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Hey all,

As everyone may have noticed QIDIAN decided to try and retranslate the novel that we’ve been working on for almost two years. I’m currently still going to be translating this novel until no else wants me to lol. As for novelupdates removing all the previous links to our translations, I’ve messaged them already and I’m waiting for a response and a reason. For now I’ll be posting updates on reddit : Here’s the link, save it! : https://www.reddit.com/user/jhung0301/ You can follow me and check daily to see when the newest chapters are released. My current schedule for releases is every weekday except Wed, around noon (Pacific Time). If I do miss a day for some unknown reason it will be posted on the weekends. Sometimes on weekends i might just release one due to having enough time. All in all, I know deep down I might need to prepare on finding another novel to translate, but for now I’ll keep on translating, since everyone is still asking me to translate. But if you guys do have another chinese novel that you want someone to pickup, post the title and a short summary with a link to raws. We’ll take a look and put it on a list in the later future.

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