November Re-modifications and Simplifications

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Hello Everyone,

I’ve recently gotten a lot of complaints from our patreon members, apparently the way we set up the November changes was bit too much and too complicated.

I have taken consideration for our patreon readers that they should get more benefits since their the ones helping support our translators.

I have simplified everything so it’s much more easier to understand. Everything can be seen on the sidebar of our website or our patreon page on the goals section at .

The more pledges we receive, the more frequent the releases are. Every goal reached will either have an increase in the frequency of released chapters or increase in bonus chapters of each month.

The bonus chapter is a chapter we release on the 1st of each month for both patreon and non patreon readers.

Also all additional chapters for each week other than the daily chapter will be released on weekends from now on.

Hope this satisfies both our patreon readers and non patreon readers.

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