November Changes and Clarifications

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Hi Everyone,

Its the beginning of the new month tomorrow and so the Go Create Me Translation team has decided to give a bit more as well as clarify the new release schedules which some people are still a bit confused about (Mainly our fault for writing it incorrectly.)

We have decided that from now on we will release all the bonus chapters on the 1st of each month meaning, tomorrow you will see a lot of bonus chapters. The amount of bonus chapters will be based on the total amount of pledges. For every $100 pledged, 1 extra bonus chapter will be released on the 1st of each month. Based on the total amount right now its around $550 meaning tomorrow you will see 5 extra chapters throughout the day.

Our current schedule for regular chapter releases is 7 a week preferably one a day.

For our early release/patreon chapter release schedule it is currently 9 chapters per week. With Monday and Tuesday as the days with two chapters preferably.

For every $250 Goal increases the speed of our chapter releases each week. So the next goal is $750.00 and gives a 10 chapters/week benefit for patreons and a minimum of 7 bonus chapters for everyone to read on the 1st of each month. Hope this explains everything to everyone more clearly.

Since this is our first novel that we are translating, we are now hoping to move forward and select another novel to do as well. If anyone has any suggestions on what chinese novel we should pick please leave comment below.


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