyes, Ling Mo he could see a bit of affection in them.

“You will always be my girl even if you became a zombie…” Ling Mo hugged her and gave her a morning kiss.

After Ling Mo felt awake and energetic he got up and saw Shana hiding to another side wearing her clothes on the other bed.

Although she recovered a lot of her memory, she still looked clumsy. She had buttoned up her clothes wrong twice.

Ling Mo felt entertained and thought she probably was a airhead already before becoming a zombie.

She is totally different than Ye Lian who was tender and thoughtful… Ling Mo spontaneously looked at Ye Lian and thought how nice it would be if they both recovered their memory.

“Let me help you.”

“I can do it myself…..” After a long kiss, Ling Mo let go of Shana with an evil smile, and buttoned up the two mistaken buttons. He pinched her cheek and asked “You never wore these kinds of clothes before?”

“’s not important, I don’t remember.” Shana shook her head and said.

Ling Mo suddenly realized she was not an airhead in the past, she just didn’t pay that much attention on these kinds of things, so when she recovered her memory, the “not important” part of the memory would be forgotten. He predicted that besides this, maybe all the things that she considered not important had been forgotten. But probably next time she evolves, she should be able to remember everything.

If this really does happen, besides the fact that she was a zombie, she would be no different from the Shana in the past.

“Is this some sort of selective memory?” Ling Mo rubbed her head and dressed up Ye Lian with her and headed out.

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